Spaghetteria Casa Pasta, Fuengirola: My Review

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As another weekend rolled in, I challenged myself to try new restaurants every time we eat out with the family.

I’ve been living in Fuengirola for nearly 3 years now, and finding a new place that’s worthy a try proves a bit of a challenge. It was therefore very happy to have come across Casa Pasta just off the post office square.

Admittedly, I was charmed by the rustic decor and cozy feel of the place, and the fact that they specialize in pasta just sealed the whole deal!

We ventured in for a very early dinner (7pm is unheard of for locals to dine out!) and here is a short review of this restaurant.

spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola

The Restaurant

There are three restaurants in Fuengirola that belong to this chain (owned by Grupo Nautic):

  • Spaghetteria Casa Pasta (this one)
  • Casa Pasta Trattoria which is also near the post office square, at C. Llamo de Espinosa – one of the tiny narrow streets leading off from the square. I have visited this one before, and the food was good but was very annoyed that they charged us for the use of cutlery and tablecloth, which to me is a way to make sure your customers don’t return. Otherwise, the place is beautiful with an amazing atmosphere, and they have a lovely terrace outside with heat lamps in the winter.
  • Casa Pasta 2 – this is in Los Boliches, I walked past it many times. It is much smaller and not as cute as the other two.

The restaurant really impressed me with their decor – not many places in Fuengirola go to such lengths to make the dining area look welcoming, cozy and also original. You feel like you’re sitting in an Italian grandma’s dining room!

The decor is very well thought out, with beautiful pictures and wall art all around the restaurant, complimented by some antique pieces on the walls and near the tables and illuminated by cute lighting. Crisp white tablecloths and proper linen napkins were also a welcome touch in a city that seems to be dominated by plastic furniture and cheap paper tablecloths.

The restaurant doesn’t have a terrace, but the inside space is very generous and feels super cozy. They have a separate section of the restaurant on the other side, and a few big tables so its suitable also for bigger groups.

We visited on a Saturday night and most of the tables were already reserved for the evening.

spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola

The Food

As much as I was tempted to leave a glowing review from being impressed by the premises and staff, it all comes down to the food, doesn’t it?

To cut it short – the food was good, but it certainly wasn’t the best plate of pasta I ever had. I picked the salmon tagliatelle, which was ok, but there was zero sign of actual salmon in the dish.

My husband had tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, which had a lot more flavour than mine dish and I think I would have liked it much more. He was happy with his dish, but as I said it was good – nothing spectacular.

My son had a margarita pizza which was very good size, but unfortunately almost impossible to cut as it was completely soggy from the mozzarella cheese. The base got wett and it was very hard to eat.

The dessert was the highlight for me – the creamiest Tiramisu I have ever tasted, with a generous peel of chocolate on top of it. Very reasonably priced too, for such a big dessert!

The food was certainly good enough that I will be happy to return to taste more dishes, as I’m sure this small sample is not representative of what they have to offer.

Plus, I do LOVE the restaurant ambiance and staff were super attentive, so its definitely on my wishlist for the next dining experience.

spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola
spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola

The Menu

I love pasta, so I was very excited to read through their menu. They specialize mostly in spaghetti, penne and tagliatelle, but have also a small selection for risotto and gnochi. If you’re not in a mood for pasta, they have a small selection of salads and meaty dishes too.

In addition to pasta, the menu features over 20 different types of pizza.

The food is very reasonably priced – especially if you compare with Italian restaurants nearby (like Limoncello, which is much worse in quality and more expensive). I have linked the menu in the restaurant details at the end of the article.

The Location

As I mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located on a quiet street just off the main post office square, at the bottom of a residential building.

While it does not have a terrace like most of the restaurants in the area, I think the indoor space more than makes up for it with the beautiful ambiance. And in the summer months, the airconditioned room is much appreciated!

spaghetteria casa pasta fuengirola

Spaghetteria Casa Pasta

Location: C/ Alemania, 9 · 29640 · Fuengirola

Menu: available online here

Reservations: 951 903 635 –

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 1pm to 5pm and 7.30pm to midnight

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