Best Restaurants in Seville (Spain)

Food is certainly one of the highlights of visiting Seville!

And if I say food, I mean tapas.

Some of the traditional culinary experience of Seville include Salmorejo (cold tomato soup, similar to Gazpacho), Solomillo al Whisky (pork loin with whiskey), Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach with Chickpeas), Caracoles (snails) and of course Jamon Iberio in any size and serving.

If you’re looking forward to enjoy the famous hospitality in form of free tapas with every meal, that doesn’t happen in Seville – you would have to venture to Granada.

Tapas restaurants are scattered around the city, some more traditional than others, but all offering the very best of what makes Seville cool – good food.

I’ve done my proper research before venturing for a long trip to Seville to make sure I don’t miss out on some of the best culinary experiences it has to offer. Even with so much planning, I managed to find some hidden gems that have not been mentioned in any guide and are well worth your attention.

I found lots of restaurants that seem to deliver on the food quality, but lacked atmosphere or felt overcrowded, and for me that’s essential to the whole dining experience. Below is a small selection of those that tick all my boxes and I would happily return for another meal there.

Donair Azabache

Donair Azabache was one of my first lucky finds. I found this small place right next to the Archives of Indies.

It didn’t look like much from outside and I was quite concerned it was so close to the cathedral that it may be another one those tourist traps – luckily I was wrong!

The seating was pretty limited, with a few basic chairs and waiter running in and out of the restaurant. I was happy we managed to stalk a table and sit down for a simple snack.

Lots of locals seem to have popped here for a coffee and quick snack for lunch, before heading back to their offices. While we enjoyed our snacks and drinks, more and more people started queing up for free tables.

As we were not shopping for a full lunch, we ordered a few bread-based tapas, and oh boy – that’s what you call bread! The crunchiest baguettes smothered in quality olive oil, with a pinch of salt, and – if you prefer – some quality Jamon to seize the day.

The food was exactly the same as you would get in any other place but made with the freshest best quality ingredients and you can tell the difference right away.

I was so impressed that we actually returned in a couple of days for full-on lunch, which was even more delicious (should have taken more photos!).

The service was very friendly and professional, and I would return back in a heartbeat.

Location: C/ Santo Tomás 11, 41004 Sevilla

Menu: available in Spanish but with pictures here

Contact: [email protected] or tel. 954 22 47 02

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Simple pleasures, bread when done well.
Seville Cathedral & Giralda Tower
The building of the Archives of Indies.

La Gallina Bianca

It’s almost a crime to travel to the capital of Andalusia and end up in an Italian restaurant, but I can’t help myself!

This charming romantic Italian restaurant was very close to our rented apartment, at the edge of Murillo Gardens.

Looking for a place to hide from the heat at 9.00 pm at night, we couldn’t resist the airconditioned restaurant with no guests inside. They also have a handful of tables outside by the pavement which were all taken.

The restaurant feels like you’re coming to someone’s home for dinner – the attention to detail when it comes to the decor and design of the place was immaculate. There were jars filled with pasta, vintage memorabilia, romantic lighting, and the old-school feel of a traditional Italian restaurant with dimmed lighting.

The service was probably the most friendly and professional I’ve experienced in Seville, with perfect English and very accommodating. You can see when someone loves their job, and in the case of this restaurant, it’s very true.

Food of course didn’t let us down either and offered a welcome change from the tapas we’ve been eating for the past few days.

Location: Santa María la Blanca 15, 41004 Sevilla, España

Menu: available online here – if you’re staying in a rented appartment, they also have a delivery option.

Contact: Tel. +34 954 988 267, email – [email protected]

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Pelayo Bar de Tapas

Pelayo Bar de Tapas admittedly lured me in thanks to the atmosphere, as I have passed it a few times walking near the Cathedral.

It’s hidden on a small street, with just the glow of the lights illuminating the street and letting your know that there’s a treasure hiding inside.

I would say it’s a typical Sevillian tapas place, with bull heads proudly displayed on the walls, a large offering of wines, and tapas varieties heavily focused on the meaty kind.

As a non-meat eater I thought the menu would be a bit of a struggle, but they actually had a damn delicious falafel and fish options too.

It attracts all sorts of crowds, but from what I’ve seen its mostly tourists (both foreign and local Spanish). The quirky decor along with the vibe alone is worth the experience, and it doesn’t get as crowded as some of the spots closer to the tourist locations.

The food was great (even though the presentation was lacking!)

Location: Calle Placentines, 25 – SEVILLA (short walk away from the cathedral)

Menu: available in a number of languages here. Open from noon till midnight.

Contact: (+034) 954 22 70 00

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The two bodyguards keeping a watchful eye on the guests.
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Simple fresh salad with tuna.
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Falafel with hummus – delicious (and couldn’t finish them all!)
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El Pinton Restaurant

I’ve researched this restaurant before heading out to Seville. If you like a more innovative approach to Spanish cuisine and explore new flavours, you will like El Pinton.

It is set in what looks like an old courtyard, with natural light coming from the ceiling.

It has a bit more modern twist compared to some of the other restaurants, and the decor reminded me more of a school diner, rather than a quirky Andalusian restaurant.

We arrived just before the start of the dinner service (locals eat notoriously late at night), and ordered a bunch of things to try on the menu. The menu was suprisiginly original, with lots of new flavour combinations and plenty to choose from.

The food was excellent and presented beautifully.

The restaurant has some seating out on the street with bigger tables inside. If you’re planning to come at weekend, booking table is a good idea as it’s quite popular.

Location: Francos, 42 · Sevilla 

Menu: available here (in Spanish)

Contact: tel.+34 955 07 51  53, [email protected]

El Pinton Restaurant
El Pinton Restaurant
El Pinton Restaurant
El Pinton Restaurant
El Pinton Restaurant
Grilled salmon with fresh vegetables.
El Pinton Restaurant
Grilled cod with quinoa and red cabbage. We also had sweet potato wedges (expecting them to look more like chips, but they were just two huge chunks of potatoes)
El Pinton Restaurant
Fried fish, a classic in Andalusia.

Those are the top restaurant picks for Seville, for now!

If you found some local gem on your trip, I would be grateful if you leave a tip in the comments. I will keep expanding this guide as I eat my way around Seville on next trips.

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