Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija: The Mosaic Palace of Seville

It seems like no matter how long you stay in Seville, you don’t run out of palaces and palatial villas to explore!

I was very happy to discover Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija (Palace of the Countess of Lebrija) on my recent second stay in Seville, and the expectations were certainly exceeded!

This villa/museum dates back to the 16th century and it has been beautifully restored and remodelled between the 18th and 20th centuries.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth a visit – let me take you for a stroll so you can decide for yourself!

Below is a quick recap of what you will see, followed by my photos from the palace.

At the end of the article, you will find details for planning your visit and tips for some other places you might like while staying in Seville.

What to See in Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija

The entrance to the palace is behind a modest unsuspecting door, just a few minutes walk from the Setas de Sevilla. Lucky for me, I visited on a rainy day and the palace was completely empty.

There are two floors of the palace.

The ground floor you can explore freely, and the top floor is only accessible by a guided tour which runs every hour. The upper floor is where you find the private collection with paintings and art – I did not take the guided tour since we were visiting with a small baby.

The ground floor is impressive as it is. There are 600 square meters of Roman mosaics, which are all beautifully preserved, along with some antiques and art pieces.

The beautifully decorated Renaissance entrance room supported by marble pillars leads to the main patio courtyard, which is a traditional Andalusian style with galleries.

You will also find some resemblance with Alhambra as the architectural influences here were also Moorish, as evidenced by the pillars and decor in the galleries. On the floor, you will encounter one of the first mosaic floors of the palace.

Along the galleries, you can admire beautiful Roman and Greek art pieces and statues. On the side of the courtyard is the main staircase, one of my favourite places in the palace.

The light from the window beautifully illuminates the stunning tilework displayed on all the walls.

Talk about dramatic effect!

The ground floor has a number of rooms displaying different artwork and antique furniture, including a room which an uncovered well-preserved mosaic floor.

I spent close to an hour wandering around the ground floor – there is plenty to see even for the little visitors. If you’re thinking about going for the guided tour, they will tell you the starting time by the entrance, but no photography is allowed.

Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija
Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija

Visiting Palacio De La Condesa De Lebrija

Location: Calle Cuna 8

Opening Hours: From Monday to Sunday: from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Entrance tickets: adults 12 euros, children 6 euros.

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