Hard Rock Cafe in Malaga: A Review

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Hard Rock Cafe in Malaga is an established name on the culinary scene, especially among those who appreciate a good burger and some classic American food options.

I found myself sitting in the restaurant for the second time, for a lazy Saturday lunch, and here is a short review!

The Restaurant

Hard Rock Cafe in Malaga is conveniently located at the beginning of Muelle Uno, opposite the Centre Pompidou (the big bold coloured cube you would see poking out).

You will normally find it very busy at lunchtime and dinner, but they do serve breakfast too, which is quite the spectacle (check their Instagram account).

The restaurant has a very generous-sized terrace, probably the biggest one among the restaurants in Muelle Uno, with traditional leather booths and bigger tables inside.

It is beautifully decorated with musical trophies from all around the world, and you’re always dining with cool music in the background.

hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain
hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain
hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain

The Service

One of the things that makes Hard Rock Cafe in Malaga stand out from the crowd is the extremely professional and super friendly service.

The guys and ladies who work here, are extremely efficient, fast, and always happy to help – something you don’t always see in overcrowded popular restaurants.

On top of that, all of them speak perfect English!

The Food

A bit of a disclaimer – I don’t eat meat, so this is probably the last place I should be reviewing, but here we are!

I have to take my husband’s word for how well they live up to their reputation when it comes to the meaty dishes.

Even though they are heavily focused on meat, they do have a few fish and veggie options available, like their vegan burger with fries, grilled salmon with vegetables, black bean spring rolls, or a salmon salad.

The vegan burger I had on my first visit was super delicious, served with crispy fries and coleslaw – couldn’t wish for better.

On my last visit, I tried the grilled salmon – which was cooked to perfection, alongside a homemade sauce that complemented the fish really well.

The only let down was the veggies which were only half-cooked and tasted pretty raw, but apart from that, it was a well-balanced dish.

We also shared a portion of Nachos – a very generous size that would feed the whole family.

My husband had their pulled pork burger, for the second time coming here, as he said it was one of the best he’s had.

If there would be one complaint, it’s only the fact that the menu is very short and doesn’t really change by season too much. After visiting one more time I would probably run out of things to try there, but I’m not their target customer in any case =)

Try them yourself and let me know how you liked it!

hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain
hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain
hard rock cafe in Malaga, Spain
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malaga spain 1 of 1 68

Hard Rock Cafe in Malaga

Location: Paseo del Muelle Uno, 1, Malaga

Reservations: +34 952 05 97 00 or book online here

Menu: available as PDF here

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