The Best for Tapas: Taverna Casa Blanca, Marbella

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Taverna Casa Blanca is a very memorable place for me.

It was the first restaurant I ever visited in Marbella when I arrived there straight after the 3 month-long lockdown in Spain.

The restaurant was recommended by our local Airbnb host and I’ve been returning there ever since, on each trip to Marbella. I’m happy to confirm the food quality remains the same – always excellent!

Taverna Casa Blanca specializes in small tapas, with a large selection and delicious flavour combinations to choose from. There are a few similar restaurants like this further down the strip, but I found them to be more of a tourist trap due to the location, and the food quality is absolutely appaling (Taverna 100 Tapas and Restaurante El Bodegon by the main road especially).

The restaurant seems to be a hit among the locals too as we’ve always seen lots of Spanish people dining here, and it gets super busy almost every day.

Let me show you around a bit!

The Location

The restaurant is a short walk away from Parque de la Alamada, just at the corner of Avenida Miguel Cano and Calle Carlos Mackintosh. If you’re coming from the old town, it’s less than 10 minutes walk.

There is a taxi rank opposite the terrace and a few shops on the other side of the streets.

It’s very easy to find thanks to the striking exterior with beautiful blue and white ceramics decorating the whole outer facade. If you’re arriving by car, the nearest parking would be Parking Indigo – Avenida del Mar.

In addition to this restaurant near the park, they also have one more located in Puerto Banus – at Av. Julio Iglesias 5.

the outsdide tile decor of Taverna Casa Blanca in Marbella, Spain
Seating outside the restaurant - Taverna Casa Blanca in Marbella, Spain

The Restaurant

Taverna Casa Blanca has been operating in Marbella since 2014 and has established itself as one of the top spots in the city.

The restaurant has spacious outdoor seating available on both sides of the road. The road does get a bit busy so you see cars passing by as you eat, but it’s not taking away from the dining experience.

The seating inside is mostly on elevated chairs, so not exactly suitable if you’re coming with kids, but they have a larger area at the back where you can also get normal tables (although without any views).

The service here is very efficient, so even if they’re full you will not struggle to get your food on time and get the attention of the waiters.

Unlike the rest of the restaurants in this area, this one for me felt the most Spanish out of them all (I do love the Spanish tiles!)

outdoor seating at Taverna Casa Blanca in Marbella, Spain
glass of red wine at Taverna Casa Blanca in Marbella, Spain

The Menu

The menu is an exciting selection of tapas, nibbles and standard size meals – they have traditional staples like small tapas on baguette bread, fried snacks, fish classics like tapas with anchovies and plenty of meaty options too. Not too many, not too little to choose from – just the perfect size selection.

A lot of the dishes also come with an option to have them as tapas size or standard size.

The tapas are very well priced for the quality of food you’re getting – in comparison, I have paid similar prices in restaurants further down the road and the difference was night and day.

At Casa Blanca, the flavours are always wonderfully balanced and the ingredients taste as fresh as you get.

menu of Taverna Casa Blanca in Marbella, Spain

The Food

I usually end up ordering the same things I love here, so hence the small selection of food photos.

One thing I love about their food are the sauces – I’ve never tasted better sauce for patatas bravas than they have in here. The perfect symphony of spiciness, sweetness and a hint of paprika.

Another favourite of mine is the baguette with fried shrimps and jalapeno peppers on a spread of fresh guacamole – absolutely delightful mix.

If you want to avoid bread (heavily featured on Spanish menus), you can choose from fried snacks like the cod courgettes (they have lots of meaty versions too) or skewers in different variations.

The options for vegetarians or vegans are unfortunately rather limited.

On my last visit, we finally paid a tribute to the dessert menu and ordered the decadent indulgent chocolate bomb cake with the most delicious ice cream I had.

Below are a few photos from the food adventures I had in here (some taken outdoors and the rest indoors on the last trip in November).

Guacamole and Shrimps on fresh baguette
Guacamole and Shrimps on fresh baguette
Fried potatoes with spicy sauce (my favourite sauce ever!)
Fried potatoes with spicy sauce (my favourite sauce ever!)
Jamon ham with quail egg
Jamon ham with quail egg
Cod croquettes
Cod croquettes
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
the interior seating at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
The interiors at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Duo of Shrimp tapas with guacamole and spicy sauce - Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Duo of Shrimp tapas with guacamole and spicy sauce
Baked cod in tomato sauce at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Baked cod in tomato sauce
Chicken skewers at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Chicken skewers
Grandma's meatballs at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Grandma’s meatballs
Chocolate bomb cake with baileys ice cream at Casa Blanca Restaurant, Marbella
Chocolate bomb cake with baileys ice cream

My Recommendations

If you can, arrive here earlier than the normal dining time for locals – they tend to eat lunch relatively late, closer to 2-3pm. Most restaurants won’t open for lunch until 1pm, but this one is open already from noon.

For dinner service, the same applies – if you get there earlier closer to 7pm, you get a better chance of securing a table. It gets super busy at weekends and almost every day in the summer months.

They have the menu on their QR code and it also shows pictures of the food – super handy when you’re selecting from a large selection (some dishes are very similar).

Don’t be tempted to order too much food to start with – even though the portions are relatively small, the food is very filling. You can always order more later.

Hope you pay them a visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Taverna Casa Blanca: Details

Address: Marbella Av. Miguel Cano 1

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, noon to midnight

Menu: not available online unfortunately

Contact: [email protected]

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