Universal People Bar: Best Tapas and Atmosphere in Seville

While strolling the streets of Seville old town, you will notice that there is no shortage of cute-looking tapas bars and restaurants, full of people sharing small plates of food, a glass of wine and plenty of laughter.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful cosy places to sit down and enjoy a bit of people watching while sharing some staples from the local cuisine.

This spring, on my second long trip to Seville, a new tapas bar made it to the list of favorite places to eat in the city. Admittedly, I was drawn by the atmosphere and vibe of the place, but luckily in this case, the food also lived up to my expectations!

Universal People Bar is located at Calle Blanca de los Rios 1, a short walk away from the Church of El Salvador. During the five days I’ve been in Seville, it’s been super busy every single night and I thought we would never find a table to finally taste some tapas.

The place is surprisingly spacious as they have a small outdoor terrace, lots of space inside and also a hidden terrace in the back. The interior feels very warm and welcoming as wood has been used throughout, and the walls are decorated with vinyl and artsy black and white photos, adding a bit of a Boheme vibe to the place. The service was super friendly, they all spoke really good English, and best of all – the menu had lots of exciting ideas to choose from.

We ended up ordering just a handful of tapas (as we already ate dinner), which were fried sardines, mushroom croquettes and shrimp croquettes. All of these were served with a really nice side salad (not many restaurants make so much effort with garnish), and everything tasted amazing! In fact, I took my mum back to the same place the next night to taste some more.

This place is a bit off from the main tourist bits in Seville, and even though it doesn’t have any amazing views, the atmosphere, food quality and service completely make up for it. If you’re visiting Seville, I highly recommend adding this place to your restaurant list.

universal people bar seville
universal people bar seville 1
universal people bar seville
universal people bar seville 3
universal people bar seville
Fried sardines
universal people bar seville 8
Mushroom croquettes
universal people bar seville 6
universal people bar seville 7
Shrimp croquettes

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