Bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella: Your Detailed Transport Guide

Bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella: Your Detailed Transport Guide

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As a local expat living close to both Marbella and Malaga, I am able to share local insights and useful tips that will make your journey more convenient, faster and easier.

Let’s check your transport options for bus between Malaga airport and Marbella!

Bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella

There is a direct express bus from Malaga airport to Marbella, run by Avanza.

The best way to check the timetable and price is by navigating to the Avanza site and entering your travel dates.

Normally, you would see up to 20 bus connections per day for the route airport to Marbella, with the earliest buses leaving just before 9am and the last buses leaving after 10pm.

Ticket Prices: the ticket prices start from 6.15 euros one way. If you book online, they will add a small booking and trip insurance fee on top, so you will pay around 7.15 euros total for one way ticket. As you enter the bus, you will show the QR code and your passport to the driver.

Journey Duration: the journey takes only 40 minutes.

Bus Stops: the bus does not stop anywhere on the way to Marbella, it’s an express service.

Bus Facilities: the buses normally have toilets and are fairly comfortable, modern buses. Luggage is stored free of charge, unless you have excessive amount of luggage. No seat reservation is possible for this journey.

Travel Restrictions: as of spring 2023, face masks are still compulsory on all forms of public transport in Andalusia.

marbella, spain
Coastal promenade in Marbella, Spain


As you exit the arrivals hall, you’re probably wondering where to navigate to catch your bus!

The bus stop for Avanza buses heading to Marbella is right outside the hall, at terminal 3 level zero (the main bus stop). In addition to this one, there is also another bus stop near the cargo terminal which is not used for the main bus connections.

You will see blue signs navigating you to the bus terminal as you’re leaving the arrivals hall.

The Malaga Airport Marbella is an intercity bus which is clearly marked on the front of the bus, so you can’t miss it. More more details on the bus station at the airport check here.


The main bus station in Marbella is North of the town centre, a somewhat inconvenient location for most people.

As I said earlier, the faster long distance buses from Malaga will only stop at the main bus station and not closer to the coastline.

The bus station in Marbella has almost non-existing facilities and no shops, only a few vending machines. It is also a fairly remote location with no other facilities like restaurants or shops located close by.

There is a small taxi rank outside of the bus station, and if you would like to walk from there to the coastline, it would take about 30 minutes.

The location of the bus station ins marked on the map below.

Bus from Marbella to Malaga Airport

To head back to the airport from Marbella, I recommend using the Avanza website to secure your tickets, and to ensure you can get on the bus you need to.

If you’re staying close to the coastline, it’s probably most convenient to get a local taxi or uber to the main bus station.

The express line to the airport does not stop along the coastline, so you will have to make your way to the main bus station.

Bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella: Frequent Questions

How much is bus from Malaga airport to Marbella?

The tickets start from 6.15 euros one way, if you buy them in advance online at Avanza website.

Is there a bus from Malaga airport to Marbella?

Yes, there is a direct bus connection operated by Avanza, with up to 20 connections per day.

Can you get a bus from Malaga airport to Marbella?

Yes, you can get a direct bus from the airport, the journey takes around 40 minutes.

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