Visiting the Mezequita Cathedral in Cordoba

I’ve been to a fair share of churches and cathedrals in my life, and yet none of them left such an impression as this one – the Mezequita Cathedral (Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba).

It’s no ordinary place.

It was a revolutionary building for its time and designed as a simple spacious place where the spirit can roam free and communicate with God. Originally designed as an Islamic building, which was converted into a Christian cathedral in the 13th century.

The sheer contrast of the two religious influences along with the cathedral section in the middle is absolutely breath-taking.

The original building dates back to 784 – 786 and is constructed around a spacious courtyard, filled with – as its a custom in Andalusia – orange trees bursting with fresh fruit (Patio de Los Naranjos – Orange Square).

The building has an impressive history, which I have no intention to cover in full detail, but you can read about it in this article from Lonely Planet.

There is also a beautiful visual simulation of the architectural evolution on the mosque’s website here.

The visit includes a steep climb to the 54m high Bell Tower (which I didn’t do). Up to 20 people are allowed in the tower at a time, and you have to buy an additional ticket to visit.

My trip in October 2020 happened to be just the right timing – the city has just been opened after being shut off due to COVID-19 and there were only a handful tourists here and there in the city.

You may think that a place as popular as this one will be overcrowded, but it’s unlikely to happen thanks to the sheer size of the mosque.

Bellow are a few helpful tips to plan your visit and I will let you enjoy the rest of the story through the photos.

Visiting Mezequita Cathedral in Cordoba

Tickets: 11 eur adults (Mezequita only, Bell Tower is extra 2 eur), kids up to 10 years old go free. Book your tickets online on their website here. Ticket office is located by the entrance close to the Bell Tower.

Bonus tip: there is a free entrance to the Mosque Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am to 9.30am. No group visits are allowed during this time.

Visit rules: Do not enter with luggage, remove hats, its prohibited to photograph with a tripod or stand to film, no pets allowed inside. Respect the religious place by supervising your kids and talking quietly.

Mezequita at Night: The mosque hosts a regular evening visit show which consists of lights & music. Check their website for availability and times.

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