Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola: A Review

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If you want to take a break from tapas and fried fish, Kudam Berlin might be just what you need!

Kudam Berlin can be described as a meat lovers heaven in Fuengirola.

This German restaurant owned by chef Michael Lienhoop made its name among locals for its great value food, traditional old school dishes and very generous portions.

This was my third visit to Kudam, and every time we go, I forget about their portion sizes – they are huge! Not just that, but the food is actually delicious and tastes super fresh.

Here is a short review with some photos from my last visit!

The Location

Kudam sits on the waterfront in Fuengirola Marina, at the start of the marina promenade. If you’re coming in a car, there is a large parking lot just behind the building, opposite the Sould Amusement park for kids.

Address: Paseo Marítimo Rey de España, 40, Puerto Deportivo de Fuengirola, 29640

Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola

The Restaurant

The restaurant is one of the biggest in the Marina area, with a waterfront terrace, covered terrace and lots of seating options inside too. In the winter they put the window glass panels on, so you can enjoy the view without freezing outside.

The interior has an old-fashioned approach to decor, but it feels very homely and cosy, compared to most of the other establishments in the Marina.

Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola

The Menu

As I mentioned earlier, this place is heaven for a meat lover.

Traditional German schnitzels and sausages of all kinds are dominating the menu, but you won’t be stranded either if you don’t eat meat. They have delicious (and very big!) salads, homemade soups, and a few small tapas options to choose from, including a few Spanish classics like Gambas Pil Pil.

The menu is updated seasonally, so in the winter you will find a nice selection of soups and stews and in the summer more fresh salads to choose from.

The restaurant also offers a great 14.99 euro set menu consisting of three courses and plenty of food options to choose from.

In addition to the main menu, they also offer fresh fish of the day and home-smoked salmon which they smoke inside the restaurant (and it’s very delicious).

Their kids menu is a refreshing sight – with lots to choose from and much healthier options than you would find in other restaurants (plus kids get a lollipop with their meal too!)

You can check their full menu here.

Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola

The Food

The food is not just great in relation to prices and portions, but also quality.

It’s the type of cooking you remember from home, where you know no tricks are used to skimp on the ingredients or quality. It’s honest food, made well by someone who knows how to cook.

I haven’t tasted the meat dishes (I don’t eat meat), but my husband and friends were all praising their meals.

Here is a selection of what we had on the last visit:

Potato Salad – this was recommended to me so I had to try it. It was really tasty, similar to what my mum makes at home, but tasting a lot more fresh and not heavy at all.

Schnitzel with different sauces – the Schnitzel dishes come with a selection of different sauces that on their own are very delicious. The size of the Schnitzel is huge! Below is a photo with hand for size reference. Every time we order this we end up taking half of it as a takeaway for lunch on the next day.

Smoked salmon – this is the first time I tried smoked Salmon in here and it was delicious, served with potatoes, scrambled eggs, toast and a small salad with a really nice dressing. A really big portion too!

Tiramisu – we normally go for ice cream as dessert, but this time I wanted to try their tiramisu and it was just like the ones you get from an Italian restaurant! Yum!

Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola
Kudam Berlin Restaurant, Fuengirola

Overall Impressions

Kudam is not one of the places where you take your significant other for a candlelit dinner. It tends to get quite busy, and as expected loud too. Having said that, it’s the perfect spot for family dining, big group dinners and anything in between.

On the three occasions I’ve visited, the food always exceeded my expectations and the high standard was maintained each same.

If I had any complaints, it would be only that the service is very slow, even if there are not many guests at the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a bit of change from your traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Kudam Berlin is a refreshing and delicious way to spice things up!

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