Cerveceria Giralda: The 12th Century Hammam Bar in Seville

There are plenty of tapas bars in Seville, but not many of them have a story that’s worth telling.

Cerveceria Giralda is the exception.

Located at 1 Calle Mateos Gago, just a short walk from the Seville Cathedral and Giralda Tower, this unsuspecting bar blends in with the rest of the tapas places on the street. You wouldn’t know it’s any different until you walk in!

But let’s go back to the beginning.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the building was part of a complex that was used as a hotel. It was at this time that the original fragments and ornaments were hidden. Since 1923 the building was used as a traditional Spanish bar, and from 1934 it carried the name Giralda, as it is today.

In 2007, the change of owners prompted a discovery of documents published in 1956 by a professor at the University of Alexandria, who suggested, after an investigation, that the building is, in fact, a hammam from the 12th century. These were supposed to be the most lavish bath frequented by the Sevillian high society at that time.

It took another 10 years to find the right time and team to undertake the project of uncovering the jewel that hides in the brewery bar. In 2017, the architect Fran Díaz started the work and uncovered several layers of plaster hidden from the view, and uncovering one skylight after another, until all 89 appeared.

Nine centuries after its creation, and after nine months of restoration works, the Hammam is now restored to its former glory.

It’s the best preserved Almohad hammam in the Iberian Peninsula, and if that’s not a great reason to venture in for a refreshing drink, I don’t know what else is!

The original vaulted ceilings are beautifully preserved along with all the skylights and architectural details on the walls. On the crossing from the main room to the smaller one, you will see a small photo depicting the original layout and function of the Hammam (I shared a photo below).

While staying in Seville, I visited Cerveceria Giralda twice, and it was always packed. I haven’t had the pleasure to taste the food, only went out for a drink, but from what I read it must be pretty good.

If you’re visiting Seville, don’t miss out on this gem! Now, the most important thing: photos! =)

I have added details on their opening hours and the location at the end of the post, enjoy!

Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville
Cerveceria Giralda, Seville

Source for research of the history: tendencias hoy

Cerveceria Giralda, Seville

Location: Calle Mateos Gago 1, 2 min walk from Giralda Tower

Bookings: recommended for dinner, book here

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, noon to 1am

Menu: check here

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