Best Paphos Restaurants: Tips from a Local Expat

(last update: June 2022)

If you’re coming to Paphos one of the first things you would want to know is where to get the best food. At least I always do that!

During my 6.5 years on the island, I’ve tested and sampled most of the places in and around Paphos and the following made it to my hall of fame.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with your recommendations and I will be very excited to check them out!

My Local Picks – 11 Best Paphos Restaurants

Below are my top restaurants I consider the best in Paphos and I kept returning to these on every possible occasion.

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1. Ouzeri Restaurant at Almyra Hotel, Paphos

The restaurant is located at the seaside, at the edge of the hotel, offering stunning views and plenty of opportunities for people-watching.

The menu is short and simple, focusing on the highlights of the local cuisine.

I have tried the Lobster Pasta which was absolutely delicious, and also the orzo pasta with seafood, and my husband had the chicken gyros with tzatziki.

Complimented by the local wine from our favourite winery – Kolios. The menu also offers a variety of local mezze, fresh salads, seafood, and plenty more.

The restaurant has limited seating, so booking in high season is recommended, we managed to get in just before the restaurant got really busy.

Even in November, places like this one tend to fill up quite fast, possibly helped and lured in by the live music.

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Location: Poseidonos Ave 12, Paphos, Cyprus

Contact: tel. +35726888700

ouzeri almyra hotel paphos 11
ouzeri almyra hotel paphos 23
ouzeri almyra hotel paphos 15
ouzeri almyra hotel paphos 24

2. Namaste Indian Restaurant

If you’re coming for holiday in Cyprus, you’re probably thinking the last thing you want to eat is Indian food. But please hear me out!

After you tasted mezze in three local taverns, I can guarantee you will crave a bit of variety and more importantly – proper flavours.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in Namaste Indian Restaurant. Located near the bar street in Paphos and introduced to me by my vegan friend Liv, this place was a very pleasant surprise in the most unexpected ways.

If you don’t get impressed by the interior decor and relaxed atmosphere, I’m sure you will get excited about the menu variety.

The menu is vegetarian and vegan-friendly and offers plenty of variety even for the most difficult to please.

The traditional Indian staples are complemented by a small selection of Chinese-inspired dishes. The prices are very reasonable and the portions more than generous.

My absolute favourite was the starter – Sharing Chaat Platter – no idea what was there but it was so delicious!!

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Location: Kleious 6, Paphos 8042, Cyprus

Contact: tel. +35796067591

namaste indian restaurant paphos 1 10
namaste indian restaurant paphos 1 18
namaste indian restaurant paphos 1 25
namaste indian restaurant paphos 1 22
namaste indian restaurant paphos 1 31

3. Muse Restaurant

Muse was recommended by my Greek teacher as one of the places where locals hand out and they have awesome food.

He was 100% right. Muse is set in central Paphos, on top of a hill with panoramic views of the city and harbour.

The generous space is dominated by a large outdoor seating area and a cosy indoor part of the restaurant.

It gets really busy in summer so even in the middle of the week you should book a table, especially if you want to catch the view of the sunset from there.

The menu has everything you could think of – gorgeous burgers, fresh salads, delicious seafood and plenty of cocktails to flash it down with.

One of my old-time favourites is the grilled salmon with saffron risotto and clams.

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Contact & Location: Mousallas (close to the town hall in Paphos), tel. 26 941951. Opening hours: 9.00 am to 02.00 am. Contact via Facebook page – here.

Best Paphos Restaurants

Best Paphos Restaurants

Best Paphos Restaurants

Best Paphos Restaurants

4. Oniro by the Sea

Oniro by the Sea has always been a huge hit among locals and tourists alike.

Located just at the outskirts of lower Peyia, right next to the famous Edro III shipwreck, what used to be just a few chairs and tables where you can grab a sandwich and coffee, now become the official hot spot for each summer.

The restaurant is in the middle of nowhere, so the only thing you hear is the waves crashing to the rocks below. The premises were beautifully decorated and no detail was left behind.

But the looks are only half of the story. The food is even more exciting! The menu is very modern with a few surprises here and there.

There are no boring staple dishes that you find in every single restaurant – instead, everything got a little modern twist. Prepared from fresh ingredients, and presented in a beautiful way – the food is simply superb!

It gets really busy in the summer, so if you want to get a good spot try getting there earlier. There are plenty of seats available and it can get rather noisy.

Despite being very busy every time we went, we never had to wait too long for service or food. One of my top places for summer!

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Contact & Location: Glykou Nerou St (location on a map here). Contact – 99 372255 (they do not take bookings). Oniro is closed off seasons due to weather conditions (November – March)

oniro by the sea
oniro by the sea
Oniro by the Sea, Paphos
Oniro by the Sea, Paphos

5. Koutourou Ouzeri

Koutourou is a very unique restaurant with rustic vintage charm inside and tells a very modern story through the dishes.

It offers you to sample the best of Cypriot cuisine, without having to go through the torture of the usual mezze meal. If you have one of those, you know what I’m talking about.

The interior adds a whole new element to this place. Filled with memorabilia, antiques and – maybe I add – perfect for those precious Instagram moments (if you’re the type). I was really surprised to find such a chic and beautifully decorated place in central Paphos.

The spacious interior with plenty of seating options has a dedicated display in each of the rooms. My personal favourite – old typewriters which took up a whole wall and retro style fridge complete with classic Coca-Cola bottles.

So what was on our menu?

Village salad, Japanese Salad, Fava, Dakos, Oven Baked Olives, Spicy Cheese Dips, Taramosalata, Roasted Potatoes, Roasted Mushrooms, Aubergine with Garlic & Lemon, Baked carrots with yogurt and coriander, Oven Baked Halloumi with Honey, Oven Baked Oil Cheese, Prawns in Beer (our choice), Lamb’s Sausage with Spicy Cheese & Tomatoes, Roasted Chicken Livers, Traditional Pork Patties, Crispy Pork Belly, Marinated Grilled Chicken.

The food was very fresh and skillfully prepared without making it too complicated. Simple flavours done well.

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Location: Filippou Antoniaidi, Paphos, Cyprus

Contact: +35726952953

Koutourou Ouzeri Paphos 1 25
Koutourou Ouzeri Paphos 1 14
Koutourou Ouzeri Paphos 1 8
Koutourou Ouzeri Paphos 1 26
Koutourou Ouzeri Paphos 1 22

6. Wagamama (Kings Avenue Mall)

Wagamama is not your usual restaurant in many senses.

The setup is completely different and it’s not the type of place where you would take your other half for a romantic candle-lit dinner. The atmosphere can be a bit of a letdown if you’re expecting something spectacular, but I have to say that the food more than makes up for it.

My absolute favourites from the menu, tested and tried over the years are:

  • 104 – edamame with chili garlic salt (finger-licking good and damn healthy!)
  • 23 –  coconut seafood broth – very soft flavours, hints of sweetness and gorgeous seafood (a bit messy to eat)
  • 79 –  raisukaree with prawns – fresh and citrussy, with crisp white rice served in the middle, my go-to meal if I don’t want to experiment with any new dishes
  • 72 –  katsu curry with aubergine and sweet potato – very basic curry with super delicious sauce. Reminds me almost on Wiener Schnitzel with the presentation. I like this a lot but prefer the raisukaree because there are a lot more flavours, elements and it doesn’t feel as dry as this one
  • 50 – firecracker with prawns – very spicy, almost as good as my favorite raisukaree – very similar too

Despite introducing a lot of Asian flavors, the food is still super healthy, beautifully presented and reasonably priced.

If I could pick to go for lunch anywhere, wagamama always makes the list.  If you’re a wagamama-virgin, this one should go on top of your list!

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Location: Corner St. Paul &, Tombs of the Kings Ave 2, Paphos 8046, Cyprus

Contact: +35726600885

wagamama paphos 1 4
wagamama paphos 1 20
wagamama paphos 1 7

7. Meraki Cafe

Created with mindful living in mind, their menu is packed with plant goodness, nutritious and super healthy.

You can choose from Buddha bowls, sandwiches, wraps, burgers or even morning staples like pancakes and smoothie bowls.

The drinks menu offers plenty to choose from, whether you want something delicious and healthy like fresh juice or smoothie, or simply a glass of wine with your lunch.

They even have vegan cakes and plenty of plant milk coffee varieties like Beetroot Latte (my favourite), Turmeric Latte and plenty more.

On my numerous visits, I get to sample most of the menu and it certainly did not disappoint. Packed with flavours, plant goodness and served always picture perfect!

In the cafe you will also find a small market with eco-friendly products like bamboo toothbrushes, eco-friendly cleaning products, reusable cups and much more.

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Location: St George’s Shopping Mall Griva Digeni 57, Shop 10 Chlorakas, 8220, Cyprus

Contact: +35726221527

meraki paphos
meraki cafe paphos 1 10
meraki cafe paphos 1 5
meraki cafe paphos 1 6
meraki cafe paphos 9

8. Suite 48

Suite 48 is located not far away from Paphos Harbour, right next to Amphora Resort.

Unlike some of the previous restaurants, Suite 48 boats a gorgeous generous outdoor space complete with day beds, tables from wine barrels, an outdoor bar, a playground for kids and best of all – stunning views of the sea and sunset.

Oh and I forgot to mention one luxury that you won’t find in many places – fresh green grass!!!

In summer, you can catch some live music here and join others dancing under the stars. The tables are spaced out nicely so you don’t feel crowded or like having to listen to other people’s conversations.

The menu is short and sweet, offering plenty of healthy bites and naughty treats alike. The food tastes very fresh and comes in generous portions.

They have a large selection of sandwiches, salads, grilled dishes and of course cocktails and smoothies too.

Suite 48 is best for meeting family and friends and unlikely most other places, they are open even in off-season ( November – March).

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Location & Contact: Suite 48 Grill & Lounge Bar, opening hours 9.00 am to 2.00 am, menu here. For reservations call +357 2691 0808. 

Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants

9. Gabor Restaurant

Only a short walk away from Suite 48 you will find Gabor Restaurant. Tucked away on the main road, you will spot a red sign that says Gabor.

Gabor is a French restaurant, as far as I know, one of the very few French places in Paphos. If you like the old-fashioned charm of traditional restaurants and want to experience a more classic dining experience, then Gabor is for you.

The food is excellent and I had some amazing meals in here. They offer some of the classics of French cuisine and if you choose the pancakes as a dessert, they will flambe them in front of you. The staff is super friendly and accommodating.

It does not have the fancy indoor features and outdoor places as the other restaurants, but they make up for it with the food quality and the old-fashioned charm.

I’ve been there many times, always without a camera, so I apologise for the lack of pictures.

Location & Contact: Gabor Restaurant, tel. 26 965343 for bookings. They have normally closed off-season (November – March)

10. Minthis Resort Restaurant

This is not a traditional restaurant tucked away on the main strip of Paphos. I have to say I am a little biased here because this golf resort was my wedding venue.

Minthis Hills is a gorgeous green oasis near Tsada village, a short drive out of Paphos – that still counts as Paphos, right? (in all fairness it’s about 20min drive out of Paphos)

You can get here for a Sunday buffet lunch, which is very popular, or pop in when there is a theme night which they organise regularly. One of those was, for example, French night which was a short menu with a selection of French dishes accompanied with live blues music.

I also visited when they had a wine-tasting event and plenty of other occasions. The food is always superb and the presentation is immaculate. 

The staff here will make you feel like you came to a five-star resort.

You can check their latest events and offers on their facebook page or website. For more pictures or info you can check my older blog post. Dining info here.

Location: Tsada 8060, Cyprus (well sign-posted on the road from the village)

Contact: +35726842200

Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants
Best Paphos Restaurants

11. Tweedies Restaurant

Tweedies is one of the first nice restaurants I visited when we moved to Paphos. Located in Kissonerga village where I used to live, this place used to be 5 mins walk from my home. How lucky is that?

Tweedies is a very small restaurant set in an old traditional stone house by the main road in Kissonerga. It is run by an English couple who by all means know what good food is.

One of the unique things about Tweedies is the fact that the menu is very short and changes regularly. So one week you fall in love with a beautiful dish but it might not be there the following week.

Prepared from fresh locally sourced ingredients, the food is a feast for the eyes and your stomach. Widely known mainly by English expats as one of their favourite places, it gets booked up really quickly. You need to make a reservation if you’re planning a dinner.

In summer they have a small garden where you can have drinks before dinner. Even though I have been there numerous times, I do not have any pictures, which I’m going to quickly fix as soon as they open this year.

Contact & Location: Tweedies Restaurant, for bookings, call 99 126590. There are only 30 seats so reservations are essential. Check out their website for menu samples.

A Word of Warning

I can’t leave this post without saying – PLEASE please do not trust TripAdvisor reviews of local restaurants in Paphos (or most other places for that matter).

I said it before and I will repeat it again. There is nothing worse than taking restaurant recommendations from tourists who happen to consider fish & chips a fine dining experience.

Tourist Traps in Paphos

Not that there is anything wrong with fish & chips, but a lot of those top listings for restaurants are just plain nonsense. The reviews can be manipulated and I had to learn the hard way after visiting some of the top recommended restaurants myself, only to find out that the place is a poor excuse for a restaurant.

Most people who come here tend to look for the comfort foods they know from home and rate the restaurants based on that.

In most places which are popular for tourists, such as the harbour area, the restaurant owners simply don’t have any incentives to improve the quality, because if someone on holiday doesn’t like the experience, next day there will be plenty more coming ready to give it a try.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s important to find places where local people dine and you know the quality is better.

Seafood Quality

One of the biggest surprises you will probably find is seafood.

Most of the seafood you will find on the menu is mostly frozen ( in 90% of the cases) or farm-raised. What does it mean? That you are not getting the authentic Mediterranean flavours you think you are paying for.

Sad, but true. It was one of the first not-pleasant surprises after coming to the island. Even the fish in “fish market” section of the supermarket is rarely freshly caught in the sea.

On the other hand, any vegetables and fruits and superb and will taste like anywhere else!

Paphos: Recommended Tours & Experiences

  • Akamas Highlights and Blue Lagoon Relax Day – with a pick-up from Paphos, you can enjoy a day exploring the wilderness of Akamas National Park and a cruise in the Blue Lagoon, which will be one of the highlights of your stay in Cyprus (I certainly love both of these places!).
  • Half Day Sea Star Cruise from Paphos – a scenic trip on a luxury yacht that will take you around Paphos coastline and the area of St George’s island, where you can admire the crystal clear waters, swim or relax onboard. Includes pick up from hotel, buffet lunch and all swimming and snorkelling equipment included.
  • Off-Road Quadbike Safari from Paphos – an adventurous buggy safari around the coast of Paphos with a self drive buggy and experienced guide. A great way to enjoy the views for those with an adventurous spirit!
  • Guided tour of Limassol with Rock of Aphrodite – pick up in central Paphos and guided tour in English showing you the highlights of Limassol including the ancient site of Kourion (entrance fees included).
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    2. Thanks for all this. I know some of these restaurants but will def try out the remainder. I agree with you about Suite 48 – despite its northern European prices it is a particular favourite (probably the best burger I have ever had) but you missed Agora up in Paphos Old Town. I’d recommend you also consider a post covering restaurants out in the villages – our favourites (for various reasons) are Yanni’s in Kathikas, The Farmyard (also Kathikas), The Watermill at Steni, the famous Letymbou Tavern at Letymvou, the Old Town Restaurant in Polis and, for a fancy and more upmarket romantic lunch or dinner, the restaurant at Ayii Anargyri (Secret Forest) spa resort at Miliou. Porto Latchi is very good for fresh fish and most of it really is local stuff brought in that same day. Tim

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