Turku Cathedral, Finland

A trip to the old capital of Finland wouldn’t be complete without ticking off some of the must-do highlights, like the Turku Cathedral.

As one of the most known landmarks in the city but also one of the most important buildings in Finnish history. The cathedral is over 700 years old and a burial place of kings and queens.

Admittedly the building doesn’t look like much from outside, but once you step inside you are treated to a spectacular view of the altar at the front and the gorgeous arching windows and intricate decorations.

You can explore the church without any scheduled visit or tour guide – simply take your smarphones and scan the QR codes you will find displayed all around the church, they will tell you all you need about the history and some interesting facts. There is also a small museum where you have to pay admittance fee (last photos in this post) – to be honest probably not worthy of your time.

At the entrance you would notice a boat replica hanging on your left. I’ve seen these in other churches closer to the sea. This was serving as the protection of the sailors who built a miniature model of their own ship, and donated to their home church in gratitude for surviving the long sea voyage. 

If you’re visiting in December, you would be treated to stunning Christmas trees and decorations that transform the whole Cathedral into a little festive wonderland.

In summer months and Christmas concerts are held here and even thought I’ve never been at one, it must be something truly spectacular! You can check out the upcoming events here.

If you get all tired and thirsty after visiting the Cathedral, you can get a quick refreshment in the cafe by the entrance. The DomCafe is an atmospheric vaulted cafe and claimed to be the oldest one in Finland. Get a taste of proper Finnish coffee with pastry, and they even happen to serve you a recipe for coffee mediation!

Be it in rain or shine, you can make the most out of your trip by strolling by river Aura, stopping on the river boats for lunch and enjoying what’s thought to be the ‘best summer town in Finland’ – my husband’s claim =)

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