The Most Beautiful Photography Locations in Mijas Pueblo

The Most Beautiful Photography Locations in Mijas Pueblo

Are you visiting Mijas Pueblo?

You’re in for a treat when it comes to photography!

Mijas Pueblo is full of beautiful photography locations and authentic places that inspire your inner artist. Whether you’re after holiday pictures with your family, or some gorgeous snaps for your Instagram, this post will guide you through the best spots for beautiful photos!

Read on to find the best spots.

Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia - Spain

How to Get to Mijas Pueblo

By car: the drive to Mijas Pueblo is a really pleasant one and the village is easy to reach. Whether you’re driving from Malaga or Marbella, you can take the Mijas exit from the AP-7 highway, via A-387.

From the exit, it’s about a 10-minute drive up the hill, some parts of the road have sharp curves so drive slowly.

By bus: depending on where you’re coming from, you will need to get to Fuengirola to take a local bus from there (unless there is a direct travel connection from where you’re staying at).

The bus number M-122 departs frequently from the main bus station (on map here) and the journey takes between 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic. Check the timetable here.

By taxi: I have taken a taxi to the village from central Fuengirola on a few occasions, Uber rides tend to be cheaper and cost around 14 euro one way (for up to 3 persons).

There is a taxi rank on the main village square (where also the bus stops) so you can catch one from there too.

Mijas Pueblo in Spain, Andalusia

Photography Tips for Mijas Pueblo

Even though this small town is not on the coastline, it is a very popular day trip option from Fuengirola and gets very busy in the summer as a result.

If you’re planning to take nice photos without too many tourists in them, the best advice is to stay there overnight so you can head out early in the morning to capture the town before crowds of tourists descend on it. Alternatively, you can also drive here very early in the morning.

This has been my approach in most of the destinations I have visited and it works every time.

Thanks to its elevated location it is also the perfect place to capture some panoramic photos of the Costa del Sol coastline.

Still on my bucket list – sunrise and sunset photos with the gorgeous views from Mijas Pueblo!

Most Beautiful Photography Locations

Here are some hand-picked spots in Mijas Pueblo that are the best for photography:

1. The Old Town

The old town – where do I even start?

The old town is a maze of white washed cobbled streets, decorated with blooming flower pots and pretty plants. Some streets are nicer than others, and each corner reveals a new surprise.

In some parts of the old town, you’re also treated to lovely views of the coastline.

You don’t need a map to navigate, just get lost in the small streets and stroll to the ones that catch your eye. If you have visited other destinations in Andalusia, you will find that this Pueblo Blanco (white town) might not be as spectacular as some of the more famous examples – like Frigiliana.

Nevertheless has plenty of charm and gorgeous spots that inspire any photographer.

mijas pueblo, andalusia
Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia - Spain
Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia - Spain
Mijas Pueblo, Andalusia - Spain

2. Parque La Muralla

Capture the stunning views from this park and admire the collection of beautiful plants, flowers & trees!

The park has some of the best coastal views you will get, all without having to do any serious hiking. The park has a few viewing platforms which lend for pretty photos too.

things to do in mijas pueblo
mijas pueblo, spain
mijas pueblo vivalavita 34

3. Paseo de La Muralla

This road connects the park with Plaza de la Constitution and has the best views of the old town. It’s usually not that busy and you get a chance to get lovely photos with the backdrop of the old town.

As you get further away from the park, there is also a lovely decorated wall with flower pots, another great photo opportunity.

If you continue this way for a few meters, you will get to the La Boveda del Flamenco mentioned below.

Mijas Pueblo Gardens
mijas pueblo vivalavita 58
Mijas Pueblo in Spain, Andalusia

4. La Boveda del Flamenco

This tiny cafe with blue chairs & tables is just off Plaza de la Constitution and became a bit of a hotspot for tourists. It’s regularly featured on Instagram and on most days almost impossible to find a free table – unless you go there in the mornings.

While it is right next to a small road with traffic and lots of people passing by, it’s a pretty photo opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Mijas Pueblo Gardens
mijas pueblo vivalavita 62
plaza de la constitution, mijas pueblo

5. Plaza Virgen de La Pena

This plaza is the main one in the town, and you can’t miss it. It’s very big with horse carriages parked at the edge and donkey taxi on the other side.

Snap a few photos with the horses or head up to one of the restaurants overlooking the plaza to get some nice photos from there.

Mijas Pueblo Gardens
Mijas Pueblo Gardens

6. Ermita del Calvario

If you look up the hills from the main square, you will see a small white chapel stretching in the middle section of the hill. The chapel is called Ermita del Calvario and it’s a popular hiking spot.

The route there shouldn’t be too exhausting, but I haven’t done it myself yet so can’t guarantee that.

I’ve seen some photos online taken from there and the views are certainly worth the climb! Be careful, especially in the summer, and take plenty of water with you.

7. Square Next to Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña

The chapel itself is not too attractive photography-wise, but the small plaza next to it with huge trees and stunning views will get you excited.

You can grab a cold drink at the restaurant at the corner and take some photos of the souvenir shop next to it, which has walls decorated with local ceramics.

mijas pueblo
mijas pueblo spain 45
mijas pueblo spain 42

I hope you enjoyed this selection!

I will keep updating this post with new locations as I keep discovering more places in Mijas Pueblo.

For now, enjoy your trip!

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