August in Fuengirola: Local Expat’s Guide

Are you planning to visit Fuengirola in August?

If you’re wondering what’s the weather like and how busy is it here, this article has all the answers you need.

Fuengirola in August

Weather in Fuengirola in August

As you would expect, Fuengirola is pretty hot in the month of August.

This year, the temperatures did not go beyond 35C and were hovering around the low 30s. On some days, cool sea air will flow inside the city, which is a welcome break from the summer heat.

This year, the sea fog also visited and covered much of the city in a white blanket, which resulted in a big drop in temperatures – what a relief!

Apparently, this is an event that traces its roots all the way to Phoenicians and occurs fairly regularly every year. It is caused by warm south or south-east winds which are sweeping the cold air of the sea surface, which causes condensation of water and formation of fog pushed to the coastline. It’s not specific just to Fuengirola, but many other destinations on Costa del Sol.

Rain is almost unheard of in August, but some summer storms may find their way to the region. Usually, these pass down towards Marbella or to Malaga, they rarely make it to Fuengirola.

Humidity levels also rise in August, so some days are less tolerable while outside than others.

Fuengirola in August
Fuengirola in August

How Busy is Fuengirola in August?

I would say August is the busiest month of the year.

Fuengirola is predictably crowded, with Spanish people coming down here for the summer holidays and also people from abroad.

The beaches are crowded from morning till the early evening hours, and most people leave just when the lifeguards are leaving around 8pm.

All the restaurants in town are super busy, especially over the weekend, and there are just people everywhere you go. Finding a place to eat out on a Friday or Saturday night becomes a bit of a challenge.

A walk on the coastal promenade feels more like an obstacle race with so many people walking with dogs, kids, and people returning from the beach.

August makes the city feel very crowded, but you can find ways to enjoy some peaceful moments – for example, an early morning walk by the sea.

Fuengirola in August

What’s Happening in August?

August is a fairly quiet month in Fuengirola.

In Marenostrum next to the castle, there are still some summer festival concerts finishing off in August. While Fuengirola may be quiet, there is a massive feria in Malaga each year, something I’m yet to experience myself.

Just as during the rest of the year, you can also visit the local flea market every Saturday, and a market with fresh products and clothing on Tuesdays.

Fuengirola in August

Holiday Tips for August

If you’re coming here during the busiest month, some practical tips below may come in handy.

  • The beaches get super busy during the day. If you’re planning a beach day, get there ideally before 9am to get the best seats on sun chairs with umbrellas, or to take your own space closer to the seat. The beaches start filling up the most around lunchtime, with locals staying there for the whole day, usually till late hours
  • If you’re renting an apartment, make sure it includes access to dedicated parking space – that’s in case you are renting a car. Finding a parking space this time of year is near impossible.
  • Apartments with communal pools sound great, in reality, they are usually packed with people from the early hours in the morning. Keep this in mind and manage your expectations.
  • Supermarkets, mainly the big ones in central areas – like Mercadona in Los Boliches – get really busy and crowded during the day. It’s best to get there early in the morning to do your shopping in peace.
  • If you want to dine in a specific restaurant, it’s a good idea to make a reservation to ensure they have space for you
  • If you’re taking a taxi from the airport to Fuengirola, I found using the local taxis at the rank there much cheaper than a pre-booked taxi (paid 40 euros for prebooked, while on spot taxi takes me home for under 30 euros)

If there is anything specific you’re interested about, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to help!

Monthly Weather Updates for Fuengirola

Here is a full list of the detailed monthly updates done so far, more to be added!

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