A Spectacular Drive: the Road to Kato Pyrgos (Cyprus)

It’s been years since I took a road trip in Cyprus – mainly due to exhausting the destination options in my six years on the island.

Kato Pyrgos was a village which I never thought of visiting, until I saw pictures of some of the lovely restaurants, beaches & beach bars, completely deserted even in the middle of the summer.

As my mum was visiting for Easter and I run out of options where to take her, a longer trip to a place unknown even to me seemed like an exciting option. I checked the journey which was supposed to take close to 2 hours (starting at Coral Bay), and take us through some winding roads at the edge of mountains, all the way to the borders of Northern Cyprus.

After passing Polis and driving towards Argaka, the roads get less busy, and you’re treated to stunning sea views all along the way. The road is lined with old traditional homes, grandparents sitting on verandas and enjoying their Cypriot coffee. There is zero commotion and all you can hear is the waves crashing against the shore.

Koullas Sandwiches

Just before Pomos, the road takes you higher up, with Koullas Sandwiches being the ultimate pit-stop. They serve – as you would expect – sandwiches, coffee and much more. While it might not be culinary heaven, the views will take your breath away. You can stroll down the steep hill to take photos on the bench while enjoying your ice-cold frappe.

After Pomos the roads lead higher up to the mountains, along the edge of the mountain range, passing a few military bases along the way (be careful not to take pictures there).

The curvy roads reminded me of Paphos forest and are best driven at slow speed (and an empty stomach). After entering this bit of the journey, it very much felt like a different place. It reminded me much more of Northern Cyprus and their steep cliff with sprawling sea views & dramatic drops.

Village of Kato Pyrgos

Eventually, while enjoying the slow journey, we turned up at the sleepy village of Kato Pyrgos, beautifully decorated ahead of the Easter. As there were not many places to park we didn’t get off in the center of the village but continued to Grape by the Sea (more on that in a separate post).

Kato Pyrgos is your quintessential Cypriot village, very much like those you find in Troodos mountains.

The main street was lined with local cafes and small kiosks, a big church nested just off the main road and a small harbour was lining the entrance to the village. We enjoyed a fabulous (and windy!) lunch at Grape and couldn’t get enough of the place.

Kato Pyrgos is not a place where you can just pop for a few drinks, but I can honestly say it was worth the drive. Even after those years, I’m happy to still discover places that take my breath away.

Especially as lately it feels like there is so little privacy and unique unspoiled places left to discover, with an increasing number of tourists reaching the island each year.

The Pomos/Kato Pyrgos area might be one of the few remaining places where you can enjoy peace, stunning nature, friendly locals & an untapped location not yet overcrowded by tourists.

Thank you for having me Kato Pyrgos, you left a big footprint in my heart! =)

beach near Argaka
Kollas Sandwiches, short drive after Pomos
views en route to Kato Pyrgos
Kato Pyrgos harbour
Grape by the Sea in Kato Pyrgos

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