November in Cyprus

November in Cyprus

Another one from my series of monthly weather updates, for those who wonder what it’s like to stay in Cyprus in the winter/autumn.

November saw the arrival of the first few proper rainy days and I couldn’t be more excited. After a very warm October, Cyprus is finally ready to embrace what rest of Europe would consider an autumn weather.  Start of the month was pretty warm, sunny with not a single raindrop in sight. The second half of the month the autumn/winter finally arrived.

Last week, we had torrential rain and some of the most hostile thunderstorms I remember. Our local high street in Coral Bay turned into a river as the sewage system couldn’t cope with the amount of water. The electricity in our house got messed up and mess from the beach and trees were covering the streets for a few days.

As it normally is with rainy days in Cyprus, they come and go pretty quickly. You can have a two-hour downpour in the morning, and glorious sun for rest of the day.

In general, the first half of November is pretty nice with warm days and slowly dropping temperatures, but the second half is pretty unpredictable.

Cyprus November Weather Recap

rainy days: 7 days, 3 very stormy days (Paphos only)

temperature: around 22 – 24 C during the day, end of the month dropping around 20C

night temperature: around 14C

sea temperature: not sure, but for me too cold for swimming

pool temperature: only advisable to enter for polar bears

Note > all photos below were taken this November. As I generally don’t walk around in a thunderstorm with my camera, I did not get any photos of the rainy days, but I will try my best in the next month to capture a bit more. 


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