Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, Jordan

It’s time to take a virtual trip to Jordan!

Since I returned a week ago I’ve been struggling to find time to edit the photos and find some sort of logic to share them.

Between unpacking, my mum visiting, catching up on work and trying to recover from holiday blues, the task of going over 1.000 pictures seemed rather daunting. In the end, I decided to let things flow naturally and take you through the trip day by day, as it happened.

At the end of this mini-series I will share a dedicated post with some practical tips for visiting Jordan because I know people have lots of questions and worries before booking a trip, as I had.

So here we go, this is the first day!

I flew to Amman from Paphos airport thanks to the new connection with Ryanair. The flight was only 50 minutes long and we landed in what seemed like deserted land.

The landscape is so much more different than what I am used to and when you look from your window in a plane, all you see is sand and stone. 

The only distinct landmark on the ground is the capital city Amman, which seemed very densely populated with not much green spaces or colours in general. As my trip lasted only 5 nights, I did not have time to explore the capital city but went straight to the dead sea.

My schedule in Jordan was as follows:

Day 1: Fly to Amman, stay one night at the Dead Sea

Day 2: transport to Wadi Rum (desert),  desert safari and stay overnight in a tent

Day 3: transport to Wadi Musa (Petra village) and explore the area

Day 4: Visit of Petra (all day)

Day 5: Transport back to the Dead Sea and stay over for one night

Day 6: Flight back to Paphos

In the Dead Sea area, you can choose from quite a few hotels to stay in. For me, Movenpick stood right out and it the prices were not much different to the rest of the hotels in the area.

Let me take you through a little virtual tour because a hotel like this deserves it’s very own post!

Welcome to Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea Resort

On arrival, we were upgraded to a room “in the village” which quite spectacular. You get a map of the resort to find your way through the maze of pools, villages, restaurants and more.

Below is the main infinity pool with gorgeous views of the Dead Sea which is almost invisible in this picture due to weather conditions. The pool had its own mini sandy beach and was nearly deserted. As you move your way next to the pool you get your towels and can choose to spend your leisure time here or move lower, to yet another infinity pool or the Dead Sea itself.

I was never a hotel pool person myself so we quickly moved to discover the main attraction – Dead Sea.

While most people assume going to the Dead Sea is just like any other sea, it’s actually very different.

For starters, there are no sandy beaches and no waves to speak of.

The access is very difficult if you don’t happen to stay in a hotel which has its own beach.  Which in case of Movenpick comes with chairs and a guard that will happily take pictures of you all covered up in mud!

I will leave the glamorous affair of covering up in mud for a different blog posts where I will leave you all the practical tips for visiting the Dead Sea area in Jordan.

For now, the tour of the hotel continues. We move one level up from the Dead Sea beach to the pool bar with the best views. Right accross from where you are sitting you can see some hills – that’s Israel. At night, the lights at the top of the hills are from Jerusalem city. 

Moving back to the main part of the hotel.

The hotel is divided into a few sections, the main buildings, two villages with a traditional type of architecture as pictured below, the restaurant square and the pool areas. There is a golf cart that carries you around the premises because it can be quite exhausting in 35C+ heat.

The greenery and beautifully maintained gardens provide stunning contrast against the washed off sandy walls and rough features of the buildings.

It feels like you are visiting a small town, not a hotel.

The path below takes you to the main building complete with an indoor waterfall.

Below – view from the restaurant terrace. It was damn hot but we couldn’t resist the views to the garden.

Change of clothes after a dip in the Dead Sea and off we go back in the main building for a dinner and a wander around. The interiors were simply stunning! And as you can see I got carried away with the pictures.

Right before we left off, I almost forgot to show you around the room!

Below is the walkway to the accommodation and a few pictures from the room. The room was super spacious with huge comfortable bed, complimentary mini bar (only soft drinks) and a cute little balcony overlooking the garden.

I loved this place so much that it felt like the taxi driver had to drag me out of the building crying and holding on to the walls.

After a stay in a place like this, it’s very hard to appreciate any other hotels. Because this doesn’t feel like a hotel. It feels like spending a night in a wonderland and you never want to wake up.


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