Caminito Del Rey Day Trip from Benalmadena: Expert Tips [2024]

Caminito Del Rey Day Trip from Benalmadena: Expert Tips [2024]

Are you planning to do the Caminito del Rey day trip from Benalmadena? In that case, you’re at the right place!

I have recently returned from this trip, and as a local resident in Costa del Sol, I can also share lots of local insights and practical tips that will make planning this trip a breeze!

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In this article, you will find detailed information on all three options for planning this day trip, together with some practical tips that’s worth checking before you venture there. If you prefer to book your trip right away, below you will find a link to my recommended local travel company that offers this trip with pick up in Benalmadena.

Remember that the tickets to Caminito del Rey are really popular, so make sure you book this trip as soon as you have your dates for stay in Benalmadena confirmed, to avoid disappointment.

Your Options for Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena

There are three ways you can do a day trip to Caminito del Rey from Benalmadena:

  1. Day trip with a local travel company – often the most time and cost effective option without any hassle involved
  2. Day trip with a rental car – for those who already rented a car and prefer driving
  3. Day trip with public transport – the least convenient option, but certainly not impossible.

You will find detailed breakdown for each option below.

views from caminito del rey

No 1: Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena with Local Travel Company

  • no need to navigate the local traffic in a rented car
  • no hassle finding the correct entrance and parking at Caminito del Rey
  • entrance tickets included in the price
  • tour guide with the English language included
  • no need to worry about timing your arrival correctly
  • travel in an air-conditioned comfortable bus
  • free cancellation and reserve now pay later policy
  • pick up from a central location in Benalmadena

Click the link above to see available dates for this trip with starting times included.

views from caminito del rey
views from caminito del rey

No 2: Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena with Rented Car

  • The journey will take approximately 1 hour (distance of 67 km), depending on traffic conditions
  • Your destination should be the North access to Caminito del Rey, where you will find a reception center parking lot
  • You should park at the reception center parking lot, from where you will get a shuttle bus to the entrance to Caminito del Rey (north access)
  • It is recommended that you reach the parking lot at least ONE HOUR before your scheduled entrance to the path
  • The shuttle bus costs 2.50 euros return, and they run every 20 minutes (the last bus back to the parking lot is 7pm), you will easily spot them at the bottom of the parking lot by the roundabout
  • The bus will drop you off on the main road, where you will see a small tunnel with the sign for Caminito (in pic below)
  • From the sign, you walk through the tunnel and continue until you reach the entrance point, about 1.5 km which should take roughly 20 minutes
  • Most important – buy your tickets in advance, you can’t get them on the spot!
views from caminito del rey, spain
views from caminito del rey, spain

No 3: Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena with Public Transport

If you’re planning to use public transport to get to Caminito del Rey, you need to leave yourself plenty of time to ensure you can get there on time as you have to take a connecting train from Malaga.

From Malaga, there is a new train connection that opened in spring 2023, which will take you to El Chorro from where you will be able to get a shuttle bus to the entrance route.

  • this route will need quite a bit of advance planning to get your train departures to align correctly, and to make sure you get to the entrance of Caminito del Rey on time.
  • Check the train times at Renfe website before purchasing your entrance tickets, to make sure you have enough time to make it to the entrance (taking into account the shuttle bus journey – the buses run every 20 mins from El Chorro)
  • first, you need to take the local C1 train from Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmadena) to Malaga and get off at Malaga Maria Zambrano station – the trains run every 20 minutes and the journey takes 25 minutes.
  • from Malaga, take a train to El Chorro – there are 8 departures per day from Malaga, with ticket prices of 3.50 euros one way
  • the journey duration is about 40 minutes
  • from El Chorro, you need to catch the local shuttle bus to Caminito del Rey, which runs every 20 minutes and its a very short journey.
  • From the drop-off point, it’s about 1.5 km walk to the entrance where you need to be at least 15 minutes before your indicated entrance time on the tickets (to listen to safety instructions and pick up your helmet)
entrance to caminito del rey path
views from caminito del rey path

Book Online: Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena

  • use the link above to select your trip dates from the calendar
  • this trip includes transport and a guided tour (helmets are provided too)
  • if you see that your dates are sold out, in most cases you can still get entrance tickets here, and then rent a car or use the public transport option
  • it is highly recommended to book this trip as soon as you know the dates for your stay in Benalmadena, as it’s very popular and sells out pretty fast
  • if you don’t see available dates for this trip either as a day trip or just buying entrance tickets, you can still check at your hotel as they might recommend other local companies that will have tickets available
  • to book your tickets you will need to provide your ID details, and also take it with you for the trip as they might ask to see it by the entrance
views from caminito del rey

Top Tips for Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena

Here are some practical tips you should keep in mind before visiting:

  • in the information provided, they say that backpacks are not allowed, by they mean large camping style backpacks. You will be fine with a standard-size backpack.
  • bring water with you, you will need it!
  • choose your shoes wisely – wear something comfortable (on my trip there were two ladies in flowy mini dresses and shoes that were definitely not intended for hiking) – hiking booths are not necessary, trainers or other comfy shoes will do
  • no hiking sticks or umbrellas are allowed
  • no selfie sticks or tripods
  • the path will take around 1.5 hours to walk, depending on whether you’re with a group or on your own
  • you will need to wear the helmet at all times, even for pictures
  • there are some areas where there is a high risk of rocks falling, so you should not stop there for extended periods of time (your guide will indicate this)
  • do not remove any rocks, flowers or other natural elements
  • no smoking
  • stick to the trail as indicated
  • you will need to cross a suspension bridge, so for those who are afraid of heights you can ask help from a member of staff that’s standing at the entrance to the bridge
  • this trip is not recommended for people with reduced mobility and kids under the age of 8
  • at the end of the trail, you will hand over the helmets
  • at the exit of the trail there are some stalls with refreshments (drinks and food), toilets and some small stalls with souvenirs
views from caminito del rey spain
views from caminito del rey spain

FAQ: Caminito Del Rey Day Trip From Benalmadena

Is the path dangerous?

No, it’s not! There have been zero incidents since it’s been reopened following a full reconstruction.

Do I need guided tour in Caminito del Rey?

If you’re buying tickets for Caminito del Rey, you will see that you have the option to have either a simple ticket to explore on your own, or a ticket with a guide. There is no obligation to have a guide walk you through the trail as the direction is fairly easy to follow.

I had tickets with a guide only because the basic ones were sold out. While the guide was useful to find some interesting info about the trail, it wasn’t something that was crucial to enjoy the experience, so I would happily skip it next time.

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