Cadiz, Spain: Stunning Photography Locations You Can’t Miss

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Cadiz, Spain: Stunning Photography Locations You Can’t Miss

If you want to experience Andalusia in a different light, then Cadiz is a place to be.

This ancient port city is full of contrast and feels like a different world compared to the tourist-packed coastline of Southern Spain.

And it’s a treat for all photography enthusiasts too!

Let me take you through some of the most beautiful photo spots in Cadiz – these photos have all been captured in a space of a day trip from Seville, so imagine how much more you can do if you stay there longer!

Join me for a short tour!

Cadiz, Spain
Endless blues – photos were taken in May 2021

Cadiz Photography Tips

If you’re looking for the best photo locations in Cadiz, they’re easy to find – they’re nearly everywhere!

One thing you need to account for is the fact that Cadiz is a fairly popular tourist destination, so there will be crowds everywhere, especially in the summer.

It’s nowhere near as busy as Seville and other big cities, but expect to encounter tourists everywhere you go.

In terms of photography advice, the usual applies – for the best photos I would recommend staying at least for one night and heading out early in the morning to capture the early morning light and landmarks with no people in sight.

Sunset is another spectacular photography opportunity, best enjoyed by the coastline promenade or from a boat.

Practical Tips for Visiting Cadiz

I visited Cadiz for a day trip from Seville, and you can see pretty much all it has to offer in just a day, but it’s a struggle if you’re trying to get the best of its photography potential.

I would recommend booking at least one or two nights, so you get a chance to photograph the sunrise and sunset.

It also gives you a chance to explore it in peace, without crowds of tourists everywhere. You will get a chance to test more restaurants, see more of the local life and even venture out on the sea (something I would love to do next time!).

Cadiz is easily accessible with a train connection from Seville, or by car.

cadiz, spain
Coastal promenade with half-empty beaches in May

Best Photography Locations in Cadiz

Here is a list of the best photography spots in Cadiz, in no particular order!

Keep in mind that I walked through all of these in just one day, and there are probably plenty more in the old town that I didn’t get a chance to document in detail.

1. Paseo del Campo del Sur: the Coastal Promenade

Probably one of the most photographed locations in Cadiz, the main coastal promenade stretches along the west coast.

You will recognize it as one of the landmark postcard photos of the city, with sand washed walls and waves washing over them, and colourful houses lining at the promenade.

In terms of photography, you get the best shots at sunrise or sunset – the midday sun is really not flattering for this landscape and walking the whole distance around the paseo is a real challenge in the summer heat.

If you get a chance to rent a boat, it’s even better for capturing the beauty.

One thing I found very impractical was the fact that there are virtually no places to sit down at a cafe or restaurant – the couple that we found on the way were closed, and you had to walk all the way to the castle or the old town (away from coastline) to find an establishment that servers refreshments.

Cadiz, Spain
cadiz, spain

2. Cadiz Old Town

If you want to capture the charm of this ancient city, the old town is the perfect place to start. A word of warning: it gets very busy!

The main courtyard next to the cathedral spills into small streets and narrow alleyways, that form a maze of the old town. It’s utterly charming but also very stressful to navigate if you’re visiting at the height of the season.

If you get a chance, venture there early in the morning, before the city wakes up, to get a chance to capture the empty streets and first morning light peaking through.

The old town is a bit similar to what you see in Malaga old town, only the streets are smaller and buildings even older and more impressive.

Cadiz, Spain

3. Cadiz Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the main tourist hotspots in the city, and as you would expect, predictably crowded.

The plaza in front of the cathedral is filled with restaurants, and groups of tourists that stop in front of the cathedral to listen to the lectures by their tour guides.

If you want to capture some nice shots, the same as earlier applies – you have to get to the location early in the morning.

Due to lack of time, I did not venture inside, but I would imagine that it provide lots of extra photo opportunities.


cadiz cathedral
cadiz cathedral

4. The Central Market

Almost like every city in Andalusia, Cadiz also has its own market and its one you can’t miss.

The side streets of the market are lined with small restaurants and tables are everywhere. Mingle with the locals and grab a bite to eat!

cadiz municipal market
cadiz municipal market

5. The Castle of San Sebastian

The Castle of San Sebastian was closed at the time of my visit but provides a beautiful backdrop and a lovely walk at the same time.

It’s an old fortress with not much inside, but you get a chance to admire beautiful views if you get inside.

The pathway to the castle is quite long, but an experience in itself!

castle of san sebastian cadiz
Cadiz, Spain

6. La Caleta Beach

Probably the most famous beach in Cadiz, thanks to the iconic building of the old spa (looks a little like the coastline in Brighton, UK).

The beach is normally packed by tourists and locals alike, a lot of them like to hide in the shade of the building itself.

At sunrise, you will find it empty and beautifully tranquil!


Cadiz, Spain

7. Baluarte de Orejon

This place marks the entrance to the pathway leading up to the Castle of San Sebastian and has charming old fish restaurants next to it.

This small pathway here feels almost like a movie set – the seagulls are lining the old crumbling walls and having a shouting match, a stream of locals pours through as you enjoy a glass of cold wine in the restaurant, while the charismatic restaurant owner says hi to the friends heading to the beach with their sun chairs.

We sat in the restaurant for quick lunch – expecting it to be a tourist trap – and found it to be one of the highlights of the trip – and the food was equally good.


Cadiz, Spain
cadiz, spain

8. Paseo Fernando Quionones

This is the pathway that leads to the Castle of San Sebastian and was one of my favourite photo spots.

It was nearly empty, with some locals sunbathing on the rocks below and seagulls chasing each other above your head.

It’s quite a long walk and has beautiful views of Cadiz and its beaches.

Cadiz, Spain
Cadiz, Spain

9. Castillo de Santa Catalina

After the Castle of San Sebastian was closed, I was surprised to find another one – even more impressive – that was open and only a short walk away.

It looks like an old Alcazar, with old crumbling walls and observation towers remaining, and a few buildings in the central courtyard.

The sand washed walls provide a beautiful contrast with the deep blue colour of the sea, while the courtyard feels like cut out of some western cowboy movie.

One of my favourite places in Cadiz!


Cadiz, Spain
Castillo de Santa Catalina
Castillo de Santa Catalina

10. Parque Genoves

This urban park is filled with birds and beautiful plants and trees – it has its own botanical garden.

At the time of my visit, it felt a little neglected and run down, but nevertheless a great place to check out on your photo tour!


11. Paseo Santa Barbara

Paseo Santa Barbara is a small promenade lining the edge of Parque Genovez, with a white fence lining the edge.

Just before you enter the promenade, you will walk past the Padarod de Cadiz hotel – the restaurant of the hotel has some of the best views from their promenade, a great place to relax! We sat there for hours just sipping wine with a gorgeous view of the ocean!


paseo santa barbara

12. Jardines de Alameda Apodaca

If you’re looking for gorgeous gardens with a view, it doesn’t get better than this!

The Alameda Apodaca gardens were one of the last places I found in Cadiz and even though it’s a relatively small public park, it makes up for it with its beauty.

At the centre stage is an ancient over 100 years old fig tree, the sheer size of it is breathtaking. The gardens are lining a coastal promenade with beautiful views and a stunning backdrop.

The park has just a few benches and a very small cafe at the end of it, the perfect place to enjoy a bit of a break from walking and shelter from the sun in the summer.


cadiz spain
Jardines de Alameda Apodaca
Jardines de Alameda Apodaca
Jardines de Alameda Apodaca

Until next time, Cadiz!

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