Best Caminito Del Rey Tour from Málaga: Expert Tips [2024]

Best Caminito Del Rey Tour from Málaga: Expert Tips [2024]

Are you ready to book the Caminito del Rey tour from Malaga?

In that case, you’re at the right place!

As I have already visited the Caminito del Rey, and as a local resident next to Malaga, I will give you first-hand tips on how to make the most out of your trip, and where to book the best tour.

Skip the tourist traps and get the best tips for this unique experience, once declared as the world’s most dangerous path, by checking my article below.

No time to read the article?

I have recommended the most popular tour for this day trip below. This day trip has over 1767 positive reviews from travelers around the world, so you’re guaranteed a great experience on this trip.

Evening Wine & Tapas Food Tour

4.7 / 5 Rating
Tickets included
Free cancellation
Top Pick

Tips For Booking Caminito del Rey Tour from Malaga

If you’re planning to visit this stunning natural trail opened by King Alfonso XIII (hence the name King’s Little Pathway), you will most certainly have a very memorable experience.

This path with spectacular views over the Guadalhorce River and El Chorro Gorge will be the highlight of your stay in Malaga.

It is one of the most popular natural attractions in the province of Malaga, and with an expert guide, you will also learn lots of interesting things about its history.

Book Online With Ease:

Avoid disappointments and book this tour online in advance.

To visit the trail, I recommend booking a tour with a local guide which will ensure you have an amazing time visiting one of these natural wonders in the Malaga province. 

caminito del rey tour from malaga


This is the most popular day tour option from Malaga, which includes a short stop in the village of Ardales, where you can have a quick snack before continuing to the Caminito del Rey entrance point.

4.7 / 5
Tour length:
6 – 8 hours
Check here

In addition to an experienced tour guide, here are some benefits of using this local tour company for this day trip:

  • FREE cancellation up to 24 hours before the trip, offering you lots of flexibility
  • Reserve now and pay later option
  • Pick up points in Malaga city center
  • Duration 6 – 8 hours (full-day tour)
  • Small group private tour
  • English and Spanish-speaking guided hike
  • Tickets to Caminito del Rey are included in the price
  • Check reviews from other travellers before booking

Book Online With Ease:

Avoid disappointments and book this tour online in advance.

This tour will take you to the Northern access to Caminito del Rey, from where you will walk through a short tunnel with your guide until you reach the entrance point. At the end of the trail, they will wait there to pick up you and take you back to Malaga.

On your way, enjoy breathtaking views, take photos, learn about the history of the trail, enjoy views of the Conde de Guadalhorce Dam, Chorro Reservoirs and stroll through the famous wooden boardwalks. The trail has an elevation between 300 to 400 meters above sea level.

As you walk, you might spot griffon vultures cruising over your head and a train passing by from the el Chorro railway station. 

caminito del rey tour from malaga


​Click here to check the availability of this tour for your selected dates, and choose the number of people travelling.

This tour does NOT include hotel pick-up, but the bus will pick you up from a meeting point in central Malaga, where they will also drop you off at the end of the tour. Once you confirm your booking details and pay for the tour, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for the pick up and other organisation tips for this trip.

This tour does not include free time on the trail, only a break in the town of Ardales ahead of the trail. 

Unlike with a self-guided tour, you don’t need to use the shuttle bus and this tour will get you directly to the entrance of the trail. 

The estimated time to walk the trail is between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Book Online With Ease:

Avoid disappointments and book this tour online in advance.


To ensure you have an amazing experience on this nature lovers must see trip, here are my tips for finding the best trip for you.

There are a number of local companies offering a day tour from Malaga or Costa del Sol to Caminito del Rey. Most of these have the same specks, and the same trip duration, the only difference comes from the rating of the tour guides they use, and the languages available.

When selecting the tour operator, you should pay attention to three main things:

  • tickets to the pathway are included in the price
  • check the reviews of other travellers
  • check that the tour guide is available in English

The prices for these other trips are also roughly the same. In case my recommended tour from Malaga is sold out, here are some alternatives you can also check for this tour:

caminito del rey tour from malaga

Expert Tips for Visiting Caminito Del Rey [2023]

One of the first questions you would probably ask is – is it an easy pathway to hike? Is it suitable for those who don’t do too much hiking? The answer to both is YES!

You don’t need any special equipment, hiking shoes, or extreme endurance to do the trail – it’s more of a pleasant walk rather than any steep uphill climb! 

In the section below you will find all practical tips to prepare for your trip.


If you’re ready to book your trip, there are just a few things you need to have with you:

  • your booking confirmation
  • water bottle
  • comfortable shoes (no flip-flops or open-toe shoes)
  • comfortable clothing
  • camera or mobile phone for photos
  • sun lotion & sunglasses
  • safety helmets will be provided to you by the entrance
caminito del rey tour from malaga


It’s super important to follow the safety instructions which will be provided to you at the start of the trail. These include:

  • Stay on the path
  • Children under the age of 8 are not allowed
  • Do not throw any objects from the path
  • Do not touch, pick or destroy any plants
  • Smoking is forbidden
  • For safety reasons, selfie sticks, umbrellas and sharp objects are not allowed
  • No big backpacks are allowed (backpacking size), small standard size are fine


As you start your trail following the crossing of the tunnel, you will arrive at the starting point from where you will pick up your helmets and listen to the safety instructions.

Please note there is no ticket office anywhere, all tickets for this path need to be bough online – in this case, they are included in your tour. Your tour guide will explain which parts of the path are dangerous and you should not be stopped for too long due to the risk of falling rocks.

Normally, you would have the option to leave the tour group and explore on your own at a slower or faster pace, but as this is a guided tour with transport, you will need to stick with the group, to ensure you get on the bus back to Malaga on time.

caminito del rey tour from malaga


At the starting point of Caminito del Rey, you will see a small booth where they store safety helmets.

Right next to it are toilets, I recommend using them before you set on the trail.

Next to the toilets, you will also find vending machines, in case you need to buy more water.

After safety instructions, you can set off following your guide. The whole path will take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours to walk, depending on the speed of your group.


If you have a fear of heights or don’t like high altitudes, and you think you might struggle with this tour, the good news is – it’s quite unlikely (although not impossible!).

I also have a fear of heights, and there were only a few spots on the pathway that made me feel a little uneasy, otherwise, I was surprised it was actually very manageable.

The hardest part is possibly crossing the suspension bridge which you will encounter closer to the end of the trail. The bridge is not that long, and there is a member of staff available in case you need help crossing it! 

caminito del rey tour from malaga


Tour of el caminito del rey (king’s little pathway) is subject to good weather conditions, for obvious reasons.

In case of bad weather, they will notify everyone with tickets for the day that the trip is cancelled. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do in that case is to get a new entrance ticket, or book a new tour. 


After crossing the suspension bridge, you will get to the last part of the trail which is the only section with a steep climb on stairs, so pace yourself for that one.

Following that last section, you will reach the end fo the walk and then continue on foot until you reach the exit point.

You will get to the control cabin where you deposit the safety helmets. A short walk from there you will see the exit, where you will find a few stalls selling local products, drinks and quick snacks.

You will have a few minutes spare for quick refreshment or shopping, before heading back to the bus.

Book Online With Ease:

Avoid disappointments and book this tour online in advance.

FAQ: Caminito Del Rey Day Tour From Malaga

Here are some of the most frequent questions about taking a tour to Caminito del Rey from Malaga.


The easiest way to reach Caminito del Rey from Malaga is to drive there with a rental car, or use a tour operator day trip. The tour operator trip has the benefit of not having to use a shuttle bus to get to the start of the trail.


Yes, you can! You can buy tickets directly on their website and make your way to the start of the trail.


The cost depends on whether or not you’re taking a guided tour, or buying just single tickets. A single ticket to Caminito Del Rey cost 10 euros.


The tour takes between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on how fast the group walks.

caminito del rey tour from malaga

Yes, you can, although you get a much better experience visiting with an experienced guide. I recommend using this local company for this tour trip.


The entrance to the path is a bit further away from the main road – you will have to navigate to the Northern Access point, from where you get a shuttle bus. The bus drops you off close to a tunel. You walk through the tunnel and further down the path where you will find the meeting point and entrance.


No, it’s not! Even for someone with zero experience with hiking, you will have no difficulty on this trail. It’s mostly a pleasant walk, with the occasional uphill climb on stairs.


If you want to get there early, you can choose the first tickets available for the day to enjoy the path in relative serenity and peace!

Final Thoughts

I hope you found lots of practical tips and insights on booking the best Caminito del Rey tour from Malaga. As I mentioned, I highly recommend using this local company for your tour, which will ensure you will have an amazing experience, and lots of stunning photos to look back on.

Before you head off, check out my tips for other day trips and day tours you might enjoy while staying in Malaga!

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