Paphos Castle, Cyprus: Is it Worth a Visit?

Paphos Castle is one of the most known landmarks in Paphos, Cyprus.

If it’s on your must-visit list for a trip to Paphos, you might want to read this first.

You are probably wondering whether it’s worth going inside or not.

Let me save you the trouble – it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the historical sites Paphos has to offer, but there is literally nothing to see in the castle itself, apart from the view.

This is probably a good reason why I avoided it for many years living on the island.

It was never tempting to venture in, until one Sunday when I had a bit of time to kill with my little boy so we decided to check it out.

Paphos Harbour

As you probably already know, the castle is located at the end of the harbour.

You will pass a long promenade until you reach the harbour part lined with restaurants, and waiters trying to pull you in for a drink or lunch.

The harbour is especially beautiful at sunset time, as you can watch the sun glide behind the horizon just behind the castle (scroll to the bottom for photos).

Paphos Castle Entrance

The entrance to the castle is from the main bridge over the moat.

You get your tickets at the ticket booth by the entrance. It was fairly cheap, a few euros to get in.

There were a few visitors checking out the insides with us, but it was by no means very busy or crowded.

We were handed a leaflet with some details about the history, but I didn’t read it until I came to write this post.

Inside the Castle

As you can imagine, the main purpose of the castle was to protect the harbour from invasions from the sea. That’s probably the reason why there are mostly empty rooms inside.

It did not do a particularly good job in that respect.

Throughout its lifetime, it has also been used as a prison and during the British occupation as a warehouse for storage of ……. not tea, salt.

Even though it was a fairly boring visit for me, I have to say my little one really enjoyed it.

Climbing the stairs, checking out cool rocks, exploring hidden corners. And best of all – all in the nice cool rooms, hidden away from the scorching sun.

Views from Paphos Castle

The top of the castle is just an open space with different viewpoints.

There are nice views towards the sea and Paphos town, but after you’ve taken a couple of shots, you’re pretty much done.

In summer, the castle serves as a live entertainment venue and for the last few years.

For a few years now, they also set up an open-air opera there in the summer, very cool!

Behind the Castle

If you walk to the right next to the castle, there is a beautiful long coastal pathway with some spectacular views.

That itself, I think, is a far better experience than visiting the castle.

And that’s also the best way to enjoy the views of the castle, from outside, during sunset.

There is plenty more to admire in Paphos, and just because it has so many historical sites, you don’t need to spend your holiday sprinting from one to the other.

Paphos Castle is certainly one that you can cross of your list with a clear conscience.

Paphos Castle Details

Operating hours: April 16 to September 15, daily: 08:30 – 19:30 – September 16 to April 15, daily: 08:30 – 17:00

Open: all year round except public holidays

Entrance fee: €2,50

Official website: department of antiques Cyprus

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