Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting? All Your Questions Answered

Are you checking some destinations on Costa del Sol?

Wondering if Fuengirola should be added to your list?

This article has all the answers you were looking for, to help you make an informed choice. The advice below has been collected from nearly 3 years of living in the city and knowing it inside out, not just in the summer season.

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Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting?

There is no easy answer to this, and it really depends on the length of your trip and what you want to get out of it.

I have listed below some scenarios where Fuengirola is certainly worth a trip, and other cases where you might want to consider other destinations.

Fuengirola is a great destination for:

  • for families looking for a beach holiday
  • for easy all-inclusive holidays
  • for couples looking for a no-frill easy holiday destination
  • if you want a good base for exploring some other cities (Malaga might be worth considering too)
  • if you’re coming from Finland and want to be able to use Finnish to get around
  • if you want guaranteed sunshine and lots of sandy beaches
  • those who love water sports
  • large groups of holidaymakers

Skip Fuengirola in these cases:

  • you have limited time to travel and want to visit other destinations
  • if Fuengirola is an easy reach from another place you want to consider
  • if you need a lot of activities to fill your free time
  • if you’re looking for a place with great nightlife (Malaga is a better option)
  • if you want to see museums and experience more of the authentic local culture (aim for places like Granada or Seville)
  • if you want to stay in place with lots of young people (the crowd here tends to be a lot older)
fuengirola, spain

Where is Fuengirola?

Fuengirola is located in the south of Spain, on Costa del Sol in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It enjoys a beautiful location on the Mediterranean coastline and easy access from Europe thanks to a nearby airport in Malaga.

Fuengirola Location on the Map

Weather in Fuengirola

Fuengirola enjoys typical coastal weather with a very long summer and very mild winter. Below are average temperatures for each month of the year.

  • How hot is Fuengirola in January? 17 – 8C an average, with quite a bit of rain around.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in February? 18 – 10C on average, also quite a rainy month.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in March? It’s getting warmer and with less rain, temperatures are around 19C – 10C. Mornings and evenings are still chilly but daytime temperatures are pleasant for wintertime.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in April? In April the temperatures hit the low 20s for the first time, but mornings and evenings are still relatively cold. The weather tends to be quite unpredictable with big swings in temperature changes and wind.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in May? May signals the first signs of summer to come, with temperatures climbing to 25C and the lowest around 15C.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in June? June is the start of summer with temperatures around 26-28C, with hot mornings and evenings.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in July? Temperatures are between 20C – 30C and no rain around. One of the busiest and warmest months in the city.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in August? Temperatures climb up to 35 – 37C during the day, and the mornings and evenings are very warm.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in October? Temperatures between 15C and 25C, a very pleasant month for a visit of Fuengirola.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in November? For a winter month, November is still relatively warm and mild with temperatures around low 20C, but colder mornings and evenings. More rain around too.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in December? December sees the first signs of winter with temperatures going down to around 15C and mornings and evenings being very cold.
Fuengirola in October

What Region is Fuengirola in?

Fuengirola is in the autonomous region of Andalusia and belongs to the province of Malaga.

What To Do in Fuengirola?

There are plenty of activities in Fuengirola, whether you’re coming with kids or just as a couple.

I have listed all of the ideas in the article linked below!

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What is Fuengirola Like?

Fuengirola is a typical coastal resort town on Costa del Sol – very busy and crowded in the summer months, and relatively peaceful but still warm in the winter months.

The coastal area is lined with apartment blocks and hotels, and the city has well-equipped sandy beaches with all the facilities.

What makes Fuengirola unique is also the large ex-pat Finnish community, the second biggest one outside of Finland, so you will hear a lot of Finnish on the streets.

In the summer, much of the buzz is around the 7km sandy beaches and Paseo Maritimo promenade. Restaurants get very busy over the weekend as holidaymakers pour to the coast for dinner.

Much of the nightlife concentrates on a small area with a few restaurants near the old town.

In the winter, the ‘winter birds’ from Scandinavia return here to spend the winter in their apartments and you don’t see many visitors anymore. The city is much more peaceful and enjoyable – it’s my favourite time of the year here.

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Things To Do in Fuengirola in Bad Weather?

Fuengirola doesn’t get nearly any bad weather most of the year, but if you’re visiting in winter you might encounter some windy days or rainy days.

In that case, the options for activities are fairly limited, but here are a few:

  • retail therapy in the Miramar Mall
  • taking the kids to indoor playground lounge, like Kiddo Lounge (near the marina)
  • visiting local cinema
  • Butterfly Park in Benalmadena (covered indoors)
  • Sea Life Park in Benalmadena (also indoors)

How Much is a Taxi from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola?

Depending on where exactly you need to get in Fuengirola, from my experience a taxi would be between 30 to 40 euros. Large taxis (minivans) can cost around 60 euros for a group of people.

If you book an uber from Fuengirola back to Malaga airport, it tends to be cheaper than a standard taxi, but the prices depend on the demand and time of day / season etc.

A much cheaper way to get to Fuengirola from the airport is to take the direct train. Outside the train station in Fuengirola (both Los Boliches and main station) are taxis that can take you to your hotel. The train tickets are around 7 euros one way.

What are the Best Day Trips from Fuengirola?

There are a lot of exciting and beautiful places you can explore from Fuengirola, even without renting a car! I have linked lots of options with detailed travel connection details in the blog post below.

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What To Do in Fuengirola with Kids?

Are you coming to Fuengirola with kids? You’re probably wondering what’s there to do for them and how to keep them busy.

My article below lists all activities and places to see with kids, check it out!

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Common Misspellings for Fuengirola

Over time, I encountered quite a few misspellings of the town name, so I’m adding them here for reference, making sure we’re all talking about the same place!

  • Fuengerola
  • Fungerola
  • Feuringola
  • Fuengirola

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