Ke-Eat Restaurant, Fuengirola: A Review

Looking for a good Italian restaurant in Fuengirola?

There are quite a few to choose from and before you head over to this one, please read this review.

After my third visit to Ke-Eat Restaurant, I’ve decided to write a short review about it.

I usually only feature restaurants here that I’m very impressed about and would highly recommend to anyone for visit. In this case, I had to make an exception.

The Location

The restaurant is located close to the coastline, at C. Martínez Catena 3, in between apartment blocks, so there isn’t much of a view to speak of.

They made the most out of the location by creating an outdoor enclosed area and decorating the place beautifully.

The Premises

A lot of attention to detail has gone into the presentation of the restaurant, including a selection of chairs (actually very comfortable to sit on and stylish!) and beautiful plates and blue-tinted glasses.

The outdoor space is a natural extension of the restaurant and it feels very upscale. It was one of the first things that caught my attention because the majority of restaurants in Fuengirola don’t make such a big effort in the design and styling of the space.

The Service

The service on each occasion was very professional, friendly and happy to help. They speak very good English and we never had to wait too long for food or service.

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ke eat fuengirola 4
ke eat fuengirola 3
Ke-Eat restaurant in Fuengirola
Ke-Eat restaurant in Fuengirola

The Food

The two best things I ate here were the fresh mozzarella (pictured below) and Foccacia bread with garlic. Considering I’ve had 3 different dining experiences here, that tells you a lot.

The restaurant is supposed to be known for their fire oven-baked pizzas, and that’s what most people order when they come for here a meal.

I had tasted the pizza only once – it was a margarita pizza for my son, and it was completely soggy, almost felt like undercooked or soaked in liquid.

On other occasions, I had different pasta dishes.

They were nicely presented, but unfortunately without any flavour at all, and I had to add salt to each meal. I’ve never been to an Italian restaurant that would manage to make pasta taste bland, but this was certainly the case.

Not just that, but the dishes were very overpriced considering what you got for your money.

It wasn’t just me, my husband was also disappointed in his meals too. I’ve included some food pictures with references below.

ke eat fuengirola
Fresh mozzarella – it tastes just as it looks – very fresh (but quite expensive at 15 euros for a starter).
ke eat fuengirola 5
My seafood spaghetti tasted like a soup broth. Very disappointing.
ke eat fuengirola 6
One of the salads we tasted was soaked in the dressing, but the ingredients were very fresh.
ke eat fuengirola 7
Ke-Eat restaurant in Fuengirola
Focaccia bread which I had on my last meal – lovely crunchy bread with a hint of rosemary and garlic.
Ke-Eat restaurant in Fuengirola
My husband’s 14 euro chicken dish had two paper-thin pieces of chicken, without anything else than a tiny portion of salad leaves. If you want potatoes or rice, you had to pay extra. For the same amount of money, you get nearly twice as much food elsewhere in Fuengirola.
Ke-Eat restaurant in Fuengirola
Fresh pasta filled with scallops and shrimps – unfortunately, that’s not what you get. The pasta is filled with what looks like a seafood mix from a store-bought jar. It had bad consistency, tasted like a vegetable broth and was very rubbery. The sauce was nice but without any seasoning or dominant flavour. Oh, and this dish was 20 euros.


I wouldn’t be probably so disappointed with this place if the prices were corresponding with the quality of food you get, but that’s not the case here.

I find the restaurant to be very expensive considering the location and the food quality. I’m happy to pay a lot for good food when you know the money has been spent on good quality ingredients and execution.

This is just plain simple overpriced low-quality food, in what is not even a prime location in the city.


I gave Ke-Eat Restaurant 3 chances and tasted different meals, and can confidently say I won’t be returning here in the future.

Unfortunately, the lovely staff and beautiful setting don’t make up for the very poor food quality & execution of the dishes.

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