Picasso Museum, Malaga: Is it Worth a Visit?

Visiting the Picasso Museum in Malaga is probably one of the top recommendations you will see for sightseeing in the city.

Why in Malaga?

Picasso was born here, not far from where the museum is located. The museum provides a good overview of his artistic career, but don’t expect to see his most famous (and expensive) creations in here.

The museum’s collection consists of 44 paintings, 49 drawings, 40 graphics works and sculptures. Some of these are on a loan or gifted by Christine Ruiz-Picasso.

While the art exhibited was truly spectacular, I was hoping to learn a bit more about Picasso’s life in general and his creative process, which was not the case.

There are general information notices at the entrance to each room which will tell you about the specific era (pictured below in the post), and each artwork had only a very brief description.

I felt like after visiting the museum I have seen some previously unknown art pieces of Picasso, but learned very little about the artist himself. Which I think is a shame if you have such a beautiful building for use of exhibiting his work, but telling very little about his life.

The entry to the museum is 9 eur and you can also get guided tours or just use an audio guide.

Worth a visit? You can be the judge – I have added my pictures below. The museum was pretty much completely empty when I visited due to covid restrictions.

PS – In addition to the official Picasso Museum, there is also a smaller one hosted in his birth home on Plaza de la Merced. Its owned and managed by Pablo Picasso Foundation.

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