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Heaven on Earth Herb Garden

Fancy a stroll in a herb garden? Then follow me on!

The road will take us through small wine villages between Paphos and Polis, until we reach a tiny little place called Pano Akuradleia in the heart of which lies a little green kingdom. Just when we thought we got lost and never find it, there it was, a big patch of greenery right in the middle of the village.

Prepare your eyes for a bit of green therapy, if you live on the island you know it’s a rare sight.

Welcome to Heaven on Earth.

Herb garden and organic natural herbal products are exclusively made in Cyprus, in this small place managed by Caroline.

The amount of love that went into turning this small house and a bit of garden into a place to relax is evident on every step.

You walk into a small courtyard with tables covered in checkered table clothes, sample of the organic product (didn’t check what it was sadly) on the table along with a piece of the garden in a vase.

Right at the edge of the courtyard is a lounge area with a small selection from the shop and menu.

We started with a stroll through the garden and noticed some of the exotic plants, like this liquorice. Each corner of the garden hides a small seating area where you can rest and relax and soak in the fragrances of nature.

And then this happened. Edward, the Chief Botanist of the garden just popped by to say hello. He had a busy day jumping from one flower to the other one, making sure they are all well taken care of. He only managed to stay still for one second to let me take a picture of him.

The very back of the garden contains the real treasure – all the herbs used to make the herbal products. I can tell you the smell itself will make you feel like you’re in a perfume shop!

As we were strolling along, my little man made sure he touched and smelled every plant and flower, until this ashtray caught his attention and he couldn’t let go of it.

Dress and hat both from Asos (click on link to see details).

I thought we should say hi to Mr Edward’s family, but I think they were on their annual vacation, no one was there to open the door.

After a stroll in the garden we were keen to explore the menu and the shop.

The happy tea is on my shopping list for winter!

There are so many lovely products in the shop and I couldn’t pick just one. I had to restrain myself only to a herbal face scrub (it just smells like the garden itself!) and a bottle of Echinacea, which is a natural immunity booster, both for adults and kids. Next time I go, I need to get some alternative herbal medicine, there are drops for cough, headaches and all kinds of problems.

You can also buy olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lavender products, honey and herbal teas (that’s just a fraction of the shop content I could remember).

Last but not least, we sat down to enjoy cold drinks – we had the wild thyme ice tea, mint ice tea and fresh juices. The wild thyme ice tea is something amazing, I would never think you can make a delicious drink like that from herbs! Oh, did I mention the cakes? Sadly they were out of the vegan carrot cake, but there were plenty of other super delicious options to choose from – we went for the lemon cake and chocolate chilli cake.

Hope you enjoyed the walk with me!

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