Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting? Guide By a Local [2024]

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Are you wondering if Fuengirola would be a good place for a holiday or a day trip?

In that case, you’re at the right place! I have been living in Fuengirola for over three years and know the city inside out. This article is a collection of all my insights and experiences to help you plan your stay or trip to Fuengirola!

Let’s dive in!

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Introducing Fuengirola

Fuengirola is dating back to the times of Romans and Phoenicians and developed itself from a modest fishing village into one of the most popular hotspots on Costa del Sol. It may not be as flashy as Marbella or rich in cultural heritage like Malaga, but it offers plenty.

Facts About Fuengirola

  • Autonomous Community: Andalusia
  • Province: Malaga
  • Mayor: Ana Mula
  • Area: 10.2 square meters
  • Elevation: 6m
  • Population: 75k
  • Time zone: UTC+1 (summer UTC+2)

What’s Unique About Fuengirola

Fuengirola is mostly known for its sandy beaches – they stretch for 8 km, nearly the whole length of the city. Right next to it is a pretty coastal promenade, one of the longest and prettiest on Costa del Sol.

In addition, to its well-serviced and maintained beaches, Fuengirola is known as the home to the second-largest expat community of Finns (outside of Sweden) and also a very big British expat community. You will notice the Finnish language on the streets, especially in the winter and spring.

Fuengirola is a very popular summer holiday destination, not just for tourists from abroad, but also local Spanish people who come here to enjoy the sun and sea. It gets VERY busy in the summer, with the prices of hotels and apartments reaching one of the highest prices on Costa del Sol.

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting?

There is no easy answer to this, and it really depends on the length of your trip and what you want to get out of it.

I have listed below some scenarios where Fuengirola is certainly worth a trip, and other cases where you might want to consider other destinations.

Fuengirola is a great destination for:

  • for families looking for a beach holiday
  • for easy all-inclusive holidays
  • for couples looking for a no-frill easy holiday destination
  • if you want a good base for exploring some other cities (Malaga might be worth considering too)
  • if you’re coming from Finland and want to be able to use Finnish to get around
  • if you want guaranteed sunshine and lots of sandy beaches
  • those who love water sports
  • large groups of holidaymakers

Skip Fuengirola in these cases:

  • you have limited time to travel and want to visit other destinations
  • if Fuengirola is an easy reach from another place you want to consider
  • if you need a lot of activities to fill your free time
  • if you’re looking for a place with great nightlife (Malaga is a better option)
  • if you want to see museums and experience more of the authentic local culture (aim for places like Granada or Seville)
  • if you want to stay in place with lots of young people (the crowd here tends to be a lot older)
Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Where is Fuengirola?

Fuengirola is located in the south of Spain, on Costa del Sol in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It enjoys a beautiful location on the Mediterranean coastline and easy access from Europe, thanks to a nearby airport in Malaga.

Fuengirola Location on the Map

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

What To Do in Fuengirola: Local Insider Tips

Here are some of my personal favourite activities for Fuengirola, not limited to tourist attractions!


At the city’s edge, you will find Sohail Castle – an old defence point overlooking the city and offering gorgeous views.

It isn’t particularly impressive (at least for me), but you could get an audio guide and listen to its history to make the trip worthwhile. If nothing else, you can enjoy gorgeous coastline views and it’s a lot of fun for kids to visit and run around, climbing the old walls.

Plus, its free to enter, so walking and climbing around the defence walls is always fun.


Bioparc is probably the most known attraction in Fuengirola. I’m not a huge fan of ZOO activities, but this place is unlike any other ZOO you’ve been too.

Set in lush surroundings in the middle of the city, the red brick wall of the building hides an urban jungle build from scratch and designed to create a natural habitat for the animals. If not for the animals, its well worth a visit just to experience the jungle and hide from the sun in the summer.

Bioparc has a nature and environment conservation foundation and dedicates resources to biodiversity conservation projects, like the preservation of fauna in Madagascar and programs for the breeding of endangered species. The animals live in big lush enclosures and are really well taken care of.

You can read more and check photos in the article below.


Fuengirola’s Marina offers plenty of options to spend time at sea!

There are lots of local companies offering not just water sports activities, but also short cruises which are suitable for the whole family.

I have linked one of the most popular ones below.


Sunset or early morning walk on the promenade is also one of my favourite ways to enjoy the city – especially when listening to an audiobook and enjoying the fresh breeze from the sea.

The promenade gets a little crowded in the evening hours and super crowded on Sundays, but its a nice way to see more of the city, watch people and cover a huge distance without feeling like you’ve been walking too long.

You can easily walk the whole distance from Fuengirola all the way to Carvajal with a few restaurant stops along your way, which is about 8km.


If you haven’t heard of Caminito del Rey before, then you are certainly missing out!

Known previously as one of the most dangerous hiking paths in the world, the pathway has now been beautifully restored, and yes – it is super safe! The path leads around the edges of El Chorro Gorge, offering spectacular views of the gorge and the surrounding hills, and it’s certainly an experience to remember.

It’s suitable even for those unfit hikers (like myself!) and older kids (8 years or older are allowed). Check out the tour details below – they do pick up in Fuengirola, so there is no need to worry about transport or renting a car!

(4.7/5 star reviews from 1634 visitors) – MUST SEE!


The picturesque Andalusian village of Mijas Pueblo stretches up in the hills overlooking Fuengirola. The village is only a short drive away or you can take one of the local buses from the main bus station in Fuengirola. The taxi drive from the city is around 10 to 15 euros.

Mijas Pueblo gives you a taste of what Pueblo Blancos are all about – whitewashed houses, cobbled street, local artisan shops, locals drinking their cafe and eating churros in the village square and much more.

Mijas Pueblo also has its very own Bull Ring (one of the smallest ones in the country) and a gorgeous park that stretches at the edge of the village offering spectacular views of the coastline. Check the blog post below to see what I’m talking about!



Set out on an adventure just outside of Fuengirola – Castillo de Colomares is a stunning monument dedicated to the travels of Christopher Columbus.

‘It was Spain and Andalusia in particular who starred in that discovery that undoubtedly changed the world, for the better according to some and for the worse according to others.’ as the author of the monument says in the description of its making.

The monument tells a story of the discovery of the new world and was built between 197 and 1994 by Dr. D. Esteban Martín. As the author explains, the story’s hero, sailor Colon was part of the expedition of Columbus funded heavily by the Catholic Monarchs in Spain.

It features three ships that were part of the exhibition, and you will also find the smallest chapel in the world here. Now that’s something!


If you’re coming to Fuengirola, its probably because of the sunny weather (nearly all year round) and plenty of beach options.

The beaches are well equipped and taken care of – public toilets, showers, and Chiringuitos offering lunches (and you can use their toilets too). Right across the road from the beach is a promenade lined with restaurants, cafes and bars, so you never have to walk too far if you want to grab something to eat.

There are sunchairs and umbrellas available for rent, one set would normally cost between 5-6 eur, but you can bring your own too.

If you want to get the best spot, it’s best to come in the morning – no need to show up super early, but around 9 am you will still get a nice spot by the water. The beach is usually very busy even after 6am, with locals and visitors enjoying the last rays of sunshine.

If you want to avoid the most crowded spots, you can check out this website which shows you which areas get really busy and should be avoided.


Don’t worry, no need to drive anywhere!

You can use a local travel company to cross the borders to the British territory in Gibraltar, witness the wild monkeys running around freely in the nature reserve, take a walk through the glass observation platform at Skywalk, and witness one of the most spectacular caves in Southern Spain, the St Michael’s Cave.

All of this is accessible with a pickup and drop off in Fuengirola and one of the best day trips you can choose! I absolutely loved Gibraltar! If you are blessed with good weather, you can see as far as Morocco from the nature reserve.


Gibraltar skywalk inside the nature reserve

Full-day sightseeing tour of Gibraltar with pickup and drop off in central Fuengirola, includes:

  • entrance to St Michael’s Cave
  • travel in comfortable mini bus
  • guide in the English language
  • free time for shopping and exploring


Fuengirola doesn’t get nearly any bad weather most of the year, but if you’re visiting in winter, you might encounter windy or rainy days.

In that case, the options for activities are fairly limited, but here are a few:

torreblanca fuengirola spain 2
Paseo Maritimo road in Fuengirola


Are you coming to Fuengirola with kids? You’re probably wondering what to do for them and how to keep them busy.

In addition to the activities I suggested earlier, here are some bonus ideas specially for kids:


Sould Park is located by the entrance to the Fuengirola Marina, and you can’t miss it – they have a big flashy sign towering over it and usually fairly loud music coming from there.

Don’t expect anything big, it’s a small park in the middle of the city but offers plenty of entertainment for kids of all ages – they have rides for smaller and bigger kids, trampolines, a section with games and pinball machines and plenty more.

By the entrance to the park, you get a card that you top up with credit. There is an auto top-up machine by the ticket office if you don’t want to wait in line for tickets and already have your card.

Location: by the entrance road leading to Fuengirola Marina


Kiddo Family Lounge is an indoor playground and event venue for kids of all ages.

They have a lovely cafeteria with lots of delicious food and drink options, which is separated by a glass wall from the indoor playground, so you see your kids play while you sit there with your coffee.

The soft play area is well padded, and they also have a dedicated room for smaller kids. My son loves going there to burn up some energy.

It’s a great option even in the summer, if you want to take a break from the midday heat and take some well-deserved break while your kids play.

Location: C. Asturias, 24, 29640 Fuengirola


This is a small but well-maintained mini golf place, very close to the Miramar Shopping Center.

The course has 18 holes, and unlike other ones I’ve visited before, this one is actually in really good shape, and it doesn’t look run down. It’s set in nice surroundings with lots of trees providing shade in the summer (the only negative is the busy road next to it).

There is a small bar where you can get drinks (to take with you while you play) and some simple food options (mostly fast food).

If there are a lot of people playing, it can take a while till you complete the whole course, so I would say this is suitable for a bit older kids, not the best place for toddlers.

Its open 12.00 to 19.00 every day, and tickets are 9.50 euro for adults, children under 17 – 7 euro. Family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) is 26 euro. They also have some bundle offer that includes tickets and food, check them here.


The Skate Park by the Miramar Shopping centre, also known as Skate Plaza Ignacio Echeverría, is considered the best skatepark in Spain.

The entrance is free to anyone and it usually gets busy over the weekends and in the mornings.

There is a small cafeteria right next to it, with seating outside overlooking the skate park, so you can watch the kids while your sip your coffee. The food is the cafeteria is, as you would expect, pretty basic, but does the job of filling you and your kids up.


This temporary water park build directly on the sea has three different locations in Fuengirola and features inflated slides and climbing structures.

I haven’t visited myself, but have been watching the park all summer and it is very popular!

For more information visit their website. Its open from the middle of June to middle of September, closed in bad weather. Opening hours are 11am to 8pm. Prices: 12.50 euro per hour, for an adult or child, 25 euro for a day pass.


On top of the Miramar Shopping Center, you will find a small Go Karting place. It’s the perfect escape for older kids and adults alike – still on my list of places to visit in person!

They have a small outdoor seating area with a cafe and a bar.

Tickets: prices start from 10 euro per person, check all options on their website.

sunset in Fuengirola
sunset near Fuengirola
fuengirola old town 2
Fuengirola old town
Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Weather in Fuengirola: Month by Month

Fuengirola enjoys typical coastal weather with a very long summer and a very mild winter. Below are the average temperatures for each month of the year.

  • How hot is Fuengirola in January? 17 – 8C an average, with quite a bit of rain around.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in February? 18 – 10C on average, also quite a rainy month.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in March? It’s getting warmer and with less rain, temperatures are around 19C – 10C. Mornings and evenings are still chilly but daytime temperatures are pleasant for wintertime.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in April? In April the temperatures hit the low 20s for the first time, but mornings and evenings are still relatively cold. The weather tends to be quite unpredictable with big swings in temperature changes and wind.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in May? May signals the first signs of summer to come, with temperatures climbing to 25C and the lowest around 15C.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in June? June is the start of summer with temperatures around 26-28C, with hot mornings and evenings.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in July? Temperatures are between 20C – 30C and no rain around. One of the busiest and warmest months in the city.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in August? Temperatures climb up to 35 – 37C during the day, and the mornings and evenings are very warm.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in September? September is the month when the weather starts cooling off again, the temperatures go down to about 28C on average. The sea temperature is still pretty warm though.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in October? Temperatures between 15C and 25C, a very pleasant month for a visit of Fuengirola.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in November? For a winter month, November is still relatively warm and mild with temperatures around low 20C, but colder mornings and evenings. More rain around too.
  • How hot is Fuengirola in December? December sees the first signs of winter with temperatures going down to around 15C and mornings and evenings being very cold.
Fuengirola in August
May in Fuengirola

In case you’re interested in a detailed overview of the local weather conditions, I have a very detailed info post available for each month here:

December in Fuengirola, Spain
December in Fuengirola, Spain
Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Transport Guide For Fuengirola

Fuengirola has good travel connections with many other destinations in Southern Spain thanks to a network of trains and buses. As it’s fairly close to Malaga, you can also take advantage of the longer train connection and explore all the big cities of Southern Spain.

Here are the distances for the most popular destinations from Fuengirola, along with the connections available. I have linked detailed transport guides below, and also answered the most common questions.

  • Fuengirola to Malaga: 30 km (30 mins drive, buses & trains available)
  • Fuengirola to Marbella: 30 km (25 mins drive, only buses from Fuengirola)
  • Fuengirola to Granada: 152 km (1.5 hrs drive, buses & trains from Malaga)
  • Fuengirola to Estepona: 62 km (45 mins drive, only buses from Fuengirola)
  • Fuengirola to Seville: 250 km (2.5 hrs drive, buses & trains from Malaga)
  • Fuengirola to Nerja: 90 km (1 hr drive, buses from Malaga)
  • Fuengirola to Gibraltar: 110 km (1 hr 20 mins drive, buses from Fuengirola)
  • Fuengirola to Benalmadena: 8 km (15 mins drive, buses & trains from Fuengirola)
  • Fuengirola to Torremolinos: 19 km (20 mins drive, buses & trains from Fuengirola)

Transport Connections from Fuengirola

Fuengirola has four train stops in the city (main station, Los Boliches, Torreblanca, Carvajal) and one main bus station. The train is the fastest way to get to Malaga, the total journey time is 40 minutes and the train runs every 20 minutes. From Malaga, you can catch connecting main trains to other destinations in Southern Spain.

To use the local commuter train, you can get tickets directly from the ticket machines at the station. On the monitor, there is a little flag icon where you can change the language. Return tickets to Malaga are around 8 euros per person.

The tickets have a QR code printed on them, which you then scan at the gates as you exit the station. Many of the smaller stations like Los Boliches or Torreblance do not have gates. There are no ticket checks in the train.

train station in Los Boliches, Fuengirola
train station in Los Boliches, Fuengirola


The C-1 line calls for the following stops, and runs every 20 minutes.

Los Boliches
Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel
El Pinillo
La Colina
Los Alamos
Plaza Mayor
Malaga Airport
Victoria Kent (Change for Línea C-2)
Málaga María Zambrano (Change for AVE, Regional and Línea C-2)
Málaga Centro-Alameda (Change for Línea C-2)


Fuengirola train station is located in the center of the town, a short walk away from the main bus station. It has recently been renovated. You can find the location on the map below.


Fuengirola bus station is pretty small, with no facilities to speak off. The buses are basically stopping on the main traffic junction without dedicated parking bays, which makes boarding the bus rather interesting.

There have been some talks about relocating the bus station to new premises and hopefully, that will happen soon. There is also no sign for the station, so you will just see a lot of people waiting at the side of a building. I have marked the location of the bus station below.


Here are more detailed guides for those interested in these specific trips.

Malaga airport to Fuengirola

Benalmadena to Fuengirola

Fuengirola to Gibraltar

Fuengirola to Seville

Fuengirola to Marbella

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Buying Bus & Train Tickets in Fuengirola

If you’re planning to explore some of the bigger cities or other destinations in Southern Spain, I highly recommend getting your tickets online in advance.

In most cases, the price of the tickets will fluctuate depending on demand and season, so usually if you buy them in advance you can get a better price and more connections to choose from. This is especially true for trains.


Train tickets are pretty affordable and in most cases the train will get you to your destination faster than the bus. You can quickly check prices and availability for your journey via the link below.

You do not need to print any tickets, the digital version on your phone with QR code is all you need to show before boarding your train. Please remember that your ID is also required when you present the train tickets, make sure you take it with you.



There are lots of bus connections available directly from Fuengirola, but also long distance buses from Malaga. As with trains, there is no need to print the tickets, just show them on your phone, and in most cases you can also select your seats online.

You can quickly check bus connections for your journey below.

Is Fuengirola Worth Visiting in 2024?

Fuengirola Car Rental


One issue that needs your consideration before you book any rental car is parking!

If you’re staying in an apartment, it’s super important to check whether the place has a dedicated parking lot in the building. Most places have parking within the building, but it’s not allocated per apartment, making it tricky to find a parking place for your car. This is especially an issue in the summer when the building has increased occupation capacity.

If you’re staying in a hotel, check how much they charge for car parking, as it can be quite a lot in some places. If you still want to stay in the place, check what public parking is available nearby (I shared a map below), which can save you a lot of money for minimum inconvenience.


I recommend using Discover Cars, an award-winning car rental comparison site that will get you the best deals from dozens of local and international car rental companies so that you can find the best deals on car rentals in seconds.

The company is super transparent and has some of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry (4.4/5 on Tripadvisor), so you can be confident in making your booking through them. Here are some other advantages of using them:

  • Get the best price on car rental in seconds
  • Trusted reviews for each car rental company are available on the platform
  • Completely transparent with no hidden fees
  • Much better deals than trying to source a car rental locally
  • No language barrier
  • 24/7 multi-language customer support helping you with the booking or any issues
  • Free cancellation
  • Lowest prices thanks to deals with lots of local companies

Fuengirola Transport Questions


The closest airport to Fuengirola is Malaga International Airport.


Depending on where exactly you need to get in Fuengirola, from my experience, a taxi would be between 30 to 40 euros. Large taxis (minivans) can cost around 60 euros for a group of people.

If you book an uber from Fuengirola back to Malaga airport, it tends to be cheaper than a standard taxi, but the prices depend on the demand and time of day / season etc.

A much cheaper way to get to Fuengirola from the airport is to take the direct train. Outside the train station in Fuengirola (both Los Boliches and main station) are taxis that can take you to your hotel. The train tickets are around 7 euros one way.


The distance is about 20 – 25 km.


You have a number of options available:


The distance is around 30 km (25 mins drive).


The distance is about 15 – 17 km.


Fuengirola is located in Southern Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, and the district of Malaga. It’s situated on Costa del Sol.

Where to Eat in Fuengirola

While Fuengirola is certainly not known to be the culinary hotspot on Costa del Sol, if you know where you go, you will find good quality restaurants.

Unfortunately, most of the restaurants you will encounter on a daily basis are either average-quality, or just below average with premium prices.

If you’re in for a quick bite and you’re happy with a sandwich or burger, there are many places where you will get exactly that. Anything beyond this is a bit harder to find. In my three years of eating around the city, I have identified just a handful of places that are deserving of your taste buds and money, I have added them all in the post below.

Local Restaurant Reviews

Here are some recommendations for local restaurants, with detailed reviews:

Chiringuito La Cubana, Fuengirola: A Review

El Higueron Restaurante, Fuengirola

Paseo 100, Fuengirola: Restaurant Review

Gastro Bar Del Mar, Fuengirola

Vinea Restaurant, Fuengirola: A Review

Dinner at Las Islas Boutique Hotel, Torreblanca

Panda Bar in Fuengirola

Picoteo Restaurant, Fuengirola: A Review

Eating Healthy at Go Green Cafe, Fuengirola

Fuengirola: Frequent Questions

What is Fuengirola Like?

Fuengirola is a typical coastal resort town on Costa del Sol – very busy and crowded in the summer months, and relatively peaceful but still warm in the winter months.

The coastal area is lined with apartment blocks and hotels, and the city has well-equipped sandy beaches with all the facilities.

What makes Fuengirola unique is also the large ex-pat Finnish community, the second biggest one outside of Finland, so you will hear a lot of Finnish on the streets.

In the summer, much of the buzz is around the 7km sandy beaches and Paseo Maritimo promenade. Restaurants get very busy over the weekend as holidaymakers pour to the coast for dinner.

Much of the nightlife concentrates on a small area with a few restaurants near the old town.

In the winter, the ‘winter birds’ from Scandinavia return here to spend the winter in their apartments and you don’t see many visitors anymore. The city is much more peaceful and enjoyable – it’s my favourite time of the year here.

Is Fuengirola a good holiday destination?

Yes, Fuengirola is a great holiday destination. It offers over 7km of sandy beaches which are well services, a range of different affordable restaurant options and also accommodation options.

Is Fuengirola for old people?

Fuengirola is a popular destination for older generations, but also for families. Older people tend to live in Fuengirola, instead of just coming for the summer, and they are mostly expats from Northern Europe and also the UK.

Is Fuengirola full of Brits?

Yes, Fuengirola has a large British expat population, but it also attracts a lot of British visitors in the summer months.

Is Fuengirola nice for couples?

Yes, Fuengirola is a nice town for couples. The city offers beautiful sandy beaches, accommodation for any budget and a range of activities suitable for couples.

Can you drink tap water in Fuengirola?

Yes, you can drink tap water in Fuengirola, although locals prefer bottled water due to the mineral residues. There are tap filters available in local shops that you can use as a more eco-friendly alternative to buying plastic bottles.

What is Fuengirola known for?

Fuengirola is known for its sandy beaches, the medieval Moorish Sohail Castle and the adjacent Marenostrum venue which hosts concerts and festivals in the summer. Fuengirola is also known for Bioparc Fuengirola, located next to Plaza de Toros bullring, where animals live in natural-like conditions resembling an exotic jungle.

What is the main street in Fuengirola?

The main street in Fuengirola would be paseo maritimo, which lines the coastal promenade and the coastline.

Is Fuengirola a nice area?

Yes, Fuengirola is a nice area and a nice place to live or come for a holiday. It has great weather all year round, and plenty of places to explore.

Do they speak English in Fuengirola?

People speak English in Fuengirola, but not widely. You will be able to speak English in hotels, some restaurants and places of interest, but mostly people will appreciate if you know a word or two in Spanish, and then they will also make an effort to understand English.

Is Fuengirola a safe place to visit?

Yes, Fuengirola is generally a safe place to visit, however, if you’re planning a night out or going clubbing, you need to be careful and watch your belongings. Drugs and shoplifting is a common sight, especially in the evening hours.

Common Mispellings for Fuengirola

Over time, I encountered quite a few misspellings of the town name, so I’m adding them here for reference, making sure we’re all talking about the same place!

  • Fuengerola
  • Fungerola
  • Feuringola
  • Fuengarola
  • Fuengirola
  • Fuengrola
  • Fuengirol
  • Fuengarola
  • Fuingarola
  • Fuengorola
  • Fungirola
  • Fengurola
  • Fuengirola

Southern Spain Travel Tips


To rent a car, I highly recommend Discover Cars, an award winning price comparison site for car rentals.


To get the cheapest bus or train tickets, take a look at Omio to find the timetables and prices.


Local travel companies offer many day trip options from almost all the destinations in Southern Spain. You can check them out here.


I have been using for all my trips in Spain and abroad, and it’s the best place to book your hotel.


If you would like to leave your luggage behind to explore the city on your last day, you can use Radical Storage service, which lets you book luggage storage in all the destinations in Spain.


If you want to avoid surprising extra charges from your operator, you can use a service like Airalo, where you can buy digital packs for e-sim cards.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links – if you decide to book using one of the links, I will earn a small commission that helps me run this site. This is at no extra cost to you.

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Lucia is a founder and travel writer at Viva La Vita. She has been living on Costa del Sol in Southern Spain (Fuengirola) since 2020. She helps travellers plan the perfect trip to Spain thanks to her local insights, practical tips and unique insider perspective complemented by original photography.

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    A place I definitely recommend. As a memory (for those who have already been there) or motivation (for those who are wondering) I made a short video of this trip:



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