Sunset Picnic in Coral Bay, Cyprus

I have a love affair with picnics that dates back to my London days. Back then it was lounging on a blanket in Hyde Park, under the shade of trees, watching glamorous Londoners run wild at weekends.

Right now it’s all about finding a flat surface without many rocks and wildlife to enjoy a sunset with a glass of bubbly in hand. Oh, and facing the right direction so you can see the sunset. 

I sure do miss the parks that the British capital had to offer, but the views in here surely make up for it. Over the last few years in Cyprus, my picnic adventures took me to some questionable places and also landscapes with breathtaking views.

I was lucky enough to live in Kissonerga (Paphos) and our house had the most spectacular 180 degree sea view, so I did not feel the need to venture out looking for a better place. After moving around, the weekend and weekday picnics became a favourite way to enjoy outdoors again.

I live in Coral Bay now and was super excited after finding a new picnic spot which is only 15 minutes walk away from the house. Best of all – completely empty, facing the sunset and they happen to serve bubbly too! 

These picnics have been a sort of gratitude practice for me. Just as some people have a gratitude journal, I prefer this way of reminding myself that life is worth living and appreciating where I am.

I might not have many years left to enjoy Cyprus, but my quest for next year is to forget the little everyday realities of living on the island and instead enjoy more of this.

Oh, and drink less, of course. 

PS: These are photos from the end of August that somehow never got to see the light of the online world. 

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