Alasia Boutique Hotel, Limassol

Birthday weekend came around faster than I would have liked.

It has been a tradition since we moved to Cyprus that for both my and my husband’s birthday we plan a weekend getaway either in the island or abroad. Last year, we decided to stay close to Paphos and booked a weekend in Limassol. Our little one was just under one year old, so we wanted to stay close just in case of emergencies at home.

We started the morning in the new Limassol Marina, a beautiful place where you can admire yachts and boats that you can’t afford and watch the progress as they build a small Venice in Cyprus.

This Yacht Club is still on my list, place looks amazing from outside and it must have a pretty nice view from the top.

The building works are still ongoing and the place is starting to look more and more like a little Venice. Fewer bridges, canals and old buildings, but still – it reminds me a little bit of Venice.

As the Yacht Club didn’t serve breakfast, we settled in a little restaurant for late breakfast. Being a year older, of course, means that I can’t remember the name of that place anymore!

But one thing I remember is that they have a damn delicious smoked salmon sandwich.

If you eat with your eyes first, like me, then you will get stuffed right away.

After breakfast, it was time to move to our hotel – which was still a surprise, so I didn’t know where we were going.

We drove to central Limassol, to my surprise we were staying in a cute little boutique hotel tucked away in a residential area. If you’ve ever been to Londa Hotel in Limassol, this is very much like it in a smaller edition.

It’s Alasia Boutique hotel and my husband scored the best room in the house (and only one) – complete with a Jacuzzi on the BALCONY!!

Alasia is in a quiet residential area, it is one of the oldest hotels in town being operated and managed by the same family of Hoteliers since 1963. Alasia means lightness, which is apparent from everywhere you look in the hotel.

High-quality furnishing, beautifully designed room, main reception area and pool outside – you would have never guessed this is not a 5-star hotel.

Complete with cushions and candles, the perfect place to hang out all day. The balcony is also completely private and spacious enough for more than two people.

Just before we got to the hotel, we popped to the shop to get some bubbles and refreshments.

Quality of the bed was tested and evaluated. It scored 5 out of 5 stars.

The outside space was quite small, but had a lovely outdoor seating area and swimming pool that stretched along the corner all the way to the back. The garden was lined with tall wall, so you have a lot of privacy and almost no noise coming from the street.

In the evening, we planned to go out for a nice meal to wash down the upcoming age with a bottle of red.

After a long search for a nice fine food restaurant in Limassol, we stumbled upon La Maison Fleurie….. and what a disappointment it was!!!

Another proof that you should always take Tripadvisor reviews with a bit of caution (it’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed with a highly acclaimed restaurant from Tripadvisor).

French cuisine is my absolute favourite, but this place simply didn’t live up to it’s reputation. Less than average food with prices of a 2 star Michelin restaurant.

Straight after dinner, we headed out for more drinks in the city and coming to the hotel to enjoy this view with a glass of bubbly in hand. Not a bad way to end the day.

Can’t wait what next year’s birthday brings!

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