The Hidden Gem in Paphos: Agios Georgios

(last update: July 2022)

Do you want to discover a little hidden gem in Paphos? Let me introduce you to Agios Georgios village!

On the morning of my birthday, I and my husband ventured off for coffee, after a massage at the Cap St George Beach resort.

Agios Georgios is just around the corner from there, and well worth the trip.

It’s much more peaceful and smaller than other villages around Paphos. The village is centered around a small church sitting at the edge of a cliff with stunning views.

Most people come here to enjoy the views or take a stroll through the coastline. You can find lots of beautiful private strips of beach just for yourself.

As you can see from my photos below, it’s absolutely stunning and gorgeously sunny even at the beginning of November.

Where is Agios Georgios?

Agios Georgios is the very last village on this side of the island and it’s the entrance to the Akamas Peninsula.

What to See at Agios Georgios

Restaurants in Agios Georgios

At the edge of the cliff, you will find the same-named restaurant Agios Georgios. While it offers stunning views of the small fishermen’s harbour, it lacks in food quality as I witness on a couple of occasions.

It’s good enough to stop over for some sunset cocktails or a coffee on your way to the next destination.

Other smaller restaurants are in the village too, but away from the coastline.

Caves & Sights in Agios Georgios

There is a network of caves that stretch just under the restaurant that you can explore, but proper shoes are recommended (I wasn’t equipped on this occasion).

Opposite the church, you will find a little archaeological site. Even though I peeked inside, I didn’t really figure out what you can see there so we didn’t go in.

We drove down to the harbour to take a stroll around the fishermen’s boats and the water was so crystal clear you could see all the rocks on the bottom!

Right next to the entrance to the water is a sign that swimming is prohibited and you can be fined 35 eur if caught.

In true local style, there were around 5 people swimming next to the sign.

Worth a Visit?

Agios Georgios is only a few minutes drive from Coral Bay and a lot of people never make it there.

Such a shame as it’s such a peaceful place, like a piece of paradise just for yourself.

It just made it to the top of my list for the next picnic spot.

One of the wonderful things about living in Cyprus is the fact you can keep revisiting places you’ve been before, only to discover a way to celebrate the island in a whole new light.

Enjoy the virtual tour below!

For more tips on what to see in and around Paphos check the end of the article.

Photos from Agios Georgios

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