13 Stunning Photography Locations in Granada [2024]

13 Stunning Photography Locations in Granada [2024]

If you’re planning a trip to Granada, you’re in for a treat: it’s the perfect place for beautiful photos with lots of stunning photography locations.

Granada is one of the oldest and certainly most beautiful cities in Andalusia, boasting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, gorgeous old towns, and stunning views all around.

If you need a bit of inspiration to plan your trip, I have compiled some of my favourite photo spots from a number of trips to Granada.

Scroll down below to see the locations together with some photos!

granada restaurants with view

Photography Tips for Granada

Before we dive into the locations, here are a few tips to get the most out of your trip:

  • Granada is a very popular destination, nearly all year round, and gets predictably crowded, especially in the summer. If you want to get nice photos in one of the tourist hot spots, get there as early as they open up, or if it’s a public space, just around sunrise. That way you have the place more or less for yourself and get nice photos without other people in them.
  • Beware of pickpockets and don’t hang your camera at the back of the chair – I’ve done this mistake a number of times and each time the waiter in the restaurant warned me about it. The camera or handbag can get snatched away in seconds, so be careful. Also applies to situations when you’re in a big crowd of people.
  • If you’re visiting in the summer, the mid-day sun can be very unforgiving for taking photos. If possible, do take the siesta that the locals swear by and rest around lunchtime. The light in the late afternoon is much better for photos and you will have more energy too after getting some rest.
  • Selfie sticks are forbidden in most locations, so don’t bother bringing one with you
  • Indoor photography in most of the historic locations (Alhambra) is allowed, but you cannot use your flash.
  • Book your tickets for the Alhambra early, they tend to sell out a few weeks or even months in advance, especially in the summer.
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Cathedral in Granada

13 Best Photography Locations in Granada

Here is the full list – scroll down lower for photos and details.

  1. Albaicin District
  2. Sacramonte
  3. Sacramonte Monastery
  4. Gardens of Generalife
  5. Mirador St Nicholas
  6. Alcazaba
  7. Carmen de los Martires
  8. Restuarante Mirador de Moryama
  9. Alhambra
  10. Restaurant El Huerto de Juan Ranas
  11. Paseo de los Tristes
  12. Alcaiceria
  13. Mirador de San Miguel Alto

There are individual blog posts available for most of these locations, so you can check them out for more photos and detailed information.

1. Albaicin District

Albaicin is the oldest, and by far, the most beautiful part of Granada.

At least for me, this was my favourite place where I spent the most time and took the most photos.

Located directly opposite of Alhambra, framed by the Darro river and Sacramonte district, it is worlds apart from the rest of the city.

Albaicin will impress you with its history well preserved in all the buildings, a number of monuments, and stunning views everywhere you walk. You can discover green carmens (gardens), pretty squares, and narrow cobbled streets where you hear the residents chatting over lunch and watch the sun reflect on the Alhambra from a restaurant.

Albaicin is best explored on foot, and without a map – get lost in the cobbled streets and find hidden gems wherever you go.

As you climb the narrow streets, don’t forget to look behind – the top streets of Albaicin have some of the best views of Alhambra.

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albaicin granada vivalavita 2
albaicin granada vivalavita 3
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2. Sacromonte District

Sacromonte district is right next to Albaicin and easy enough to walk to.

It has a completely different identity compared to Albaicin and is mostly known for its hillside caves, gypsy population, and flamenco shows.

The flamenco shows are performed in these small caves and it’s quite the experience!

Photography-wise, Sacromonte offers you the opportunity to capture the unique architecture and capture stunning views of Granada.

Albaicin in Granada, Spain
Albaicin in Granada, Spain

3. Sacromonte Monastery (Abadia del Sacromonte)

A little gem discovered on my last trip to Granada in winter, Abadia del Sacromonte is a short uphill climb from Sacromonte or a short taxi drive from the city.

As soon as you get to the monastery, stroll to the edge of the courtyard to admire the stunning views with Alhambra stretching in the distance.

The monastery itself is a very simple building with religious artifacts displayed inside the rooms, but what was really cool was the underground church which is hiding inside a cave. You enter it through a hole in the ground in the chapel and walking through it feels like something out of a movie.

fuengirola may 18

4. Gardens of Generalife

In stark contrast to the Nasrid Palace with its elaborate ornamental decorations on walls and perfect symmetry anywhere you look, Generalife can seem a little plain and simple, but that certainly doesn’t take away anything from its beauty.

The gardens were designed as a relaxation place for the sultans and kings, and have undergone a lot of design and structural changes. The newest part of the gardens is outside the main Palace, right by the entrance – Jardines Nuevos.

The gardens feature a variety of different plants and beautifully maintained gardens and for a photographer, this place will be certainly one of the highlights of the trip to Granada.

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Generalife Gardens in Granada, Spain
Generalife Gardens, Granada Spain
Generalife Gardens, Granada Spain

5. Mirador de San Nicolas

The most known and popular photography spot in Granada – this mirador (viewpoint) is located on the opposite hill to Alhambra, giving you a chance to capture this stunning monument in its full glory.

Just a word of warning – it is very popular and therefore very busy. You may encounter big crowds as you get there and might have to wait a while to get your turn to take a photo.

I was planning a photo session here during sunset, but it turned out that another 50 people had the same idea, so the whole place was too crowded.

If you want to capture a similar scene, without the crowds and possibly a better view – book a table at the Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas, which is just below the mirador.

It has stunning views of Alhambra (see point 10 below), but it does come with a price tag – it’s much more expensive than other restaurants in Granada. No need to eat here though, you can just pop over for a drink and to take photos, like I’ve seen lots of people do!

Mirador St Nicholas – Location:

6. The Alcazaba (Part of Alhambra)

The Alcazaba is often overlooked and overshadowed by the beauty of the intricately decorated palace with lush gardens, but for me, it was one of the highlights of the Alhambra visit.

It is true, that the building is pretty simple and not much of the original courtyard was preserved – but wait till you see the views!

For more info and pictures check the blog post linked below.

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The Alcazaba: Location

The Alcazar of Granada
The Alcazar of Granada
The Alcazar of Granada

7. Carmen de Los Martires Gardens

Carmen de los Martires is a beautiful secluded garden with a mansion and Nasrid orchards, a short distance from the Alhambra.

The name ‘Carmen’ is actually used for a type of house native to Granada, which normally consists of an orchard, green space annex, and garden. They are many of these in Granada, some smaller and others, like Carmen de Los Martires, a lot more impressive.

The entrance is through a large gate at the end of the long paseo road, and as you walk through you can admire a beautiful blend of English and French-style gardens, with stunning panoramic views of the city.

The gardens are a beautiful place to stroll and take some shelter from the summer sun.

A resident influencer – a peacock – might make an appearance too!

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Carmen de Los Martires: Location

carmen de los martires granada 8
carmen de los martires in granada
carmen de los martires granada 15

8. Restaurante Mirador de Moreyama

The restaurant is set in a traditional Carmen housing, sheltered from the views with a high wall and spread out in an orchard with terraced gardens.

Shaded by fruit trees and covered in lush greenery, with just enough space between the tree branches to spot the outline of the Alhambra.

The restaurant feels and looks like a little oasis in the middle of Albaicin, with fruit trees providing shade for your lunch and the buzz of bees over the trickling fountain providing nice background music.

A beautiful place for some authentic photos with a view, and the food is delicious too!

Close to the restaurant is another viewpoint – Mirador de Moreyama – to get more beautiful Alhambra shots.

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Restaurant Mirador de Moreyama: Location

Restaurante Mirador de Morayma
Restaurante Mirador de Morayma
Restaurante Mirador de Morayma

9. The Alhambra

Alhambra is the crowning glory of Granada and in a lot of cases the sole reason why people venture to this Andalusian city.

The whole Alhambra complex consists of a few major landmarks – Palacio Nazaries, Palacio de Carlos V, Generalife Gardens and Alcazaba.

You will need probably a full day to explore the whole complex and the gardens, and if you want a good chance for the best photos, aim to get the first tickets available.

As I mentioned earlier, in busy seasons like summer, the tickets may be booked weeks in advance. Make sure you give yourself enough time to secure tickets as soon as you have your trip dates confirmed.

Most of the rooms in Alhambra are very dark, photography is allowed but you cannot use flash or selfie sticks.

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The Alhambra: Location

granada spain 94
Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Alhambra in Granada, Spain

10. Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas

It’s not often you come across a charming restaurant, in a spectacular spot, and one that’s not a tourist trap. Luckily, this is one of the exceptions to the rule, at least for me!

El Huerto de Juan Ranas sits just below the most popular photo spot in Granada – Mirador de San Nicolas – but unlike the viewpoint, you won’t have to use your elbows to get into the prime spot to take a single photo.

The restaurant stretches over a number of terraces, each offering spectacular views of the Alhambra and just behind it the breathtaking and snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountain range.

If you’re looking for something truly spectacular that delivers on both location & food, this is the place the be.

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Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas: Location

Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas, Granada
Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas, Granada
Restaurante El Huerto de Juan Ranas, Granada

11. Paseo de Los Tristes

Paseo de Los Tristes is a square stretching at the feet of Alhambra, right next to Darro river.

It is lined with restaurant terraces offering you a chance to enjoy tapas with some pretty spectacular views.

Paseo de Los Tristes: Location

granada spain 56
Albaicin in Granada, Spain
Albaicin in Granada, Spain

12. Alcaiceria

Alcaiceria is an Arabic-style bazaar near Albaicin, with vendors selling anything from carpets, scarfs, jewelry and souvenirs.

It’s a very tight and busy area, and the perfect place for pickpockets, so be extra careful here.

Head there early in the morning after the shops open up to capture the essence of this market and the original local treasures for sale.

Alcaiceria: Location

13. Mirador de San Miguel Alto

If you don’t mind a bit of a walk (or a drive), head up above the hills of Albaicin to this viewpoint.

Similar to Mirador de San Nicolas, this one also offers spectacular views of the Alhambra. As it’s a bit more remote, it’s usually not as crowded as the other one.

Closeby is also Mirador Morente, worth checking out for some more photography options.

Mirador de San Miguel Alto: Location

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