The Big Bang in Paphos

The Big Bang in Paphos

When I was a kid, I was pretty traumatized by thunderstorms. As soon as I picked up photography, I was fascinated by them.

I never got a chance to watch thunderstorms from so close distance until we moved to Cyprus. Our house is around 500 meters from the coastline and when the thunderstorm comes in spring, we are the first ones to know. We can see it from miles away.

One spring evening it looked like it will be quite a show. I got the gear set up on the terrace (luckily covered one) and waited for the moment.

If you want to capture images like this, a tripod is a must. They are cheap and make a massive difference when capturing landscapes (link under photos).

I got the camera set up on a tripod, played around with the settings until I got good exposure, got the remote shutter ready and waited for the show to begin. As I photographed the flashes got closer and closer and I started for fear for my life.

After a bright, massive bang next to our house I decided it’s better to pack my stuff and get life insurance before I attempt to do this again.

Hope you’ll enjoy the photos!






thunder thunder

thunder thunder thunder


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