Prestige Hotel, Budapest (Hungary)

Have you ever woken up in a hotel and never wanted to leave the room? This the Prestige Hotel in Budapest was the first one for me.

One of many this summer.

On a short weekend break in Budapest, I found this gem of a hotel, hidden in a small narrow street close to the river. I was so impressed with the whole service and accommodation and I thought it deserves a special little place on this blog, and it’s own post.

Let me introduce you to Prestige Hotel in Budapest, I think you might quite like it!

Prestige Hotel Budapest

location: close to the chain bridge and Danube river, the hotel is a walking distance to the Parliament building (10 mins walk) and other attractions. We arrived to the bus station and the taxi drive was around 15-20 minutes and costs 15 eur.

prices: standard rooms are from 125 eur per night (without breakfast)

A relative newcomer to the Hungarian hotel scene, Prestige Hotel in Budapest was opened in April 2015.  Positioned in a center of Budapest, close to some big-name hotels, it offers a unique accommodation experience – an opportunity to make you feel special thanks to a five star service (for prices that don’t really reflect that), beautifully designed rooms and courtyard and a bed that might as well be made out of clouds. More on that later.

Reflecting a strong middle-class influence from the 1960s, the hotel previously served as a residential complex and later as an office building.

A couple of talented designers got together and the result is simply breathtaking, in it’s simplicity.

The entrance to the hotel is from a small side street, where you only see a stone plague on the wall.

As you come in through the beautifully lit hallway, you arrive at the – what used to be – a courtyard.

Dominated by a gigantic Swarovski crystals chandelier,  IPE Cavalli furniture, hand-painted English silk wallpapers, floor covering strewn with bronze grains, premium quality Harlequin Leonida Velvet textiles.

And last but not least, the reception desk decorated by beautifully attired handsome staff – to my joy, mostly men.

Almost all the rooms in the hotel overlook the beautiful courtyard, which is lit up by the glass ceiling and this big boy.

After I finished stroking the satin sofas and feasting my eyes on the sparkles around me, it was time to check in and see our room.

The staff at the concierge desk were extremely friendly and polite. After a quick check-in, we were ready to see our room on the second floor.

We had a standard double room, with a view of the courtyard.

What a beauty! Looked exactly like the pictures we saw online.

The room has a good size TV, desk with chairs, very good size bathroom, well-stocked up mini-bar and plenty of room in a spacious wardrobe.

But let’s not forget the main thing.

The BED.

Hand on heart, this is the most comfortable bed I have slept in my life.

It got so bad that on Saturday night I was rushing my husband back to the hotel so I could stretch myself on these clouds they call bed. It was that good.

I tried to remind myself to lift the covers and check the brand or makers of the matrace, but my old head got in the way and I didn’t manage to check it.

If there is one experience I remember very vividly from the whole trip, in addition to the food – it will be the sleep in this bed.

Have you seen the pillow menu yet?

You could choose from three different types of pillows, beautifully assembled on the bed.

I wish I could just move here indefinitely.

The room had also a small door leading to the courtyard balcony, which was sadly locked.

I presume to prevent 200 guests instagramming themselves every morning from their balconies.

Our complimentary water AND complimentary chocolate! (below)

Big points were scored when I discovered Nespresso machine in our room, complete with a selection of different coffees.

A well-stocked mini bar which was raided on a few late night occasions.

Fitness bag in case you decide to visit the pool or gym.

Another thing which ticked a lot of boxes were the organic toiletries made from natural ingredients.

I haven’t seen many hotels putting that much effort into providing chemical-free toiletries for guests. Well done Prestige!

From what I understood, the hotel doesn’t have it’s own restaurant, but is partnered with a restaurant next door, Costes Downtown, which happens to have a Michellin star and was chosen as the 25th best restaurant in the world.

If I knew this earlier, I would have booked our dinner there – lesson learned!

That’s also reflected in the price of breakfast and lack of room services, which are normally a standard in a similar hotel.

The restaurant is accessible from the lobby of the hotel, and we popped there for a cocktail before a night out.

The hotel had the best service you could wish for, the staff were extremely helpful, booking restaurants and taxis at a request, helping with luggage and logistics. If you’re ever visiting Budapest, don’t miss a chance and stay in this place, it’s one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of the hotel as much as I enjoyed staying there.

PS: This is not a sponsored post but my honest recommendation


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