Farewell to Summer Picnics

Farewell to Summer Picnics

It’s the end of November and sun is shining. 22C+ and no winter in sight. Surely, that won’t last forever. Having realized that early enough, I organised a last beach picnic of this year near Aphrodite‘s Hills resort. Just a short drive from there is Petra tou Romiou beach, but even at this time of year it will be a bit crowded for my taste. Choosing a remote BBQ area would be a brilliant plan, or so I thought!

As we arrived early in the afternoon on Sunday, the BBQ area was busy with quite a few families enjoying Sunday late lunch. We were desperate for a bit of peace and quiet and headed straight down the beach instead.

As it has been a tradition for the last two years, we celebrated “Sparkling Saturday” as much as we could. Heading down to the beach on Saturday with a bottle of bubbly and few nibbles, just to celebrate life, beach and admire our little ones passion for rocks.

This one was a last one for the year and it surely was well worth it.

november-picnicnovember-picnic-24november-picnic-9november-picnic-23We had the whole beach to ourselves and started with the most important activity of the day. Collecting and throwing rocks.

november-picnic-5november-picnic-6november-picnic-4november-picnic-1november-picnic-3Even at the end of November, it was warm enough for shorts and a swim in the sea (for me still cold, but I say the same even in the middle of summer).

We didn’t bring any toys or entertainment and just enjoyed exploring the unknown beach.

november-picnic-7november-picnic-8november-picnic-16november-picnic-10november-picnic-22november-picnic-13november-picnic-12november-picnic-19november-picnic-2november-picnic-25november-picnic-20november-picnic-18Just before sunset, we headed up the steep hill to get the best view of the sunset. Its a steep climb, but the views are well worth it!

november-picnic-28november-picnic-30november-picnic-26november-picnic-29november-picnic-31We ended up back in the BBQ area, now finally deserted with only one couple enjoying their dinner, complete with a gas heater and pots with pans! Impressive!

The sunset didn’t disappoint of course!
november-picnic-32november-picnic-33november-picnic-34november-picnic-35november-picnic-36november-picnic-37november-picnic-39november-picnic-41What a farewell to summer!

Hope you’re enjoying a lovely Friday evening wherever you are!



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