Foodie’s Heaven: Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola

Foodie’s Heaven: Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola

There is a new local hotspot that I couldn’t wait to tell you about!

As evidenced by my four visits so far, I’m a huge fan, and this place very quickly made it to the top of my list of the best restaurants in Fuengirola.

The Restaurant

I don’t know much about the background of the restaurant as they have no website and very limited information on their Facebook page. It opened up right next to Hotel Angela, just off the coastal promenade in Los Boliches.

I have walked passed many times and was always drawn by the cosy interior and beautiful decor. I know how silly that sounds, but the culinary scene in Fuengirola is not known for its attention to detail and for creating a cozy beautiful atmosphere for dining.

The restaurant space is not big, but they have a variety of seating options inside and also a small terrace outside. Even if it’s full (and I’ve seen that nearly on every visit), you won’t feel like you’re sitting in a crowded diner.

The decor is beautiful – dark teal colored walls, Budha wallpaper with small statues and, pretty hanging artificial flowers with pendant lights that fill the space perfectly.

Below are some photos I took with my phone, continue lower down to check the food & menu details.

Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola

The Menu

The menu features some of the classics of Thai cuisine and a few chef specials. Unfortunately, it is not available anywhere online, so I will take a photo on my next visit.

The food is very reasonably priced, and you will find plenty of meat specialities, but balanced really well with meals suitable for vegetarians and vegans (I love their tofu options!).

The Food

The most important thing – the food is absolutely delicious!

It’s hands down the best meal and the best curry I’ve had in Fuengirola.

You can really taste the freshness of the ingredients and the fact that the chef is using local Thai spices and knows what they’re doing.

The food may look simple, but it’s full of flavor and texture, and in case you like it spicy, it does deliver on the promise!

On my first visit, I tried their tofu with peanut sauce as a starter. In my experience, almost no restaurant can cook tofu in a way that has both texture and flavor, and they have managed both. Soaked in a slightly spicy peanut sauce, with crispy edges and soft inside, it was a delicious start to the feast.

My favorites are the curries and the ramen-style dishes – I have tasted three curries. The first one called ‘the King and I’ with salmon and shrimp had me blown away with the depth of the flavors and the mild spiciness of the dish complimented beautifully the fluffy jasmine rice.

The second one is also with salmon, with three chillies indicated as spiciness level on the menu, which had me confidently proclaiming that it won’t be as spicy as they say.

Well, I was clearly wrong. The first taste nearly took my breath away, but after that when the initial shock passed, I was able to enjoy the most delicious sauce with pineapples and soft flakes of salmon.

Another favorite of mine is the ramen-style dish with fried noodles on the top – I had this with crispy tofu and it was just fabulous! In fact, just writing about it makes me want to pop in there for another portion.

Below is a small sample of the dishes we tried – I’m sorry for the photo quality, I only had my phone camera with me!

Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola
Tapa y Thai Restaurant, Fuengirola

My Review

In my biased view, this place is a real gem in the culinary scene in Fuengirola, as it combines three things that are hard to come by – excellent quality food, beautiful cosy dining atmosphere and professional friendly service. What more could you ask for!

Pay them a visit if you’re in Fuengirola and you won’t be dissappointed.

Tapa y Thai Restaurant Details

Location: Calle de Jaen, 2, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga

Opening hours: open all week except Sunday and Monday, from 1pm to midnight

Contact:, tel 691030734

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