Panda Bar in Fuengirola

Stylish bars are hard to find in Fuengirola, so when I discovered Panda Bar I was pretty excited.

This relatively new bar in the old town of Fuengirola stands out from the rest with beautifully designed courtyard lined by palm trees, stylish furniture and very friendly service.

Upon entering the courtyard you are transported to what feels like a local club somewhere in Bali, although in much smaller size. The surroundings feel very natural and welcoming, with plenty of seating and privacy for a relatively small space.

You enter through a small room inside, with the bar on your right and few seating options on the left side. The courtyard with lots of natural light is a nice contrast to the dark indoor area, which feels more cozy and intimate.

I ventured in on one of our date nights with my husband, to give this place a spin. I have to say I wasn’t dissapointed.

The coctkails are well prized and tasted as good as they were beautifully presented. As far as I know they don’t have any eating options, so this place is a good first stop before you head to the dinner somewhere in town, or for after dinner drinks.

I would have taken more photos but the place started filling up quickly and I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s evening by running around like a paparazzi.

Hopefully the few snaps below will give you a good taste of the place and ignite your interest to discover it on your own!

If you go, please do let me know how you liked it and what cocktail was your favourite!

Panda Bar Fuengirola, Spain
Panda Bar Fuengirola, Spain
Panda Bar Fuengirola, Spain
Panda Bar Fuengirola, Spain
Panda Bar Fuengirola, Spain


C. Palangeros 12, Fuengirola

Panda Bar Fuengirola

Opening Hours: 5om to 1am and till 3am at weekends

Coctail Menu: check here

Contact & Reservations: through their Facebook page or tel. 952 46 88 75

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