How to Get from Malaga to Ronda Easy & Fast: Transport Guide

How to Get from Malaga to Ronda Easy & Fast: Transport Guide

Are you staying in Costa del Sol in Spain and wondering what’s the easiest way to get from Malaga to Ronda?

In that case, you came to the right place – this article has been written by a local expat and gives you all the insider tips and local information you need to make your journey from Malaga to Ronda easy and convenient.

Ronda is one of the most famous locations in Southern Spain, and not just for the stunning historic architecture like Puente Nuevo, one of the oldest bullrings (plaza de toros) in Spain, but also for the gorgeous views and hiking options. If you’re planning on visiting Ronda in Spain, you’re in for a treat for all your senses!

Let’s look at your options on how to get there!

Where is Ronda Located?

Ronda is located in the South of Spain, in the autonomous region of Andalusia, just north of Estepona and Marbella. The closest airport for Ronda is Malaga International Airport.

Distance Between Malaga and Ronda

The distance between Malaga and Ronda, when travelling by car, is approximately 100 km.

Travelling from Malaga to Ronda: Your Options

There are a few travel options available for Ronda, with the most convenient one being the one by car, and the cheapest one the option with a bus.

Below is a quick glance overview followed by detailed transport information below.

  • day trip by local travel company: if you only want to see the highlights of Ronda without the hassle of driving a car or navigating the local public transport, a day trip from a local tour operator is often the most time and cost-effective option.
  • by bus: direct buses from the main station in Malaga, with tickets starting at 13 euros per person and 3 connections per day. The journey takes between 2hrs 40 mins up to 3 hours, depending on the connection. Not suitable for those who get travel sick as its passing through the serpentine roads in the mountains.
  • by car: two routes available, with the faster one taking 1.5 hours, covering a distance of 103 kilometres.
  • by train: one train connection leaving Malaga Maria Zambrano at 9.10 am with tickets starting at 11.90 euros one way. The journey takes nearly 2 hours.
  • by taxi: similar to a car journey, a taxi will take you to Ronda in 1.5 hours, depending on the traffic. The journey will cost in the range of 100 to 150 euros, depending on your departure and arrival point.
casa don bosco, ronda, andalusia
Casa don Bosco in Ronda, Spain

1. Malaga to Ronda Day Trip with Local Travel Company

If you would like to plan your trip to Ronda as a one-day trip, the easiest and often the most cost-effective option is to use the services of a local travel company.

You will travel in a comfortable air-conditioned bus with wifi, English speaking guide, on a pleasant bus journey that’s just the perfect transport time for a day tour.

I have linked a recommended tour operator below, and with this trip, you get a pick-up from Malaga in a central location and a tour of Ronda without the hassle of driving and parking on your own.

BOOK ONLINE: Malaga to Ronda Day Trip

2. Malaga to Ronda by Bus

Avanza runs a regular connection between Malaga and Ronda, with up to 3 buses per day.

The buses go from Malaga main bus station and make a few stops along the way. Details for the bus connections are below.

  • A number of connections: up to 3 per day, leaving at 8am, 9am and 8.30pm.
  • Bus Ticket prices: from 13 euros one way, per person
  • Journey time: between 2hrs 40mins to 3 hours, depending on which bus connection you take
  • First buses: 8.00 am
  • Last buses: 8.30 pm
  • Buying tickets: best to secure these in advance at Avanza website
  • Bus route and stops: most of the connections stop at the following stations – Torremolinos, Benalmadena Costa, Los Maites, Fuengirola, Rot Hospital, Marbella, San Pedro, Ronda.

The ticket normally includes storage of your luggage, so you don’t have to pay anything extra unless you’re travelling with excessive luggage.

A word of warning: I took this bus on my trip to Ronda and it follows the coastal route towards Ronda, which means it’s passing through the mountains.

If you get travel sick easily or travel with kids, take some travel sickness medicine as the serpentine roads in the mountains are not for the light-hearted. The whole journey from Marbella to Ronda is a long one and passes through the mountains, with no options to stop on the way. Keep this in mind when you plan your journey.

views of the gorge in Ronda, Andalusia - Spain
Gardens over the gorge near Puente Nuevo in Ronda


To get on the bus, you simply need to show the driver the QR code or show your name and they will find you on the list. They might ask to see your ID when you present the ticket. Most drivers I have encountered speak at least basic English.

You need to load your luggage into the bus storage on your own. Some of the newer buses will have sockets for chargers and toilets.


The main bus station in Malaga is located right next to Malaga Maria Zambrano station. It is a fairly big size station with over 30 bays for buses, but there aren’t many facilities available.

There are some vending machines with snacks, and a small shop where you can get food and water for the journey, but no restaurants or other facilities.

If you need more options for shopping or eating, it’s better to walk across the road to the train station which looks more like a small shopping mall, with clothing shops, cafes, restaurants, fast food chains and other facilities.

The bus station has a departures and arrivals board displayed in the main hall, and the buses leave from the numbered docks.

main bus station in Malaga, Spain
The arrival docks at Malaga main bus station


The bus station in Ronda is located at the edge of the old town, a short walk away from the main attractions. A walk to Puente Nuevo from the station will take about 15 minutes. The station is pretty small but has some basic facilities and there is a taxi rank outside.

The location of the bus station is marked on the map below.

3. Malaga to Ronda by Train

If you prefer to travel by train, that’s certainly an option but the connections are limited to one per day, with the Renfe network.

If you need more travel options, you will have to take the bus from Malaga Rosaleda stop to Antequera main station (or take some of the Renfe trains there), transfer to the train station outside of the city and get a connecting train there. This would take between 3 to 4 hours, so a bit too long for one-way journey.

The details of the train connection are below.

  • train departure time: 9.10 am from Malaga main station, getting off at Antequera at 9.35 am and changing for Ronda train at 10.09am. Arriving at the destination at 11.07 am.
  • journey duration: 1 hour 57 minutes
  • train stops: Antequera Santa Ana, Bobadilla, Campillos, Almargen, Ronda
  • ticket prices: from 11.90 euros one way – buy online at Renfe website
  • train facilities: the trains are fairly modern and well equipped, with toilets, plenty of space for luggage storage and even sockets next to your seats.
old town of Ronda, Spain
Ronda old town


Where to buy train tickets? You can buy your train tickets in advance online – that way you get the best price. Head over to the renfe website and put in your destination and dates. The site is also available in English or you can translate it in your browser.

Facilities in Malaga Maria Zambrano Station: If you have spare time in Malaga, there is plenty to do in the station itself. The train station has lots of clothing shops, restaurants, cafes and even a big supermarket. Right at the center is a kiosk with magazines and books, with a small selection also in the English language.

What are the security measures at the station? As you arrive in Malaga Maria Zambrano, you can head straight to the gates which are located in the middle section of the station. Right in front of it is a security scan where you place your luggage for scanning and pass through the airport-style security gate.

After that, they will check your tickets at the booth by the entrance to the platform and you’re free to board the train.

Location of Malaga Maria Zambrano on the map below.


The train station in Ronda is located a short walk away from the center of the town – see the location on the map below.

4. Malaga to Ronda by Car

There are two ways you can drive to Ronda from Malaga, one is a more scenic route via the coastline highway, and the other option is faster and more convenient.

I also have to put a bit of warning – route 2 via mountains is not suitable for those who get car sick easily as it goes through the serpentine roads in the mountains, and even if you drive slowly it’s not very pleasant (I have experienced this on the bus with no option of getting out of the vehicle).


The fastest way to get to Ronda from Malaga is via A-357 which later connects to A-367, passing Ardales on the way. If you would prefer to make a stop along the way, the road goes close by to Caminito del Rey, which in itself is an experience you shouldn’t miss!

This route will take around 1.5 hours if you don’t make any stops, with normal traffic.


If you would like to see a bit of the coastline on your way to Ronda, the route via AP-7 or A-7 highway is a good option. Please pay attention to which highway you choose to travel, as the AP-7 is a paid toll road (I think the fee was around 7 euros).

After Malaga, the road heads up North through the mountains, and as I mentioned earlier it’s not suitable for those who get travel sickness easily. Even if you travel slowly, the road is very curvy pretty much all the way from Marbella until you reach Ronda. You will also likely have to slow down, which will take the total travel time closer to 2.5 hours instead of 2 hours as indicated in the map below.

5. Malaga to Ronda by Taxi or Uber

If you’re planning on taking a taxi to Ronda, it’s a very convenient option that can get you to Ronda straight from your hotel. Especially if there are more people travelling, it makes sense to choose this instead of car rental or travelling by bus.

The taxi journey will cost between 100 to 150 euros, depending on the time and date of travel, how many people are travelling and what company you use. If you search online, you can get a few quotes and find the best deal.

The journey duration is similar to a standard car journey, around 1.5 hours depending on the traffic.

Uber is another option you can use for commuting from Malaga to Ronda, according to my app the journey would cost around 100 euros. The prices for Uber as you know are flexible and depend on the demand and when you are travelling. You also have the option to book your driver in advance, securing a guaranteed price.

puento romano in ronda, andalusia
Puente Nuevo in Ronda

6. Malaga Airport to Ronda

If you need to get to Ronda from the airport, here are the options available:

  • by car: similar to the journey from central Malaga, this journey will take you to Ronda via A-357 and A-367 in just over 1.5 hours.
  • by train: there are no direct train connections to Ronda from the airport. You will need to take the local commuter train C-1 in direction of Malaga Centro, get off at Malaga Maria Zambrano and get on the 9.10am train to Ronda (with a change in Antequera).
  • by bus: no direct bus connections available, you will have to get to the main bus station in Malaga by either using the local buses or taking the commuter train and crossing the road from the train station (Malaga Maria Zambrano) to the bus station. There are a number of connections available, which I described above.
  • by taxi: a journey over 1.5 hours that will cost from 120 to 160 euros, depending on what taxi you take (from rank or pre-booked), time of travel and number of people travelling.

That covers all the transport options for the journey from Malaga to Ronda! I hope it answered all the questions you might have had, and if not I added some frequent ones below.

ronda andalusia spain 76
One of the mirradors in Ronda

Frequent Travel Questions

How far from Malaga to Ronda?

The distance between Malaga and Ronda is approximately 100 kilometres (when driving by a car).

How to get from Malaga airport to Ronda?

The easiest (but expensive) is a taxi, or a car rental. Other options include a bus or train, but you will need to get to the main stations in Malaga and take the travel connections from there.

How to get to Ronda from Malaga?

The easiest is to rent a car and drive there in 1.5 hours. There are also buses and trains available from central Malaga, with the bus being the cheapest at 13 euros per ticket.

Is there a train from Malaga to Ronda?

There is only one convenient train connection from Malaga to Ronda, with a change in Antequera. The train leaves at 9.10 am from Malaga Maria Zambrano, and the journey takes just under 2 hours.

How far from Ronda to Malaga?

If you’re driving by car, the distance is approximately 100 kilometres.

How get a bus to Ronda Malaga?

You will need to get to the main bus station in Malaga and take the bus from there. Check Avanza website and book your tickets in advance – in there you will see the connections available and different prices. After you buy your ticket online, you can simply show the QR code to the driver as you board the bus. On most buses you can also reserve seats.

How long is the train journey from Malaga to Ronda?

The shortest train journey from Malaga to Ronda takes just under 2 hours, with a change in Antequera station.

How much does a taxi cost from Ronda to Malaga?

Approximately 100 to 150 euros, depending on your departure and arrival point, and time of travel.

Is there a coach from Malaga to Ronda

Yes, there are a few direct bus connections between Malaga and Ronda. You can see the departure time and buy tickets directly at Avanza website.

Where do trains go from Malaga to Ronda?

The trains to Ronda depart from Malaga Maria Zambrano station.

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