Champagne When Things Go Wrong

Do you ever get those days when things start getting horribly wrong and it seems like the whole universe conspired against you to give you a little taste what life is all about? I had one of those, just a few days ago. That Friday felt like a car crash in a slow motion.

First came some troubles with one of my projects and then the news that we will have to move to a new house, again. I won’t bother you with the details, but the bottom line is – living in Cyprus is very far from living in a paradise, as it may seem from the outside. Despite things snowballing throughout the day, we planned to go for a sunset picnic and the chilled bottle of Champagne was the perfect motivation to get out of the house and out of my head.

We arrived at a little-secluded beach just at the start of Akamas, to find only a few people enjoying this peaceful secluded spot. We set up the picnic, opened a bottle of Champagne, prepared the picnic spread and waited for the sun to go down. While we drowned our sorrows in the bubbles, it occurred to me that I am not actually stressed or depressed, but only laughing life to it’s face. In the light of all that was ahead, I couldn’t feel but to be optimistic and cheerful about what’s to come. If there is something I learned this year, it’s this – no matter how big the issue may seem, you will find a way to come out victorious and more resilient than before.

So here I am, having a little aha moment (like in the movies), enjoying the cool bubbles, listening to the birds nesting in the rocks and enjoying the cool sea breeze.

And that’s when it happened. First, it was one. Just a tiny mosquito.

Let’s call him Yiorgos because he is a local. So Yiorgos arrived uninvited for the picnic and happened to take half of his village with him. Actually, I think those were his cousins and two generations of his family. Within minutes, before we managed to finish the last bites of the baguettes, they descended on our location like a squad team in an action movie. We couldn’t move quickly enough to get them off our legs and arms and soon we realized it’s a losing battle. Yiorgos was in for a kill and he won’t leave without it.

We quickly scrambled to get everything packed, take a few of those precious sunset pictures, break a Champagne glass, take last few hits from the mosquito squad team and quickly run for cover to the car.  Dragging 5 different bags, I slashed my leg on the broken Champagne glass and felt like screaming to the universe: “why me?”

Unfortunately, when we got into the car, we were not alone. Yiorgos and his family already boarded and had no intention of leaving. We gave up, told them to put their seatbelts on and run off to the nearest restaurant – Sea Rays just at the edge of Akamas.  As we ordered drinks at the outside garden and started counting the bites, we heard the familiar sound. Yes, Yiorgos came for a last piece of the action.

Bottom line? 34 mosquito bites (I swear I counted them!!!) and still winning in life! While Yiorgos might remember me as a hell of a feast, I will remember this day as a way to show a middle finger to life and tell everyone it will be all good.


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