Gin Fish, Limassol

Gin Fish, Limassol

As all relationships go, you have your ups and down.

My long standing love affair with wine, on the other hand, was on a constant upwards stream. Until last Saturday.

It was a special occasion and I was looking for a bit of excitement in Limassol. Something that doesn’t involve mezze, uncomfortable chairs, screaming kids and starring at old boats. My tired feet dragged me to Gin Fish and I already knew I might be in trouble.

Upon arrival my lungs filled with fresh air from the sea and my undivided attention to the gorgeous view ahead was only interrupted by something shiny in the corner that caught my eyes.

There he was. Tall, blonde and looking sharp.

His name was Gin.

We hit it off right away. I liked his refined skills of blending with spices, herbs and even chili and he appreciated the speed in which I was drowning my worries. It was a match made in heaven.

Few hours and two very delicious encounters later, I have quickly switched my long standing love affair with wine for a one night stand with gin. Any regrets? Maybe that I didn’t drink more.

I highly recommend you test your own relationship, then get into the spirit (pun intended) at Gin Fish.

As a responsible adult I did not eat any food with my cocktails. Very grown up thing to do. You should try it sometimes. The next morning will be one to remember.

You will find Gin Fish at the old port in Limassol, book yourself a table and head there tonight. It’s Friday in the end!

That reminds me that there is no Gin at home, so if you excuse me I will go and write an apology letter to my old lover Wine in hopes it can join me for an evening of self reflection and sharing life wisdom with my two year old.


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