Local Guide to Fuengirola Supermarkets

Local Guide to Fuengirola Supermarkets

Are you staying in Fuengirola and wondering where to get your food from?

Fuengirola supermarkets and well distributed throughout the town, and if you don’t happen to live close to a big one, you will certainly have some smaller local ones available almost on every corner.

Where to Shop for Food in Fuengirola?

For food shopping in Fuengirola, there are a few options:

  • Supermarkets – normally stocking local produce and also some international food items (such as British or Russian). They have small departments for cosmetics, home accessories and even pet supplies. There are four major Fuengirola supermarkets, all of which I personally use too: Mercadona, Carefour, LIDL and Dia.
  • Smaller fruit & vegetable markets – perfect for picking up fresh local produce
  • Kiosks – these are distributed around the main roads and coastline mainly, they provide convenience food, snacks, drinks and some holiday essentials (they tend to be more expensive than buying the same items in Fuengirola supermarkets)
  • Local market hall – there is one municipal market in Fuengirola next to the main train station, but a fresh produce market is also held every Tuesday on the Fuengirola street market (Recinto Ferial Fuengirola – google map link here).
  • Food delivery – Fuengirola has a well established selection of food delivery services, most restaurants offering their own takeway. You can order food through Uber app, or use JustEat website/app.
fuengirola supermarkets

Cheapest Fuengirola Supermarkets

The best value Fuengirola supermarkets are Dia, LIDL and Aldi.

They often offer special promotions and have a large selection of frozen food and ready made food, if you’re looking to save money while on holiday.

Fuengirola Supermarkets with Online Delivery Options

I have the most experience with Dia online delivery – their website is easy to use and they have a low threshold for free deliveries (I think 30-40 euro spent).

You can choose a dedicated time delivery slot for your food order and even order delivery for the same day till late hours (8pm – 10pm).

I’ve used them a number of times and never had any issues. It is a really practical option especially if you’re buying bulky items like the 5l water bottles and don’t want to drag them across town or to your car yourself.

Other supermarkets with online delivery:

  • Carefour
  • Lidl

Mercadona Supermarkets

Mercadona is one of the largest Fuengirola supermarkets, they have a number of stores in the city, locations are marked below.

Mercadona supermarkets usually have a bakery section with freshly baked goods, a very good selection of fresh fruits and vegetables (mostly locally sourced), a fish and meat counter and plenty more.

In the bigger ones, you will also find a small cosmetic department, pet and cleaning supplies.

In the store, they have free locker systems and the bigger ones also have free parking (you will have to validate it at the till so you don’t pay).

Mercadona Supermarket Locations in Fuengirola:

C. Francisco Rivera Paquirri, 21 (close to Los Boliches train station)

Av. Ramón y Cajal, s/n (close to the sea in Los Boliches)

C. San Dionisio, 1, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas

Camino Viejo de Coín, S/N, 29650 Las Lagunas de Mijas

Supercor Supermarkets

I found Supercor to be one of the most expensive supermarkets in Fuengirola.

Just veggies and the usual stuff is more expensive compared to the rest of them, but they do have a wider selection of certain foods (for example you can find some veggies that they don’t normally stock elsewhere, bok choy, soya beans, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts etc).

Supercor also has a small cosmetics department, fish counter and meat counter. They have a much wider selection of frozen foods compared to Mercadona. You will also find a better variety of different condiments and some other hard to find ingredients (curry paste for example).

Supercor is located right opposite the Los Boliches train station.

Parking is also available at the supermarket.

There used to be an El Corte Ingles department store located on the top floor in the building, but this has been relocated last year and as far as I know, the space is now empty.

Fuengirola supermarkets
Supercor supermarket next to Los Boliches train station

Dia Supermarkets

Dia is a chain of smaller Fuengirola supermarkets, offering a good value for money and a selection of products.

The stores are usually much smaller compared to Mercadona, but you can find all the essentials you need. They are well distributed throughout the town so you don’t have to drive out too far to find the closest one.

As I mentioned above, they also offer a very convenient and affordable delivery right to your door. The website is not available in English, but your web browser can automatically translate it for you. You can pay online or in cash on delivery.

Locations of Dia Supermarkets:

Calle Uruguay &, C. Brasil (Las Lagunas)

C. Dinamarca, 3, 29651 Las Lagunas de Mijas

Cmo. de Coín, 18, 1 Esq (Los Boliches)

Av. Acapulco, 9 (Los Boliches)

CL. DR. GARCIA GAMES ESQU, C. San Bernardo (by the A7 highway)

Fuengirola supermarkets
Dia Supermarket at Avenida Acapulco (Los Boliches)


LIDL is a well-established network of supermarkets, with two stores in Fuengirola – the first one right next to the A7 highway close to the Miramar shopping centre and the other one on the Northside, on the road heading to Mijas Pueblo.

They usually offer their own-brand food items and some seasonal clothing and home accessories. Good value for money and good selection of frozen products, fresh produce tends to be of limited selection.


Further up the road from Lidl, at Ctra. Mijas-Fuengirola, is also an Aldi supermarket. This chain specializes in discount food items, and they have a wide selection of frozen food along with fresh produce.

Carefour Supermarket

Carefour Supermarket is one I’m least familiar with, but the one located in Miramar shopping center is of an impressive size and with lots of different departments, including toys, clothing, shoes, gardening tools, electronics and much more.

They have a very big selection of organic, vegan-vegetarian, bio food items – something I’ve not seen in other stores.

They also offer a convenient delivery to home and have a dedicated app. They are fairly large supermarkets located at the outskirts of the town, so a car is a must.

Carefour Supermarket locations:

Miramar Shopping Center

Av. de los Lirios, s/n, Las Lagunas

Fuengirola Feria Market

The feria market is held every Tuesday and Sunday of the week.

On Tuesday, you will find lots of fresh veggies, fruits and everything in between. On Sundays, its mostly flee market with furniture, clothing, antiques, toys and collectibles.

Fuengirola Municipal Market

The municipal market in Fuengirola, right next to the Los Boliches train station, offers a small selection of vendors selling fresh produce. I personally found them more expensive than supermarkets.

There is a fish shop, a couple of fruit stalls and a florist shop. You can also buy nuts and some small souvenirs. It’s not nearly as big and spectacular as the local market in Malaga, but a nice place to wander around on the weekend to get some fresh veggies.

Where to Shop for Hard to Find Ingredients

If you’re looking for something very specific that you can’t find in a local supermarket, a good chance is that you might find it on amazon.es. Amazon offers prime service with next day delivery and they have almost anything you can think of.

If you’re looking for specialized diet food or healthy food, my trusted resource is naturitas.es – they have everything from fresh food, healthy food staples, eco home products and natural cosmetics. They also offer free delivery over 40 eur spent and the package comes with a courier to your door.

They have lots of vegan and vegetarian food alternatives that are normally hard to find in supermarkets and beauty brands that you won’t find elsewhere too. The website is not available in English, but you can auto-translate it in your browser settings.

Well, that was a bit of a novel, but it should cover everything you need to know about food shopping in Fuengirola!

If you have specific questions, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer!

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