Polis Herb Garden & Restaurant (Cyprus)

This weekend was one of those when I drag my camera around (which weighs around 2kg btw) and fail miserably at taking pictures. It was a long weekend with my little guy missing his naps as we were meeting friends in Akamas.

The added exhaustion combined with moving between hotels and restaurants made me want to just put my feet up and enjoy the sun in my face (and a cold beer by my side).

Today we had a bit of time between breakfast and lunch so we took a short drive towards Argaka and beyond to see if any of the seaside taverns are already open but we didn’t see a soul.

What we did see was one of the prettiest coastlines in Cyprus, with untouched nature, no hotels, Cypriot grandparents enjoying their Sunday coffee at their veranda and old barely-standing houses facing the sea. One of the few authentic places left in Cyprus – let’s hope the developer companies don’t discover it anytime soon.

On the ways there I spotted that the Polis Herb Garden & Restaurant is now open, as we missed it when we visited Polis in winter. We headed straight there for a short refreshment before returning for lunch in Latchi.

The restaurant offers a large terrace with the herb garden spreading at the back, and parking and a small playground on the side. Even though I was tempted with the food menu, we already had lunch booked in different place so went just for drinks.

The restaurant wasn’t very busy, so while my husband ordered drinks I ventured to explore the garden. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see at this point, not sure if it’s the time of year, but it felt like a lot of the herbs and greenery were burned out from the sun or just dry.

If there are any experienced gardeners here, excuse my unprofessional outlook =)

The Herb Garden & Restaurant was recommended by many people online for their food, but I was fairly disappointed to see the exact same menu options as you would see in any local tavern. There was nothing that would make this place stand out or any reflection that it’s based within the herb garden and it would focus on the ingredients they produce.

The setting was lovely, away from the busy road and facing the garden. As the restaurant wasn’t very busy, I was surprised how slow the service was. They forgot part of our order and the wait for drinks was quite long considering there were not many people except us.

Still, it was a lovely place for a quick stop-over for a few drinks before heading further.

I don’t know what it is about Polis, but it didn’t seem to like us – during my six years in Cyprus, we drove there probably 5 times (we go to Latchi more often), and out of those 4x our car broke and we were stranded by the road. As any normal person would conclude, we said that the city is cursed and we won’t be returning anytime soon.

I’m happy to report that the curse is broken and I look forward to exploring more of Argaka coast and beyond this Easter!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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