Baths of Adonis in Paphos, Cyprus

Fancy a little swim in a lake with a waterfall?

Then join in!

Baths of Adonis were on my list for a long time, I was only put off by the warnings about the state of the road.

Last weekend, we rented quad bikes and took our resident tourists to explore the area.

How to get to Baths of Adonis

There are a couple of routes to take there, one leading from Tala village and the second from Coral Bay direction.

We took the turn off Coral Bay road, with signs that read: “Adonis Baths Water Falls. The Road is Good for ALL cars.”

Let me translate that for you: “Adonis Baths Water Falls. Drive your car if you’re willing to wreck it or pay the rental company for repairs.”

Tripadvisor is flooded with hundreds of opinions about the condition of the road, so I decided to take some evidence along the way.

This is the view from our quad-bike.

Around 50% of the journey is actually on a proper tarmac.

Then you take a steep turn from the main road to a dirt road.

My mouth actually dropped open when I saw the state of the road and was scared to drive there on a quad-bike, but I have to say it looks worse than it is. 

The worst part of the road is only about 20% of the whole drive, so if you’re willing to take the risk and drive really slow and careful, you will make it there.

The rest of the road is pretty decent and it looked like they were actually making some improvements and fixing it where possible.

This is the gate that leads to the baths, we took a wrong turn and parked at the amphitheater, but you can drive all the way to the baths entrance.

Entrance to the Baths of Adonis

This jolly fella greets you at the entrance.

The baths are built around a 400-year-old mill, you can walk through a couple of rooms that display some memorabilia and then enter the stairs that lead to the baths.

The main waterfall is downstairs and there is one smaller one upstairs.

We started at the bottom, and because we arrived early in the morning, there was just another couple of tourists taking pictures and swimming.

The Waterfalls

Looks like a bit of paradise, hidden away behind an old watermill. My sister didn’t hesitate to climb on the tree to strike a pose.

The water is very refreshing, it feels very cold to get in, but you get used to it so quickly and just keep moving towards the falls.

After a quick splash, more tourists arrived so we decided to explore the other waterfall.

Me and my sister crossed the little bridge and took a dip in the second small lake next to the other waterfalls.

Beautiful peaceful place to enjoy with your family or friends, especially on hot summer day the cold water and shade feels amazing!

If you arrive in the middle of the summer, as we did, you might have to watch groups of tourists instagramming the hell out of the place and throwing biking poses on each stone.

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