Dionysus Mansion, Limassol

Dionysus Mansion, Limassol

It’s not every day I get a chance to dine in Limassol, so when the chance comes around, I do my due diligence and try to find something unique with food being the main focus.

This time, I got the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner in Dionysus Mansion, a place I have not heard of before. Thanks to Limassol Magazine it quickly caught my eye and I am happy to report I was more than impressed. The stunning garden that stretches in the back of the restaurant offers a peaceful and romantic place to enjoy gourmet food while listening to the water trickling down the fountain.

We picked a relatively early time for dinner, to enjoy the place in peace and in good light (photographer’s mind).

The garden stretches under the crowns of the trees, decorates with wine quotes printed on wood, romantic lights and floors covered with pink flower petals. If I didn’t know any better, I would think the place is set up for a wedding. The next excitement arrived with the menu. It’s so refreshing to get a food variety with so many new combinations, flavours and options that you find it very hard to choose one meal option. We went for following: halloumi cheese with asparagus, pasta stuffed with porcini mushrooms, salmon on bed of spinach for me and an enormous slow cooked pork with sweet potato mash for my husband.  The food was immaculately presented, superbly cooked and very well received.

The staff was super friendly, attentive and professional. I did also have a quick peek inside which also looked absolutely stunning, but no pictures to report with.

If you ever find yourself wondering where to have a nice romantic dinner, give Dionysus Mansion a try. The food, atmosphere and that gorgeous garden setting is well worth it!

Dionysus Mansion, 16th June Street, Limassol (parking available opposite the Post Office). For reservations call 25 222210 or contact them via Facebook page. 


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