Honest Greens: Eat Real in Madrid

I’m counting all the lucky stars that I stumbled on Honest Greens in Madrid, while on a short day trip for an appointment in the city with my husband.

I walked out of my appointment not knowing where I am or where to go for lunch, luckily thanks to Google maps Honest Greens popped up as a really good option – and what a surprise it was!

From the outside, the unflattering grey facade didn’t really give in to what hides inside – a quirky rustic restaurant concept that’s focused on real food – nothing processed, artificial and all locally sourced ingredients, crafted in perfection to create simple but nourishing meals, that do not only taste amazing but are also a feast for the eyes.

As someone who doesn’t eat meat, finding a good restaurant anywhere in Spain is a bit of a struggle, so the fact that there are so many plant-based options on the menu was an absolute thrill. Not just meals, but also a whole selection of plant-based desserts, with peculiar-sounding options like the Cauliflower Mocca Brownie. Meat-eaters fear not – there are plenty of options for you too! =)

When we arrived it was nearly noon, but they only had a breakfast menu available, so we got a couple of toasts and two glasses of wine to celebrate our trip – our first time having wine with breakfast! The water was served from a tap to eliminate plastic waste, and even the wine came in the cutest kiddie-size glasses.

My toast was probably the best breakfast I ever had, in fact so good, that I went in and ordered another one (the Eggs Florentine). Perfectly balanced flavours, fresh ingredients, rustic crispy bread, and everything beautifully presented on gorgeous plates. What more can you ask for?

What we had:

  • Eggs Benedict with Truffle Portobello Mushrooms (5.90 eur)
  • Eggs Florentine with Salmon (6.90 eur)
  • Sweet Pomegranate Avocado Toast with extra Salmon (5.90 eur)

They also have an app you can use to order your food online if you’re staying in a different part of Madrid and want to give them a try.

As they say on their website ‘you are what you eat‘, which I truly believe, so if you’re looking for honest, authentic and most importantly delicious food, Honest Greens should be at the top of your list for a trip to Madrid! I can’t wait to be back to taste more!

Honest Greens Madrid

Location: Paseo de Castellana 89, Madrid (but they also have a restaurant in Barcelona)

Menu: available here.

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Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid
Honest Green, Madrid

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