June in Fuengirola: Local Guide

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Ah, June!

The start of the summer, the tourist season, and the month that marks more stable weather conditions. You can smell the summer in the air, along with the fumes from increased city traffic =)

June is one of the most popular months to visit Fuengirola, as the conditions are just perfect for a good holiday. As a result, it can get pretty busy and crowded.

If you’re planning a holiday in Fuengirola in June, this post will answer all the questions you may have!

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June in Fuengirola
June in Fuengirola

Weather in June

The weather in June is predictably warm, with average temperatures around 30C, sometimes reaching up to 35C.

The mornings are also already pretty warm and it’s not uncommon to experience close to 30C as early as 9am. The nights are also very warm, which makes it a little harder to sleep at night, with the rooms being so warm.

If you’re staying in an apartment during your holiday, check that it has an air conditioning unit in the bedroom, not just the living space. Also check that it’s not operated by a self-switch timer, which will kill the aircon after every 30 minutes.

The best way to stay cool? Go to the sea of course!

Most apartment buildings also have their own communal pools, but these may be quite busy and have limited opening hours. Some come with pretty strict rules in terms of what you can do there (no ball games, no floating toys allowed and similar).

There is almost zero chance of rain in June, so no need to bring any warmer clothing with you.

Sea Temperature in June

The sea temperatures in June hovers around 18C which is cool for most people, but thanks to the heat outside the dip in the sea is quite refreshing and welcome.

Beach Conditions in June

As evidenced by the photos below, June is the first month when the beaches are starting to get crowded. It’s not as bad as in July and August though.

If you want a good spot on the beach, you have to get there early in the morning.

That’s what I normally do and then head back home around lunchtime to cool off. I noticed most people come to the beach around lunchtime and stay till late in the afternoon.

The lifeguard is also on duty, but I think only till 8pm in the summer months.

The beaches have public toilets available, which are free of charge to use and also brand new beach showers to use. Recycling bins are available by the entrance to each beach.

June in Fuengirola
June in Fuengirola

How Busy is Fuengirola in June?

If you don’t like crowds, you might not enjoy Fuengirola in June. There is a lot of activity and a lot of tourists, so getting a table in a restaurant on Saturday night might be a little tricky.

The other side effect is the increased presence of cars, so finding a parking spot is harder than usual.

What to do in Fuengirola in June

In addition to the ideas below, Fuengirola usually hosts a summer festival which starts in June and is held near the castle grounds.

Fuengirola: Recommended Day Trips & Experiences

  • Caminito del Rey Day Trip with Guide – explore the world-famous pathway of the king, and admire the stunning views from the gorge El Chorro. Includes pick up in Fuengirola, entrance to Caminito del Rey and helmets.
  • Day Trip to Gibraltar with pick up from Fuengirola with a minibus, with free time in Gibraltar for shopping and an optional tour of the nature reserve.
  • Gibraltar Sightseeing Day Tour – a more structured day trip with a full tour of the nature reserve, showing you all the highlights, with free time for shopping. Pick up from Fuengirola.
  • Ronda and Setenil de las Bodegas Day Trip – see the famous Puente Nuevo bridge in Ronda, with one of the oldest bullrings in the country, and admire the homes and restaurants built into caves in Setenil. Pick-up in Fuengirola – includes a walking tour of Ronda and a complimentary glass of wine in Ronda.
  • Day Trip to Granada with Alhambra Tour – see one of the architectural wonders of Spain, the Moorish Palace complex of Alhambra, with free time to explore Granada. Includes pick-up from Fuengirola, tickets to Alhambra and a guide.
June in Fuengirola

Any other questions?

Leave a comment below and I will answer the best way I can.

Monthly Weather Updates for Fuengirola

Here is a full list of the detailed monthly updates done so far, more to be added!

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Lucia is a founder and travel writer at Viva La Vita. She has been living on Costa del Sol in Southern Spain (Fuengirola) since 2020. She helps travellers plan the perfect trip to Spain thanks to her local insights, practical tips and unique insider perspective complemented by original photography.

6 thoughts on “June in Fuengirola: Local Guide”

  1. Hi Lucia, great write up! It’s nice to read that the temperature is around the 30 degrees Celcius in June. I’m going at the end of June this year to Fuengirola. Which beach in Fuengirola would be your top pick? And do you have any recommendations for amazing fish restaurants? Thanks!

    • Hi Mohammed, almost any beach along the stretch of the city will do, there isn’t major difference between them. I would say the ones near Los Boliches are more busy and crowded, those towards Torreblanca and Carvajal would have more space and possibly better views as you get a glimpse of the sunset.
      Seafood is somewhat disappointing menu item in here, there aren’t many specialized placed, but one that I see often recommended is Marisquería Los Marinos Jose – I’m yet to visit myself so can’t comment on how good the food is. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi Lucia

    i have a choice of 3 different areas to stay
    1) around Calle Hernan Cortes, or calle los helechos or calle hermanos salon casero
    which would be best for 6 youngish adults wanting activity and 2 children under 5.

    • I would vote for the first option – it’s close to the beach, you are near Mercadona supermarket and also right across the road you have Soudl park for kids (I live nearby so know the area quite well). As its not on the main road it shouldnt be too loud at night either. The beach directly opposite is one of the smaller ones, but you can to any other one in just a few minutes. There are water sport activities in the marina too, and on the main road there is sup board and surf rental place. Hope that helps! Lucia

  3. Hi There

    Great site that you have and very informative .
    We are coming out on 1st June only for a long weekend and it’s saying thunder and showers for two consecutive days and possibly 3 hours !! As we are only there such a short time worried it will ruin our stay and won’t see any sunshine or warmth ! If it does rain is it a long time ? If I were there for longer it wouldn’t be so bad but two days out of three ?!! Feeling somewhat deflated !

    • Hi Charlie, no need to worry. The long term forecast is rarely accurate! They might get it right if you look at the next day or two, but not that far in advance. It’s not very common to get extensive rainy periods or even thunder in June, but if it happens it’s a matter of few hours before it clears out. I have plenty of experience with the local forecasts, even if there is rain for the next day, it might change direction and move towards the mountains or other side away from the city.
      You have nothing to worry about in my opinion! Lucia


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