Avakas Gorge, Cyprus

Avakas Gorge, Cyprus

Let’s start first post of 2017 with a bit of fresh air, shall we?

After a little break from online world, I got back on my feet last weekend to explore Avakas Gorge. It has been on my mind for a while, but not knowing what to expect, how long is the trek, how difficult and how much wildlife will I encounter, I put it off all the time.

When I wanted to venture there last time in summer, my Greek teacher warned me that that’s the snake breeding season. I don’t mind snakes, but I certainly don’t want to witness them in the heat of their passion as an unwanted spectator.

I’m happy to report I survived.

So here are probably the most important details you’re interested in:

length: the trek is around 2-3 km long and there are no major climbs

terrain: you will have to cross a shallow stream few times, so prepare for the chance you might get wet

where is it: if you know Viklari, Last Castle then you’ve probably seen the sign for Avakas Gorge. It’s right at the bottom of the hill where the restaurant sits. You can drive all the way down the road until you reach a BBQ or picnic area where you have to park and continue on foot.

The views are pretty amazing even before you reach the turn to Avakas Gorge.

We headed out in the early afternoon and made a quick pit stop at this pretty little stream. The water is actually running all the way from the gorge so the sounds will keep you company until you reach your destination.

After a bit of walking, the trek was getting more and more narrow. The path goes through a valley with high hanging rock formation towering over your head.

At that moment, you start thinking that this would be probably a really bad time to experience your first earthquake.

Same time you start looking for an escape route in case of rocks falling on your head (as it says on the sign along the road). Or that’s just me, not you!

We finally reached our destination and only got lost once.

The pictures barely do justice.

Another beautiful part of Akamas Peninsula well hidden from the busy tourist routes. Very unique place with very little traffic. Also happy to report – we didn’t encounter any wildlife!

The whole peninsula is just starting the bloom and the landscape looks almost like a fairy-tale.

That’s not the fairy right here.


On the way back up, at the hill, we stopped to admire the view.

One thing caught my eye – can you see the make-shift house build from rocks down here? Do you think it’s listed on AirBnb? Wonder how much they charge per night!


As with every new adventure, we toasted to our sport spirits and conquering another natural wonder of Cyprus in a nearby restaurant.

Janna, my partner in crime,  was another wonder for the by-passers. Have you ever seen someone hiking in a mini skirt? She can do it and make it look cool!


The Searays restaurant was a surprise find on our way back. Gorgeous outdoor terrace with stunning views of the Akamas Peninsula. Can’t wait to go back and try their food!


We sat, chatted and roasted ourselves in the winter sun. The restaurant has a beautiful landscaped garden even my mum would be jealous of. The resident lizards seem to be doing a good job keeping the weeds away.

We hitched a ride home, a BBQ was about to start and we couldn’t miss it.

A beautiful spring day with a promise of an even more awesome summer. Can’t wait to see what it brings!



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