Quadbike Adventure in Akamas

Are you ready to take a little ride?

Then follow me and you’ll one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus!

Straps on, let’s GO!

Don’t drive a rental car in Akamas, do yourself a favour. You can get in trouble if the rental company finds out you went off road, plus you will have the pleasure to watch buggies speed off right next to you. As we did!

My sister was documenting the journey while I was in charge of the buggy.

We stopped by the turtle hatchery to freshen up in the water.

No signs of turtles anywhere, but their little villas are well signed and protected.

Water felt really refreshing and best of all – no one else in sight!

Well deserved break and refreshment.

The buggy is big enough to fit a large cool box, so we brought a lot of food and drinks with us….

… and a little floating device just in case you get tired.

Our ponies were patiently waiting while we enjoyed a siesta on the beach.

Some baby turtles already made it out safely, and they left just the evidence.

There is a little shelter where you can read all about how this hatchery works.

After a short drive, we arrived in Lara beach.

More and more people know about this natural beauty, so it can get busy in summer, but if you come in the shoulder season you have the whole beach just for yourself.

The ponies also enjoyed the view.

The coastline stretches for miles and if you just follow along, you can do a round trip on the Akamas Peninsula. On the other side of the peninsula is Blue Lagoon, beautiful little bay with crystal clear water and white sand. You can take a boat trip there or rent your own boat, it is a short drive from Latchi harbor.

If you’re going there in the high season (May to September), try early mornings otherwise you will feel like a sardine in a box with hundreds of other tourists.

It doesn’t look like it, but these cliffs are pretty steep, so be careful when you’re taking pictures.

Beautiful part of Cyprus and so easy to explore. I will definitely be back again soon to see more of this green oasis.

Buggy rental  | Golden Ride Rentals  | Thunder Motorsport | Chris Andreou

Lara Beach | Akamas Peninsula, map here 

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