Cyprus Bucket List 2023: Best Beaches To Enjoy the Sun & Sea

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Planning a trip to Cyprus?

Lucky you! You are spoiled with choice when it comes to beaches and guaranteed sunshine on top of that.

Cyprus has something for everyone, so you don’t have to worry whether your idea of a perfect holiday is a busy beach with full service or a remote natural spot away from the other tourists.

You’re in for a treat in Cyprus as it has a total of 65 blue flag awarded beaches (2019), reflecting the outstanding water quality, cleanliness and environmental preservation (for a full list of blue flag beaches head over here).

Are you ready to dive in?

Lets start exploring from the west towards the east, starting at Latchi and finding our way all the way to Larnaca.

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Cyprus: Recommended Day Trips & Experiences

If you’re looking for some cool experiences and day trips to get the most out of your stay in Cyprus, here are some recommended trips offered by local travel companies:

#1 – Lara Bay (Akamas Peninsula)

Lara Beach, formerly a secluded little paradise, these days a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Stretching out in the heart of Akamas, Lara is secluded and remote.

To get to Lara, drive towards Akamas from Paphos, on dust covered roads with uneven surface.

I would recommend renting a 4×4 or a quad bike because of the condition of the roads. Even that doesn’t stop tourists getting there with a rented tiny Fiat.

The road is really for ‘off-road vehicles’ so you might get in trouble with the car rental company if they find out, as standard cars are not meant to drive off road.

If you’re renting a quad bike, get a scarf to cover your face so you don’t breath the dust and don’t end up looking like a cast of Star Trek.

The beach stretch is very long with shallow entry to the water and pristine unspoiled nature all around. It’s also home to turtle hatchery, where every autumn the baby turtles make their way to the sea.

There are no shops, restaurants, toilets or other services there. Its as natural as it gets.

Location on map here.

lara beach
lara beach
lara beach
lara beach

#2 – Blue Lagoon (Akamas Peninsula)

Just North from Lara Beach is another little gem.

It’s not known for its beaches but mostly as the perfect spot to park your boat and enjoy turquoise coloured clear water. A little taste of Caribbean on a Mediterranean island.

Access to the beach is a little tricky as it’s stretching under cliffs.

If you walk around you will find a few paths that lead down there.

If you’re stuck locals will point you to the location where to walk down the cliff. Please wear sensible shoes, no flip flops.

It’s rarely crowded on the beach as most people come here for a swim on a boat, and don’t swim all the way to the beach.

The water is really shallow, super warm in summer and a joy to float in!

If you’re planning to visit Lara Beach too, a great way to plan your trip is to get there first and then drive with your quad bike across Akamas north to the Blue Lagoon (as I’ve done here).

It’s a bit of an extreme ride, but a lot of fun.

Location on map here.


#3 – Aphrodite’s Bath Beach (Akamas Peninsula)

I don’t know the official name of the beach but I found it by a complete chance.

The beach stretches just under the Aphrodite’s Bath Restaurant, on the edge of the parking lot. You can take the stairs down behind the restaurant and as you walk down the cliff you will see a long stretch of a gorgeous beach.

There are showers, changing facilities and I believe there should be a lifeguard too.

If you get hungry at lunch time, just walk up the hill to the restaurant for a refreshing local salad or sea food specialties.

Location on map here.

#4 – Ttakkas Beach (Latchi)

At the far end of Latchi you will find Ttakkas beach, next to same named taverna.

It’s a lesser known spot that’s favoured by locals and doesn’t normally get crowded even in the summer.

Restaurant next to the beach is always a bit plus, unless you plan to bring your own picnic.

Location on map here.

#5 – Latchi Beach (Latchi)

The beach stretches right next to the main road and there are also decent parking options. That means you will never have to walk too far from your car with all that beach gear.

Just after the steep curve of the main road is where the beach starts and if you look on the opposite side of the road, there are absolutely adorable small villas you can rent for the summer.

Simply cross the road in your flip flops and you’re at the beach.

There is a selection of restaurants in the beach area and also in Latchi harbour.

Location on the map here.

#6 – Coral Bay Beach (Coral Bay)

This was my local hood for so many years.

Probably the most popular beach in Paphos area, it’s about 10-15 minutes drive from central Paphos (Kato Paphos).

Sandy beaches are not exactly very common in Cyprus and this is one of the best ones.

It has all the usual facilities – sun chairs with umbrellas, water sport options and a snack bar.

Coral Bay beach tends to be nearly empty in early mornings or during evening hours, so head there for an early morning swim or take a picnic to watch the sunset here (almost guaranteed you will be alone).

Location on map here.

coral bay 1 3

#7 – Coralia Beach (Coral Bay)

Another beach where I used to spend a lot of time.

It’s a lot less crowded than the more know Coral Bay beach and more kid-friendly.

There is a hotel right at the edge of the beach (not great for food or drinks, but views from rooms must be great) and a small restaurant on the left side of the beach (great for sandwiches and breakfast).

The local bus in Paphos also stops right at the edge of the beach (it’s the last stop) so it’s a perfect option if you don’t want to hire a car.

The water here is very shallow and the beach is covered with sand.

We also had some amazing beach breakfast and dinner picnics here, with barely anyone around.

Location on the map here.

coral bay cyprus
coral bay cyprus

#8 – Alykes Beach (Paphos)

I have not been swimming here but walked around many times.

The beach is close to a busy strip of the coastline lined with hotels, so a lot of the sun worshipers here are holiday makers.

Location on the map here.

#9 – SODAP Beach (Paphos)

If you continue walking further away from Kato Paphos, you will hit SODAP beach.

It’s not as big as other beaches in the area but feels much more private and secluded compared to rest of them.

If your hotel is nearby, it’s a convenient option to catch some waves or rent some water sports gear.

Location on the map here.

#10 – Aphrodite’s Rock Beach (Paphos)

Aphrodite’s Rock is most certainly not known for its beach but for the famous much-photographed rocks. If you didn’t know, the legend says that this is where the Goddess Aphrodite was born.

What you will encounter most of the summer is crowds of tourists coming here to take photo of the rocks, but not a lot of people are coming here to spend a day at the beach.

First, it’s a bit off – sitting just outside of Paphos town (about 20 mins drive on the highway).

And of course there is the inconvenience of the rocks on the beach – they are actually hard to walk on. To get to the beach you have to cross a narrow tunnel under the highway from the parking lot.

The sea here can be quite rough and there are rip current all around the area, with no lifeguard on duty.

I always loved coming here for late afternoons and sunsets. The beach stretches for kilometers so you never feel like you’re in a crowded space. Plus the views are pretty spectacular.

If you fancy changing things up after a swim, head over to Aphrodite Hills resort for a cocktail, dinner or to let your kids loose on the giant playground in the hotel.

Location on the map here.

#11 – Mandria Beach (Paphos)

Mandria beach was recommended to me by local friends.

It’s just outside of Paphos, with huge stretch of beach and nobody around.

There is a picnic area right by the beach with showers, tables and benches to set up your own lunch.

To get to the beach you need to drive through the village and follow the signs for the beach.

It’s nothing fancy, the beach is quite rough and not easy to get into the sea at certain spots, but the picnic area and zero traffic make for a wonderful day by the sea.

Location on the map here.

#12 – Governor’s Beach (Limassol)

This sandy beach between Limassol and Larnaca is well known by locals.

You will find three different bays in here and the famous white rocks that this beach is so known for.

With a lifeguard and a few fish tavernas to choose form, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular weekend spot for those from Limassol, Larnaca or even Nicosia.

#13 – Kourion Beach (Limassol)

Combines two of your favourite things in a single day.

First, tick off visiting the ancient site of Kourion from your list, and then head down to the beach right under the hill.

The views from Kourion are pretty spectacular, but I think you will be equally impressed about the beach.

The beach is covered in pebbles and lined with a few restaurants – be warned, food is pretty average (to put it kindly). It’s long enough so you never feel like it get’s too busy and easy parking options are an added bonus.

Location on the map here.

kourion cyprus 1 25
kourion cyprus 1 21
kourion cyprus 1 15

#14 – Paramali Beach (Avdimou – Limassol)

Located about 25km west of Limassol, next to Paramali village, the beach is ideal for kite surfing or those escaping the crowds.

Just as Lara Beach in Akamas, Paramali is also a home to turtle hatchery, so watch your steps.

The beach doesnt have any standard facilities like sun chairs and umbrellas and if you get hungry, you have to head to the nearby village taverna for a lunch.

Location on map here.

#15 – Sirena Bay (Protaras)

A little piece of heaven stretching under a taverna with the same name.

This was the very first taverna I have visited in Protaras and absolutely loved the whole place.

You can dine under the shade of olive trees surrounded by colourful chairs and tables and when ready, just walk down the steps to the bay for a swim.

The beach is not big by any means, but feels more secluded and private.

If you want a good spot, head there first thing in the morning and you might catch a breakfast at the taverna.

Location on map here.

protaras weekend
protaras weekend
protaras weekend

#16 – Fig Tree Bay (Protaras)

One of the pretties beaches on the island, Fig Tree bay is the go to destination for summer fun.

Known for beautiful clear water and golden sand, it is the number one pick from beaches in the area.

This blue flag beach is, as you would expect, very busy in the summer.

It is located on a strip of town that’s lined with hotels, making this beach not just a beautiful but super convenient location to soak up some sun.

It is popular with families, young people and even the older generation.

If you want to have the place for yourself, get a room in one of the closest hotel and head to the beach for an early morning or late evening swim.

Location on map here.

#17 – Nissi Beach (Ayia Napa)

Probably the most crowded spot in Ayia Napa every summer.

If you want the ultimate summer fun, head over here for a dose of clear cool waters, stunning photos and plenty of people to keep you company.

The holiday crowd in Ayia Napa is quite different to anywhere else on the island, so expect a lot of teenagers, young people and stag dos/hen parties.

Location on map here.

#18 – Konnos Bay (Ayia Napa)

A little sister of Nissi Beach, Konnos Bay feels much more authentic and secluded compared to Nissi Beach.

You’re surrounded by cliffs and nature, with a lot less buzz and commotion than on Nissi Beach.

Location on the map here.

#19 – Mackenzie Beach (Larnaca)

Swimming in the sea and watching planes land over your head? Head over to Mackenzie beach in Larnaca to experience just that!

It feels a little surreal at first, but trust me it’s such a fun experience.

Location on the map here.

These are just a few picks from the many options in Cyprus. There are gorgeous beaches stretching from Polis towards Kato Pyrgos and also more between Larnaca and Limassol.

If you want to get lost and experience something more authentic, I recommend doing your research on google maps.

You can check a few photos from the places you want to visit and have a plan B if the place doesn’t live up to your expectations.

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