Marbella Weather in October: Expert Travel Tips [2024]

Marbella Weather in October: Expert Travel Tips [2024]

What’s the weather for Marbella in October?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question before booking your holiday, this article will answer all the questions you might have!

Best of all – it’s written by a local expat who lives next to Marbella, so you’re getting the most accurate and up-to-date information, with insider’s tips only.

Ready to jump in?

Marbella Weather in October: Good Enough for a Holiday?

Let’s get the main question out of the way – is it too risky to book a holiday in Marbella in October?

Is the weather going to be too cold with too much rain, risking ruining your holiday?

Short answer: October is a perfectly safe month to book a trip to Marbella if you’re worried about the weather. You can’t expect as high temperatures as in September, but you certainly won’t be freezing or suffering from an extended rainy period. You will still enjoy plenty of sunshine, with colder mornings and evenings.

Below are some monthly averages, but keep in mind that the trends tend to change every year. Even the 7-day weather forecast can usually shift a few times before you actually get to your destination. So you can’t take the weather forecast for granted.

It might for example say that there is thunder coming in, but it might pass without ever crossing the town or last just an hour. The forecast changes a lot, especially in the autumn and winter.

marbella, spain
Coastal promenade of Marbella in autumn

Marbella October Weather Conditions

Weather Condition Value
Low Temperature around 14C (57F)
High Temperature around 22C (72F)
Sea Temperatures 21C (70F)
Rainy Days 5 on average
Cloudy Days approximately 50% of the month
Sunshine Hours up to 7 hours per day

Weather for Marbella in October: What to Expect?

As I mentioned earlier, October is still a very pleasant month to enjoy a holiday in Marbella.

The sea may be a bit too cold for swimming, but it’s still pleasant enough to enjoy a day at the beach and explore the city and beyond.

Below are details for everything you need to know about Marbella weather in October.

Temperatures in Marbella in October

The temperatures generally hover between the highs of 25C (22C in colder autumns) and lows of 17C (15C when it’s a really cold October).

Those are daily temperatures though, expect the early mornings and late evenings to be much colder than that and a warm sweater or jacket is needed.

Rain in Marbella in October

October is the first month when there are noticeable rainy days in the weather forecast. That doesn’t mean it rains days to no end. Usually, the rain lasts a few hours and passes the city quickly. Thunderstorms are also quite common for this time of year.

You can expect on average 5 rainy days in October, which are scattered usually towards the end of the month.

As is the case with weather everywhere, some autumns are warmer and drier than others, and this year (2022) we’ve been fortunate with a dry and pleasant October.

Sunshine in Marbella in October

There is still plenty of sunshine to enjoy in Marbella in October, you can expect at least half of the month to be sunny or semi-sunny, with 7 hours of sunshine on average, per day.

Cloudy Days in Marbella in October

October brings about more cloudy days and signals the arrival of darker day hours. Cloudy days are not what you would imagine though. Usually, they are more overcast days with white clouds instead of a depressive grey hue stretching across the horizon.

Even on cloudy days, it still feels very bright and warm, so you won’t have any issues enjoying your holiday.

Sea Temperatures in Marbella in October

The sea temperature in October hovers around 21C (70F), which I would think it’s too cold for most people.

Marbella old town in October
The old town of Marbella (photo from start of November)

Weather for Marbella in October: What to Pack?

For the most part of the month, you will be fine with a mix of summer clothing and some autumn jackets and warmer sweaters for the evenings and early mornings.

You can quite confidently pack some dresses, with jackets and sweaters to go with them.

If you’re staying in a rented apartment, I also always recommend taking a pair of slippers with you as the local houses have really cold floors and locals don’t use slippers.

Things To Do in Marbella in October

October is a great time to enjoy some of the outdoor activities you may have been struggling to do in the summer heat. Here are some ideas on what to do in Marbella and beyond in October.

  • enjoy discovering the Old Town Marbella with far fewer crowds
  • car spotting or luxury shopping in Puerto Banus
  • enjoying a long walk along the coastal promenade from Marbella towards Puerto Banus
  • a day trip to Malaga to explore the Picasso Museum or his birth home museum, the Alcazaba or Gibralfaro Castle
  • plan a day trip to Ronda
  • tasting the local tapas around Marbella while being able to still enjoy some outdoor dining this month
  • visiting Bioparc in Fuengirola
  • taking a stroll through Alameda park

Most Popular Experiences in Marbella

Frequent Questions

Is the weather in Marbella hot in October?

It’s not hot, but it is still pleasant and warm. Warm enough to wear mainly summer clothing during the day, but you will need a jacket for the early morning and late evenings as they tend to be much colder.

Does it rain a lot in Marbella in October?

It does rain, but not a lot. On average, you can expect around 5 rainy days in Marbella in October.

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Marbella weather in October
Marbella weather in October

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