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Weekend Stay at Casale Panayiotis, Cyprus

Let me introduce you to one of the best-kept secrets of Cyprus – a mountain resort Casale Panayiotis.

Hidden away at the edge of Troodos mountains, in a sleepy Kalopanayiotis village, you will a retreat to indulge all your senses. 

Don’t get deceived by the first impressions, this is not another five-star resort in a multi-floor tall rising building. 

Once an ancient spa village that has attracted visitors and pilgrims from far, Kalopanayiotis has been reborn to its previous glory thanks to John Papadouris, a local who raised funds and invested his own money to breathe life back into the village

Kalopanayiotis has been lovingly restored to a charming village and has encouraged locals to open up their own small businesses.

With plans to revive the old vineyards and bring in an even closer connection to the land, Casale Panayiotis is giving you a chance to witness something truly special. Appreciation of the simple way of life, embracing the beautiful nature around you, and preserving a part of local culture for the generations to come.

If you ever felt like a tourist staying in a hotel, I can guarantee you will feel like a local visiting your grandma for a Sunday lunch.

It took me a few attempts to make it to the resort, as it’s so popular that it’s booked a whole month ahead for all weekends. 

Now that I finally made it, let me show you around.

Kalopanayiotis Village

The Hotel Surroundings

Casale Panayotis consists of 43 guest rooms spread around 8 different guest houses in different locations in the village.

The reception is in a converted traditional house in the center of the village, close to the main restaurant and square.

A lot of thought and attention to detail went into turning a little village square into a stylish modern seating area, complete with a restaurant offering stunning views towards the valley.

Casale Panayiotis – The Courtyard

A short walk from the reception area which is located in a separate house is this gorgeous courtyard that leads to the restaurant terrace.

It’s filled with comfy seats where you can enjoy your coffee.

There is also a beautifully renovated library with a lounge.

The Restaurant at Casale Panayiotis

The trip was my birthday celebration, so excuse the mid-week bubbly overdose.

While we waited for our room to be ready, we could get a taste of the offering in the local restaurant.

Myranthousa Spa

A short walk from the restaurant is the Myranthousa Spa – more details here.

The spa is located right under the restaurant and offers spectacular views towards the hillside, with a pool and a wide range of spa services.

The beautifully decorated interior will take your breath away.

I got spoiled with a very long and relaxing massage, before exploring the rest of the spa with my camera.

Our Room at Casale Panayiotis

Let me show you our room too.

We were staying in the Loutraki house, which is just above the reception, one road higher up.

The concierge took our luggage and drove us to the right to the door.

The rooms are very elegantly decorated, in neutral tones, and all offer views of the surrounding countryside.

We even had our own mini balcony with breakfast table and fruit trees.

After getting pampered in the spa and taking a mid-afternoon rest, we ventured out to see the rest of the village.

There are lots of accommodation options in addition to the hotel itself, with locals offering their own homes to stay at very reasonable prices.

They may look modest from the main road, but the true size can be seen from the other side of the hill.

While the rest of the island is falling behind the changing seasons, the mountains are really the place where you can see autumn in full bloom.

Kalopanayiotis was certainly showing its best display.

View from the top – in addition to a maze of small alleyways and pathways, there is a more convenient way down to the village.

This glass lift will take you up and down in just a few seconds while you enjoy the stunning views without breaking a sweat.

The real treat was right at the edge of the reception building.

Red ivy climbing over the old stone walls and stretching its arms all around the building, giving it a big welcoming hug.

A real feast for the eyes.

Our stay in Casale Panayiotis is far from over!

There was so much to see and document, that I split it into two articles.

Check the second one here.

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