How to Get from Torremolinos to Seville Fast & Easy

How to Get from Torremolinos to Seville Fast & Easy

Do you need to travel from Torremolinos to Seville and wonder what’s the easiest and fastest way to get there? This article has all the detailed transport information you need to plan your trip!

As someone who lives on Costa del Sol, I’m very familiar with both of these destinations, so you can be confident you’re only getting the most accurate local insights and advice.

Let’s check your travel options for Seville!

Torremolinos to Seville: Your Transport Options

Here is an overview of the travel options for the route from Torremolinos to Seville, followed by a detailed breakdown and transport details for each of them.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re using public transport, as of autumn 2022 face masks are still compulsory in Spain.

  • by car: a faster journey of just over 2 hours via the toll road AP-46, or travel by the toll-free road which will get you to Seville in 2 hours 45 minutes.
  • by bus: no direct bus connection, you will need to get to Malaga main station and take a bus from there. Tickets start at 15 euros one way, and the journey will take between 2.5 hours up to 4 hours depending on which bus you’re taking.
  • by train: the trains from Torremolinos only run to Malaga, and you will have to take a connecting train connection from there.
  • by taxi: taxi costs start from 260 euros upwards, depending on the type of car, number of people travelling and time of travel.
The Real Alcazar of Seville
The Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain

Distance Between Torremolinos and Seville

The distance between Torremolinos and Seville is around 220 kilometres.

1. Torremolinos to Seville by Car

If you’re travelling by car, there are two route options available to you.


The first and faster option is taking the A-7 out of Torremolinos and heading up north via the AP-46. The AP-46 is a toll road, so your trip won’t be entirely free. You can use this road toll calculator to find out how much it would cost.

This route option will get you to Seville in 2 hours 15 minutes, depending on the traffic. The route is outlined on the map below.


The second option is around 30 minutes slower (or more depending on the traffic), but you will avoid the toll roads. You will pass a lot of villages and some mountains, so you may have to drive slower than you would like to.

The route should take 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete and it is marked on the map below (grey route)

2. Torremolinos to Seville by Bus

There are no direct bus connections between Torremolinos and Seville.

To get to Seville by bus, you will have to get to Malaga first, and then take the bus from there.

To get to Malaga from Torremolinos, you can either take the local commuter train C-1 towards Malaga Centro (see instructions below) or take local bus connection number L-501 (Avanza line), M-320 (for Malaga main station) or M-110 (towards Malaga main station).

From the main bus station in Malaga (Estacion de Autobuses Malaga), Alsa runs a regular service to Seville, with 10 to 12 departures per day.

The tickets can be bought online in advance (recommended if you want to save money and have more travel connection options), and start from 15 euros one way. The price depends on how far in advance you book and what travel connections are available.

The journey time varies between 2.5 hours and 4 hours depending on which connection you take – that’s why it’s important to get your tickets early to ensure you can get on the faster bus if needed, and have more connection options available.

When you buy online, you can normally select your seats too, which is handy if you’re travelling with a group. The website sends you PDF tickets and you will just need to show the QR code to the driver, along with your ID (passport).

Just a handy local tip – the main bus station in Malaga has almost zero facilities. If you need to do some last-minute shopping, get some food or buy some snacks or souvenirs, it’s better to do it at the main train station (Malaga Maria Zambrano), which is right next to it and looks almost like a small shopping mall.

The buses to Seville are fairly modern, with a toilet available and comfortable seats. You shouldn’t be charged extra for luggage unless you’re travelling with excessive luggage items (which you can indicate when buying your ticket online).

As of Oct 2022, face masks are still compulsory on all public transport in Spain.

The Real Alcazar of Seville
Inside the Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain

3. Torremolinos to Seville by Train

The trains from Torremolinos only run to Malaga, where you will need to get a connecting train to Seville. There is no direct train connection between Torremolinos and Seville.

To get to Malaga Maria Zambrano station, you will need to get the local commuter C-1 train (called cercanias) heading towards Malaga Centro (one stop after Malaga Maria Zambrano). The train runs every 20 minutes and the journey will take around 20 minutes.

You will need to get the tickets from the machine at the station, and then scan the QR code at the gate as you exit at Malaga Maria Zambrano. The tickets will cost just a few euros.

For the train connection, I always recommend checking the timetable here on renfe website. They are reported on other sites but I found them very inaccurate and not correct.

Once you get off at Malaga Maria Zambrano, you can take the regular train connection to Seville, which I have used myself.

The train from Malaga to Seville is run by the national Renfe network. It is the one with the most connections and the best one to use – there are roughly 8 to 10 connections per day, with the earliest departure before 7 am and the latest one around 8 pm.

The prices for the train from Malaga to Seville start from just under 20 euros one way, per person and vary depending on the season, day of the week and train time.

The train journey is between 2 hours and 3 hours long, depending on which connection you take, which also impacts the price. Normally if you would book in advance, you get cheaper train fares and more options for travel connections. So if you’re planning a trip to Seville, it’s worth getting your train tickets in advance as it will save you some money.

Is Seville worth visiting?
Triana district in Seville, Spain

Where to buy train tickets?

You can buy your train tickets in advance online – that way you get the best price. Head over to the renfe website and put in your destination and dates. The site is also available in English or you can translate it in your browser.

What to do at the train station?

If you have spare time in Malaga, there is plenty to do in the station itself. The train station has lots of clothing shops, restaurants, cafes and even a big supermarket. Right at the centre is a kiosk with magazines and books, with a small selection also in the English language.

Facilities on the trains to Seville

The trains are quite modern and well equipped with food service being offered on the longer journeys and also a restaurant coach available. The trains have modern toilets and good luggage storage facilities.

There is also a wifi connection and access to electricity sockets should you need to charge your laptop on the way.

4. Torremolinos to Seville by Taxi

If you’re thinking about using a taxi, it will be fairly expensive.

According to an online calculator for the journey, the taxi will cost from 260 euros upwards, depending on the type of car and number of people travelling.

Is Seville worth visiting?
The old town of Seville, Spain

Most Popular Experiences in Seville

Here are some highlights you can experience while staying in Seville.

Frequent Questions about Torremolinos to Seville Route

How far is Torremolinos from Seville?

The distance between Torremolinos and Seville is approximately 220 kilometres. If you would drive, you would get there in just over 2 hours.

Is Seville worth visiting?

For me, it is by far the prettiest city in Southern Spain and also one that has the most to offer, so it’s definitely worth visiting.

Seville will charm you with its idyllic romantic old town, impress you with UNESCO World Heritage sites (a lot of them used as movie locations) and utterly capture your heart with its culinary delights. You will love it no matter if you have only one or five days to spend here.

The opportunities for exploring Seville are limitless, and no matter what your interests are, you will find Seville fascinating.

How to get from Seville to Torremolinos?

The easiest way and faster is to take the train – you will have to get to Malaga first and then take the train connection from there. You can also get there by bus, with the same requirement to take the bus connection from the main bus station in Malaga.

If you’re renting a car, you will get to Seville in 2 hours and 15 minutes driving on the main highway.

Which airport for Torremolinos?

The closest airport for Torremolinos is Malaga International airport.

How is the road from Torremolinos to Seville?

That depends on what route you choose to drive to Seville.

If you’re using the paid toll road, that’s normally fine without any major issues. The smaller roads tend to lead through the mountains and might slow you down quite a bit.

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