Snow Whisperer, Finland

Snow Whisperer, Finland

Greetings from Finland and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, with or without snow! I’ve been lucky this year to experience a white Christmas with all the trimmings.  Wooden Finnish cottage with fireplace, squeaky floors and moose head staring at you while you’re drying up after a day outdoors.

After arriving here (a small village close to Kaunus in west Finland) there was already a pretty white blanket but just few days before we left the countryside we got another layer.

Want to take a look? Get some coffee and join me!

Woods & Whiskey

I got pretty excited first thing in the morning and wanted to take pictures of every branch in the neighborhood, but had to wait until later in the afternoon for a bit more light.

One thing you probably won’t realize if you haven’t been in Nordic countries in winter is the fact that it’s bloody dark – most of the time. We stayed mid-Finland and the sun got out around 10.30 am and we watched the sunset just after 2pm.

The further north you go the less light you get. On most days, you don’t see the sun at all, just lighter and darker shades of grey throughout the day.

My husband packed a bottle of Irish coffee (read *coffee coloured whiskey*) and we headed out for a walk in the woods.

The woods were undisturbed and only troubled thought I had on my mind was that we could bump into a moose. I wish!

The snow was cracking under our feet and the cold air was reminding us that this is no walk on a beach.

We stopped at a clearing to enjoy our hot whiskey, which tried really hard to look like coffee, while listening to the trees swinging in the wind and frozen branches cracking overhead.

Look at these guys! Aren’t they beautiful?

That was it for today! More snowy magic coming up later this week!


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